IAB Interactive Ad IQ Industry Survey

IAB Interactive Ad IQ Industry Survey 1

The IAB is committed to identifying and reducing the gaps in the industry knowledge and skills that limit our common success.  For a second year, the IAB has conducted the IAB Interactive Ad IQ Industry Survey – an annual study of the interactive advertising industry that provides key benchmark data by assessing digital marketing skills among media companies, brand marketers, advertising agencies, and other key players.

More than 550 surveys were completed. The gaps identified may contribute to what many industry insiders believe is the undervaluing of interactive advertising relative to traditional ad platforms.

The past year has seen cross-platform campaigns – bundling TV and digital, for example –really take off.  Yet 43% of those who took the survey are not comfortable putting together online and offline ad packages. Looking just at the 50% of respondents who that said bundling is important in their day-to-day jobs, more than a quarter of them are not comfortable.

Four platforms stood out in importance to the majority of respondents, but scored relatively low with respect to comfort in articulating the value these platforms play in the overall media mix.

  1. Mobile: Important to 80% with 28% of those respondents not comfortable.
  2. Search: 45% of Publishers say this is important, about ⅓ not comfortable; 60% of Marketers and Agencies call it important, also about ⅓ not comfortable.
  3. Social Media: 70% say this is important, but 30% of those who said this was important are not comfortable with this platform.
  4. Online video: 80% say this is important, and among these individuals, almost 20% were not comfortable.

Training: 60% of survey respondents want more training. ⅔ say there are not enough training options and 60% do not have sufficient time to get trained.

The IAB is making the survey available to individual member companies who want to test their Ad IQ. For more information, please contact [email protected].

Download the full IAB Interactive Ad IQ Industry Survey Presentation

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