IAB Games Advertising Ecosystem Guide

How Brands and Agencies Can Win When Aligning with Games

With over 1.7 billion players worldwide and 195 million in North America alone, gaming has penetrated all demographic segments with multiple generations growing up playing games across multiple devices. With the growth of social media and the importance of earned media, the gaming experience has expanded further into a social experience that provides higher levels of engagement and brand impact. This paper provides an overview of today’s game play with a summary of game advertising ecosystem, outlining:

  • The evolving and dynamic gamer landscape and trends
  • The two main categories of games that can be played across multiple devices
  • The three types of advertising formats available to marketers and agencies with examples
  • The most common performance models
  • The most common revenue models
  • The future evolution of game advertising

It is intended that this overview will be the launching point for deeper dives into the three types of advertising formats with buying guidance in subsequent reports.

This document has been developed by the Game Advertising Ecosystem Guide Working Group, part of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Games Committee, who worked to provide a concise overview of today’s gamers and game advertising options.

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