IAB Deep-Dive on In-Feed Ad Units

IAB Deep-Dive on In-Feed Ad Units: A Supplement to the IAB Native Advertising Playbook 8

IAB Deep Dive on In-Feed Ad Units looks into today...

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IAB Deep Dive on In-Feed Ad Units looks into today’s in-feed advertising, specifically the consumer’s first experience or ad discovery with the paid content distribution ad. This is what one sees before the click. We focus on exploring the most commonly used in-feed ad types found on the three dominant feed types: Content Feeds, Social Feeds, and Product Feeds. Focusing on feed types helps buyers and sellers to have a common framework to assess existing and future opportunities for current and emerging new in-feed ad types on both web and mobile based on their goals. This is important so that marketers and agencies know their creative options for in-feed advertising, particularly as more in-feed ads are served programmatically.


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