Growing Programmatic DOOH: Opportunities and Challenges Benchmark Study

Growing Programmatic DOOH: Opportunities and Challenges Benchmark Study

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This report was produced by IAB. The final report, findings, and recommendations were not influenced by external sponsors.

This IAB study, conducted by PwC UK, interviewed senior industry executives across media companies, ad tech companies, and agencies. All expressed their enthusiasm about the potential of programmatic digital out of home (pDOOH) campaigns to drive innovation and growth by delivering real value for advertisers.

However, for pDOOH to realize its full potential, there was a consensus that three key challenges must be overcome: more education, reduced fragmentation, and more standardization.

Education was identified as particularly critical to the adoption of pDOOH to convey the benefits of programmatic trading including audience targeting, dynamic content, and in-flight campaign optimization and to ensure that programmatic traders understand that OOH is a one-to-many medium so some digital programmatic techniques will need to be adapted for pDOOH.

Respondents interviewed shared a desire for reduced fragmentation through consistency of OOH ad formats and regulations and standardization focused on audience measurement, audience segments, and cross-channel activation (across OOH and mobile, for example).

This report examines the current state of the pDOOH market in the U.S. and Canada and explores the challenges that must be overcome to allow pDOOH to realize its potential.

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