Digital Influence on Auto Intenders

Digital Influence on Auto Intenders 2

“Digital Influence on Auto Intenders,” a new IAB study in conjunction with Prosper Insights, finds that thirty-four million Americans are planning to purchase a vehicle in the next six months and these consumers are almost twice as likely to be swayed by auto-focused digital marketing than the general population (21% vs. 12%). Moreover, automotive shoppers are 71 percent more likely to be influenced by digital advertising across multiple retail categories than the average consumer.

Other key findings highlight digital lifestyle differences between auto buyers and the typical adult. Automotive intenders are:

  • More prone to own smartphones (75% vs. 54%), as well as tablets (42% vs. 33%)
  • Heavier digital video streamers, both online (69% vs. 56%) and on mobile devices (52% vs. 35%)
  • More likely to regularly watch digital video commercials before streaming video programming (66% vs. 53%)
  • More likely to regularly research all kinds of products online before buying (58% vs. 42%)


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