Ad Receptivity and the Ad-Supported OTT Video Viewer

Ad Receptivity and the Ad-Supported OTT Video Viewer

This in-depth study by IAB and MARU/Matchbox both sizes the audience and provides demographics of U.S. video streamers watching Ad-Supported Over-the-Top (ASV OTT) video. It reveals an opportunity for brands to connect directly with key consumer segments through ad-supported video (ASV) delivered over-the-top (OTT). Once ASV OTT viewers were identified, a deep dive survey further explored the video viewer segments to gain insights into their behaviors, attitudes and usage in order to help better target the ASV OTT cohort.

Significant findings include:

  • The largest audience segment of ASV OTT viewers is 18-34-year-old adults and they are likely to be higher income ($75+K).
  •  Nearly three-quarters (73%) of those that regularly stream video say that they have watched ad-supported OTT.
  • 45% of streamers report that they watch ad-supported OTT the most.
  • Ad-Supported OTT Video Viewers are not easily reached through TV or subscription-based video on demand (SVOD).  More than half (52%) of ASV OTT viewers are cord-cutters or cord-shavers, largely due to cost (77%), while 42 percent of ASV viewers cite ‘convenience/flexibility’ and 38 percent cite ‘better content on streaming services’ as a reason for choosing ad-supported OTT over other services.
  • ASV OTT Viewers are an incremental, high-value, and engaged audience

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