Mobile Application Advertising Measurement Guidelines

The Mobile Web Advertising Measurement Guidelines have been developed by the membership of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), IAB, and Media Rating Council (MRC) in close collaboration with other stakeholders. Contributors to these guidelines are representative of the key parties in the mobile marketing ecosystem, and include handset manufacturers, wireless operators, ad servers, content providers, agencies, brands and technology enablers.

These guidelines are intended to cover the measurement and disclosures related to dynamic, in-application advertisements that appear on mobile devices. These guidelines are not intended at this time to cover the following: hard-coded advertising, or sponsorships or advertising in a non-mobile environment (the nature of the environment generally can be determined based on the operating system used to access the advertisement).

This document is principally applicable to organizations involved in the mobile industry that develop mobile applications that facilitate advertising delivery to consumers.

Additionally the measurement-related practices can be applied to third-party measurement organizations in the mobile industry. This guideline is intended as a guide to accepted practices, as developed by the IAB, MMA and MRC. In addition, mobile application advertising planners and buyers can use this document to assist in determining the quality of ad measurements and the completeness of disclosures.

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