What’s New in the IAB Digital Video In-Stream Ad Format Guidelines

Feb 12 2016


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      The IAB Tech Lab recently published the Digital Video In-Stream Ad Format Guidelines – the first major update to the document since 2008.

      These guidelines provide guidance on minimum submission recommendations for ads used in digital video streams, and feature elements of interest to video content publishers, video ad developers, creative agencies, production studios, and video ad technology and ad-serving partners. The guidelines accommodate high-quality video needs for cross-screen linear advertising in mobile, desktop, and TV online. Following these guidelines, while taking into account other important updates in the document, will help streamline video ad development and placement operations while providing the best possible experience to each user.

      On February 12th, project contributor Ryan Vega, Lead Digital Video Publisher at Hulu, as well as leads from the IAB Tech Lab, discussed ways that video companies can utilize the new guidelines and how this document complements the recently-released VAST 4.0: view the presentation slides from the webinar.