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State of Data Town Hall: The New Privacy Landscape

Oct 18, 2022 / 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST

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      In this first town hall, IAB experts and industry thought leaders discussed the new addressability landscape, privacy legislation and compliance changes, and financial impact on businesses. We also addressed consumer trust and the consumer value exchange.

      In this town hall series, we will have an in-depth discussion on the findings from the latest IAB State of Data 2022 Part II: Preparing for the New Addressability Landscape report, which examines how changes in privacy legislation, the deprecation of third-party cookies and identifiers, and platform policies are affecting data collection, addressability, measurement, and optimization. IAB commissioned MediaScience to conduct this qualitative research study on how marketers are evolving their approach to consumer privacy, as well as working with their internal and external partners to meet consumer privacy expectations.

      The new era of U.S. State privacy laws gives U.S. consumers additional privacy rights beginning January 1, 2023. Important examples include the right to opt-out of data sharing and profiling, to limit the use of Sensitive Personal Information (SPI), the right to rectification or correction, and the right to appeal. Get prepared for these newly expanded U.S. consumer rights and learn how to mitigate U.S. privacy risk across marketing campaigns and customer experiences.

      Key Takeaways:

      • Understand how new U.S. privacy are challenging organizations to adapt to and uphold privacy-centric data collection standards
      • Gain best practices to follow regulatory guidelines paired with enhanced privacy-first CX strategies to build brand trust
      • Understand how maturing request-based consumer rights processes to a preference-based approach can build trust with consumers and limit costly access and deletion requests

      Join us for the second part of this State of Data Town Hall series on November 15 about Data Collection and Addressability Register here

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