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Introduction to Malware and Ad Quality

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      In this interactive online course, you will learn about the different types of malware threats that affect the digital advertising industry, how to improve ad quality, and how to combat malvertising whether you are a publisher, brand, platform, exchange, or end-user.

      This course consists of video presentations, interactive learning activities, and quizzes. A complete list of the presentation topics for each module is available below in the learning modules section. In order to receive your certificate of completion, you must complete all modules and each of the quizzes. You will have a full calendar year to complete this course.

      Who Should Register?

      Publishers, platforms (SSPs/DSPs), adtech, and some brands/agencies with in-house programmatic teams who are looking to understand the risks malware has on the digital ecosystem and the advantages of improving their ad quality strategy.

      • Ad Operations or Trafficking Teams
      • Programmatic Traders
      • Product or Platform Managers
      • Marketplace Quality Teams
      • Business Development Leads
      • Data or Compliance Officers
      • Executives

      Note, a basic understanding of the programmatic ecosystem is required to understand the content of this course.  Recommended prerequisite course: IAB Programmatic 360 

      Learning Modules: 

      Module 1: Understanding Malware
      In this first module, you will learn the fundamentals of Malware from its definition and history to its impact and intersection with brand safety & ad fraud. You will discover how digital advertisements are used as a method for the spread of malware, and its impact on advertisers, publishers, platforms, and end-users.

      Module 2: Understanding Ad Quality
      The second module of the course takes a look at ad quality. Advertisers, end-users, publishers, and platforms will all have different perceptions of what constitutes a high-quality ad. Here, we will study those differences.

      Module 3: Solving for Malware & Ad Quality
      The third module of this course explores mitigating malvertising and ad quality solutions. We look at the solutions that all players in this ecosystem can introduce to tackle the issues of malware and ad quality, as well as the industry-led initiatives and federal support designed to help in this fight.