IAB Video Webinar: How to Make a Better Video Experience

IAB Video Webinar: How to Make a Better Video Experience

Webinar · 11.09.17

WEBINAR · 11.09.17 · 2-3pm EST

We’d like to invite you to our upcoming IAB webinar “How to Make a Better Video Experience”.

Date & Time: Thursday, November 9th at 2-3pm EST/11am PST.

The power of video to engage consumers is well understood by both publishers and advertisers, and further evidenced the meteoric rise in digital video ad revenue (which over the past year has seen a gain of 51% across mobile and desktop and 178% on mobile).  But what are the key drivers for a quality user experience, and how should publishers and advertisers optimize their creative engagement strategies to get the most out of video? In this webinar leaders representing key parts of the video ecosystem—from publishing, to creative workflow and video ad and content delivery–will share their thoughts on what matters most for a quality experience, and the roles each of us play in getting it right for consumers. To help guide the group’s discussion we invite you to share the question you’d like us to have addressed. Feel free to add your thoughts on suggested questions link.


Eric JohnEric John, Deputy Director, IAB




IAB Video Webinar: How to Make a Better Video Experience 3Dan Brackett is the CTO of Extreme Reach, the cloud technology platform for TV & Video ad workflow and Talent & Rights management. He leads innovation and development with a customer-centric revision cycle, growing the company’s industry-leading platform with new capabilities every two weeks. With over 15 years of experience in systems architecture, application design and development of leadership, Dan is known for developing transformative advertising technology solutions.


Auto Draft 198Brian Rifkin, Co-founder & SVP Strategic Partnerships. At JW Player Brian is focused on driving growth through strategic partnerships and leads the JW Player Demand team, working with publishers and brands to optimize video monetization. He has worked in the online space since 1997, and until 2007 served as president of A Simple Internet, a media services firm he founded in 2001 specializing in performance-based marketing. Previously, he was Senior Vice President of Business Development at About.com. He holds a BS in business administration from the University of Pittsburgh.


IAB Video Webinar: How to Make a Better Video Experience 2 Jarred Wilichinsky, VP Video Monetization and Operations at CBS Interactive. As Vice President of Video Monetization and Operations at CBS Interactive, Jarred is responsible for monetization of the advertising inventory and maximizing its yield through leadership of the inventory, pricing, sales planning, and execution. This critical role requires a robust understanding of the online media market, strong analytics, client orientation, and an ability to lead and motivate multiple teams. Prior to this, Jarred held the position of Inventory Manager within CBS Interactive. In this role Jarred served as the liaison between Sales, Ad Operations, and Finance. Jarred worked closely with the VP of Sales to formulate packages for specific events, shows, and products. Jarred holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of Florida

Date & Time:

November 09, 2017
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm