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IAB Video Center: Insights & Innovation  

Dec 11 2018


      Building Connections Through the Power of Video

      Join us as we close out the year by convening top publishers, ad tech enablers, marketers, and agencies to discuss some of the hottest topics within the video advertising ecosystem. Throughout the course of this half day event, we will be hosting sessions covering the following topics:

      What is the value of the ad-supported OTT viewer?: The beauty of OTT is that it combines the power of TV with the data-driven, dynamic nature of digital media. However, there is a myth that OTT consumption is exclusive to Netflix and other ad-free subscription services. The truth is that there is a valuable audience ready to be tapped into via ad-supported OTT. We will explore the profile of this consumer and highlight why this audience is valuable for advertisers.

      Attribution for Digital Video and Advanced TV: One of the breakthroughs in advertising that was enabled by digital media has been the ability to tie measurable outcomes to consumers who were exposed to a marketer’s ad. With the advent of Connected TVs and Addressable TV, marketers can now understand how effective one’s TV campaign was in driving ROI. We will discuss how attribution is accomplished in the Advanced TV and Digital Video space along with the challenges associated with it

      Organizing for success: How do you kick start a successful creative campaign? When planning for a campaign, things can break down before a brand’s RFP is even written. Strategy and requests are written in silo by one specific team. People can be distracted by the industry’s latest “shiny new object/ad format” and don’t consider what’s appropriate for their brand or campaign goals. We will discuss what the challenges are in kicking off a creative campaign and best practices for evolving the creative conversation to ensure that a brand’s objectives are met.

      The Creative Conundrum: How can we navigate this fragmented ecosystem to create good, scalable creative?: Today’s media landscape is fragmented with what seems to be an unlimited amount of video content that can be accessed through a myriad of different platforms. This evolving landscape provides marketers opportunity to experiment with new, innovative video ad formats. However, the challenge is then how do you create effective, scalable, affordable creative? We will discuss strategies to create powerful two-way brand engagement at scale as well as the role that self-serve solutions may play.

      Expect to gain insights from the latest industry research, hear thought leaders debate over the current opportunities and challenges, and get ready to participate as you help guide the IAB Video Center’s efforts into 2019.

      If you’re interested in attending please reach out to Nina Munoz ([email protected]) and Brian Schwartz ([email protected]).

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