IAB Mobile Marketplace 2016: Highlights

New York, NY · 04.11.16

IAB Mobile Marketplace 5The IAB Mobile Marketplace got off to an exciting start with Anna Bager, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile and Video at IAB, reflecting on how mobile has changed over the years and how there is a greater need now to customize experiences. More than just devices and tools, mobile has become ingrained into our lives, with smartphone usage dominating time spent with digital media, and mobile video consumption skyrocketing, resulting in more ad dollars migrating to mobile. Bager went on to highlight the main goals and priorities of the Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, and touched on new research released on Multi-screen Video Best Practices. Additionally the IAB Tech Lab announced two new resources and tools for mobile and display ads: HTML5 for Digital Advertising v2.0 to help ad developers produce ads in HTML5 format, and HTML5 Ad Validator, a one-stop resource for easy testing of mobile and desktop ad creative against the IAB display ad creative guidelines.

IAB Mobile Marketplace 6Next up, Lou Paskalis, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Media Executive, Bank of America, shared how Bank of America is thinking beyond advertising to compete for attention with the always-on consumer. Paskalis emphasized the need to design for audiences and deliver for individuals. Marketers need to understand that it is not a one-size fits all experience, and establishing relevance and resonance with a consumer is the ultimate goal. He went on to share an example of how Bank of America successfully created a participatory experience at the World Economic Forum, where the goal was to make their brand relevant to the global conversation happening on mobile. In a world where we are all competing for attention, Paskalis pointed out that experience is everything, and you need to create one where consumers care enough to share.

IAB Mobile Marketplace 7Josh Chasin, Chief Research Officer, comScore, took to the stage next to present research on mobile video consumption. In order to engage with the liquid consumer, brands must understand how, when, and where users are interacting with mobile video. With over 50% of homes actively using three or more smartphones, and half of TV viewers under 35 reporting using a second screen―with second-screen engagement drive by phones―mobile is a vital tool for marketers. Chasin also shared data on mobile video ads performance at the bottom of the funnel with impact on purchase intent, given marketers are reaching the consumer at the point of purchase.

IAB Mobile Marketplace 8Continuing on the topic of mobile video consumption, Ariane Gut, Head of Insights & Analytics, Tremor Video, and Travis Coleman, Senior Director, Media Practice, Milward Brown Digital, were on stage next with Joe Laszlo, Vice President, Industry Initiatives, IAB, to share data from the Multiscreen Video Best Practices study released at the event. Gut stated that while the common perception is bigger is better, the key is to optimize creative for the mobile screen and create experiences with the smaller screen sizes in mind. Ad length should also be tailored to the content because while shorter videos work with millennials, longer ads are better when trying to impact lower funnel metrics.


IAB Mobile Marketplace 9Lee Nadler, Marketing Communications & Launch Manager, MINI USA, shared how MINI used VR to embrace brand storytelling and connect with their audience. In order to promote the MINI Connected system, they created a series of VR films to bring their consumers into a shared experience. Nadler highlighted some of the strategy behind the creation, and how they ensured the films were ultimately seen by the right people in the right channels.

IAB Mobile Marketplace 10The topic of mobile app discovery was tackled next with Chris Cunningham, former Vice President Brand Revenue and Strategic Partnerships, ironSource, and Noah Heller, Vice President for Audience Development, Data Partnerships, and Emerging Technology, Hulu. Cunningham set the stage by discussing how the app ecosystem is complicated and challenging, and even those brands with the dollars to spend, can’t rely just on user acquisition spend. He and Heller recommended the need to get creative and find alternative channels for app discovery, which can often result in more competitive pricing and opportunities for personalized app discovery.

IAB Mobile Marketplace 11Following a networking refreshment break and workshops on mobile app inventory and local creative storytelling, Brendan Riordan-Butterworth, Director, Technical Standards, IAB, took to the stage to discuss ad blocking and its growing adoption. He started by sharing statistics about ad blocking globally and specifically on mobile devices. While it is not a new technology, as user experiences have become muddled with longer load times and intrusive ads, the usage has grown. The industry is taking action to improve user experience across devices using LEAN (Light, Encrypted, Ad choice supported, Non-invasive) ad principles and engaging with ad-blocking consumers using the DEAL (Detect, Explain, Ask, Lift restrictions or Limit access) approach. It’s a path to a promise that many publishers are using already, and the IAB Tech Lab is working on a variety of tools, guidelines, and research to help support the fight against Ad Blocking.

IAB Mobile Marketplace 12George Ivie, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, Media Rating Council, came on stage next to give an update on where the Media Rating Council stands with media measurement initiatives. In order to move toward a cross-media, audience based currency, viewability needed to become the standard. And as mobile usage climbs, the MRC issued interim mobile viewability guidelines―in public comment―which will be completed soon. Jonah Goodhart, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Moat, and Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics, and Measurement, IAB, then joined Ivie on stage to discuss viewability and cross-platform measurement. There is a lot of work left to reach audience based metrics with digital and other media, but progress is being made.

IAB Mobile Marketplace 13After a networking luncheon and deep-dive tracks on mobile data and mobile video, participants reconvened for a presentation about best practices when using video to win the war for attention. Stacy Minero, Head of Content Planning and Creative Agencies, Twitter, spoke about the shortening attention span of consumers and the seismic shift in video consumption. She highlighted three key learnings when creating video content: create stopping power by front loading excitement, tap into creators to build authenticity and leverage fan bases, and design participation so people get involved with your story.

Two case studies on data’s role in mobile video were presented next. Kristen Radomski, Integrated Media Supervisor, Deutsch, and IAB Mobile Marketplace 14Tyler Helms, EVP, Group Account Director, Deutsch, shared how Sherwin Williams used data to pave the way for their strategy. Instead of creating a new conversation, they encouraged their audience to join conversations in the channels they were already in, and gave people something to care about, ultimately driving shareability. IAB Mobile Marketplace 15 Jodie Sasse, Director, Watson Ecosystem, IBM Watson Group, and Ken Willner, Chief Executive Officer, Zumobi, followed with a presentation about how IBM Watson and Zumobi partnered to merge technology with data to create engaging mobile experiences. By understanding what data you can leverage for mobile content marketing, you can improve relevance and drive increased customer engagement in the right channels.

IAB Mobile Marketplace 17Continuing on the topics of data and mobile video, Beau Avril, Global Head of Product Commercialization, Google Preferred, Google, discussed the power of personalized entertainment within online video communities. He shared examples of how passions can cut through the clutter, and how great data can help sort out the content that people love most. Even without large budgets, using data to find the passionate environment where your audience is engaging, whether or not you partner with a content creator, can help you achieve scale.

For the final keynote of the day, Jeff Malmad, Managing Director, Head of Mobile and Life+, Mindshare North America, IAB Mobile Marketplace 18addressed the next generation of mobility, IoT, wearables, and beyond. Malmad gave examples of how they have seamlessly integrated with many aspects of life including shopping, safety, health, and the world around you, among other things. He closed by encouraging the audience to imagine, co-create, amplifiy, build, and learn.

The conference came to a close with participants breaking out for town hall conversations—an opportunity to engage one another in spirited discussion and debate—while enjoying drinks. The hot topics addressed were leveraging location data in mobile advertising, and maximizing cross-screen video investment through creative.

8:00 am -

Registration Opens

8:00 am -

Networking Breakfast

9:00 am -

From Mobile to Mobility in the Age of the Liquid Consumer

Mobile platforms, especially combined with the explosion of mobile video, provide a wealth of opportunities for media companies and brands to engage in immersive, interactive—and most important—relevant ways. Learn how and why to create customizable experiences that are tailor-made to each and every moment.

9:15 am -

Brand-Building in Mobile: How Bank of America Is Reimagining Utility-Based Marketing

Brands need to think beyond advertising to compete for attention in the world of today’s always-on consumer. Learn how Bank of America utilized this insight to bring real-time value to a global audience and create substantive relevance for the brand by harnessing interest in news from the World Economic Forum.

9:40 am -

Understanding Mobile Video Consumption

In order to engage with the liquid consumer, brands must understand how, when, and where users are interacting with mobile video. Learn about cross-screen behavior, including second-screen research findings.

9:55 am -

Cross-Screen Video Ad Receptivity: The Long and Short of It

Though it has long been an accepted truism that desktop video ads should be shorter than TV spots, and ads on smartphones should be shorter still, quantitative evidence has thus far been lacking. IAB, Tremor Video, and Millward Brown shed light on a recent study where they partnered to examine two ad executions for three unique digital video campaigns across smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Discover the findings of this research and what it means for publishers and marketers seeking to engage cross-screen consumers.

Travis Coleman, Senior Director, Media Practice, Millward Brown Digital
Ariane Gut, Head of Insights & Analytics, Tremor Video
Joe Laszlo, Vice President, Industry Initiatives, IAB
10:10 am -

MINI Uses VR to Get Connected: A Case Study

VR is becoming a reality, and many brands are seeking opportunities to include it within their marketing strategies. Hear how and why MINI USA embraced brand storytelling by creating a series of VR films, while promoting the MINI Connected system. Lee Nadler shares how the auto brand disseminated the content to ensure the films were seen by the right people in the right way.

10:25 am -

App Discovery: Converting Consumers to Active Users on Mobile

App discovery, which connects brands with customers and converts them to active users, is becoming mainstream. What are the challenges that both the demand and supply sides of the ecosystem face? Gain an understanding of the environment, and learn how Hulu has used app discovery as a tool to reengage existing clients after introducing its ad-free model.

Chris Cunningham, Vice President Brand Revenue and Strategic Partnerships, ironSource

Noah Heller, Vice President for Audience Development, Data Partnerships, and Emerging Technology, Hulu
10:40 am -

Networking Break

11:05 am -


Room 406

Mobile App Inventory: Why brands Want You to Download their Apps, and What’s In It for Advertisers
Mobile as a whole is on track to account for 50 percent of all inventory by the end of the year. App inventory makes up more than half of this piece. There’s a reason brands want you to download their apps vs. using the mobile web, and there’s definitely an upside for advertisers as well. Tim Sims from The Trade Desk, explains the value of mobile app advertising as a standalone and the role it plays in attributable cross-device marketing.

Tim Sims, Vice President of Inventory Partnerships, The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk


Room 404

Local Creative Storytelling: Strategies and Technologies for More Personalized Campaigns to Reach Mobile Audiences

Combining technology, data, and creativity allows publishers and marketers to build stories that resonate with audiences in specific markets. Discover best practices to customize brand messaging using big data, as well as strategies that provide consumers with targeted utility and entertainment, all while being mindful of their privacy. Learn how to build creatives, execute campaigns at scale, and make the most of media distribution partners, including local and national websites.

Mark Egan, Chief Client Officer, Maxus
Kristen Leone, Vice President of Sales Strategy, The Weather Company
Eva Wu, Senior Manager, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB

11:40 am -

Solving for Ad Blocking on Mobile

The industry is taking action to improve the user experience across devices using LEAN (Light, Encrypted, Ad choice supported, Non-invasive) ad principles and engaging with ad-blocking consumers using the DEAL (Detect, Explain, Ask, Lift restrictions or Limit access) approach. Learn how publishers are using these tactics on mobile to guarantee premium user experiences, and gain an understanding of best practices for solving for ad blocking across devices.

12:00 pm -

Mobile Ad Impressions: Beyond Viewability

How have the lessons learned on desktop impacted the way the industry discusses mobile viewability? Hear from industry leaders on mobile viewability and the role it plays in cross-platform measurement. Gain an understanding of the current standards and the importance of accreditation.

Jonah Goodhart, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Moat
George Ivie, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, Media Rating Council
Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics, and Measurement, IAB
12:25 pm -

Networking Lunch

1:25 pm -


Track 1:

Room 406

Bridging the Gap between Mobile and Offline Data

What does the customer journey, from mobile to offline, look like? Gain an understanding of how brands and publishers can close the loop on the path to purchase and discover best practices for targeting consumers to drive them to buy offline.

1:25-1:50 PM

Recognizing the Consumer Behind the Device

Consumers use an average of 4.1 connected devices, according to Forrester, making it challenging to understand the person—and not simply the cookie—behind the device. How can publishers and brands tie online and mobile data to offline transactions, while respecting consumer privacy and choice? Learn how brands are reaching consumers—beyond just one campaign—cross all devices and channels to deliver integrated, relevant, experiences.

Nancy Hall, Senior Vice President, Eastern Sales, Conversant
Kerry Morris, Senior Vice President Portfolio Leader, Aspen Marketing

1:55-2:25 PM

Enriching the Mobile to Offline Experience

Hear how brands and publishers have leveraged mobile apps and technologies to enhance the customer journey—and to keep them engaged beyond the purchase. Learn what the future has in store for enriching the offline to online experience through technologies such as augmented reality.

Nicholas Illobre, Director, Enterprise Media Solutions, Merkle
Eric John, Senior Director, Mobile, IAB


Track 2:

Room 404

Mobile Video Goes Programmatic

Automated buying and selling continues to grow at an exponential pace. Discover how programmatic transacting around mobile video will impact your business.

1:25-1:50 PM

Unlocking the Value of Premium Programmatic in Mobile Video

Programmatic video is expanding into mobile, but despite the increasing demand, premium inventory remains scarce. Discover how the perception of programmatic inventory quality has shifted from remnant to premium, how the proliferation of transparency and verification tools has made it more difficult to find quality mobile video inventory in open programmatic channels, and how publishers and brands are dealing with inventory scarcity.

Rebecca Mahony, Chief Marketing Officer, Teads
Pete Miles, Vice President, Ad Ops, Shazam

1:55-2:25 PM

Mobile Video at the Right Time and Place

More and more brands are committing larger portions of their media spends to programmatic in an effort to reach their consumers at the right time, in the right place. Hear how marketers utilize programmatic mobile video within their media strategies to effectively tie together creativity and targeting to reach their audience.

Jim Daily, President of US & Canada, Teads
Benjamin Dick, Director, Industry Initiatives, IAB
Robert Gibbs, Senior Vice President Global Digital Director, Starcom


2:35 pm -

Video’s Role in a World Gone Mobile: Content Creation

From three-second gifs to videos created on Vine, Periscope, and beyond, brands are evaluating how to create best-in-class mobile-first video. Learn how the :30 and :15 have changed from a content creation standpoint, and hear how marketers can use these tools and techniques to drive conversations and connections with their consumers.

2:50 pm -

What Works and Why: Data’s Role in Mobile Video

A series of brand-presented case studies shed light on how marketers and their partners are successfully implementing data strategies and mobile video in their advertising initiatives to target content, drive engagement, and improve the user experience.

Case I
Sherwin Williams: Using Data to Inspire Shareable Ideas

Deutsch built a creative and media strategy around infiltrating existing dialogue—about paint—to deliver significant increases in video views, social media engagement, and search performance for brands under The Sherwin Williams company. Discover how the marketer successfully drove conversions and engaged its three unique target audiences through native and pre-roll videos.

Kristen Radomski, Integrated Media Supervisor, Deutsch
Tyler Helms, EVP, Group Account Director, Deutsch

Case 2
IBM Watson: Merging Data and Targeted Content to Drive Customer Engagement

Discover how IBM Watson and Zumobi partnered to merge technology with data to create highly engaging mobile experiences that foster brand awareness, increase conversion, and drive customer loyalty. Learn how the IBM Watson/Zumobi partnership makes content “shoppable,” increasing revenue with mobile content marketing, and discover how to leverage mobile data to gain sharper customer insights and increase the effectiveness of cross-channel marketing.

Jodie Sasse, Director, Watson Ecosystem, IBM Watson Group
Ken Willner, Chief Executive Officer, Zumobi

3:35 pm -

Video’s Role in a World Gone Mobile: The New Premium

The concept of “watercooler” programming is no longer about five to six hit shows found across cable and broadcast television. Instead, it’s about personalized entertainment within online video communities accessed at scale via mobile devices. More than ever, marketers need to leverage data to identify and target users in the content they love. Learn how an evolving customer data ecosystem are quickly defining what is considered the new premium in digital video entertainment.

3:50 pm -

Next Generation Mobility: IoT, Wearables, and Beyond

Hear from an industry leaderabout the next wave of innovation in mobility. Learn where to place your bets and hear how brands and media companies can seamlessly integrate with next gen mobility, from wrists, to homes, to cars and beyond.

4:10 pm -

Networking Break

4:35 pm -

Town Halls

Pose questions. Share experiences. Exchange insights.
Walk away with new ideas and new connections.

The best conversations at conferences often happen in hallways and over cocktails when attendees engage one another in spirited discussion and debate. IAB Town Halls tap into this energy by creating interactive town halls focused on hot topics in digital marketing and media.

Facilitated by an industry leader, each session is an open forum to share challenges, collaborate on solutions, find inspiration and ideas, and make contacts that translate into business solutions.

Drinks will be served.


Room 406

Leveraging Location Data in Mobile Advertising

In today’s technology-driven world, data is increasingly critical for personalized experiences on mobile devices. Ensuring the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time, in the right place, can greatly increase attention, engagement, and effectiveness. Enter location data. This discussion addresses identifying quality location data in mobile ad opportunities, and how to make the most of it.

Discussion points include:

  • How does location data, coupled with dynamic content, drive more personalization?
  • How are publishers leveraging location data to enhance the value of their mobile inventory — or why are they not?
  • Why does the quality of location data matter? What measurement is needed to ensure buyers are getting accurate, precise, recent location data in their buys?
  • What concerns do publishers, agencies, and brands have around location data and security and privacy—and how can the industry address them?

Moderator: Vikas Gupta, Director of Marketing, Factual

Room 404

Maximizing Cross-Screen Video Investment through Creative

Video is an advertising strategy that seeks to engage the user, regardless of device. However, each device offers its own unique opportunity, and cross-screen video advertising engages with the user at the right time, in the right place, no matter the screen size. With the ability to leverage a variety of creative formats, publishers and advertisers are seeing higher engagement rates and more time spent with the ads. This discussion addresses maximizing video investments through higher-quality creative.

Discussion Points Include:

  • How should publishers and brands differentiate their video creative based on device, and what are the most successful creative formats?
  • What are the trade-offs between running the same creative on all screens, versus customizing it for each device/platform/screen?
  • What are some best practices for publishers and brands looking to monetize cross-device video?
  • How are media companies and advertisers measuring the success of their cross-screen video investments?

Moderator: David Sanderson, Vice President, Creative Strategy & Operations, Tapad

5:20 pm -

Cocktails and Networking

Beau Avril
  • Beau Avril
  • Global Head of Product Commercialization
  • Google Preferred, Google

As Global Head of Product Commercialization, Beau is responsible for bringing Google’s premium video solutions to global markets. This includes partner inventory and O&O (YouTube). He also has oversight of YouTube’s “Partner Sales Program” which enables shared inventory sales between Google, traditional media companies, and YouTube’s multi-channel networks. Previously at Google, Beau led YouTube sales development for priority accounts in the Finance, Auto, Entertainment, and Travel industries. Before joining Google, Beau worked in programming distribution for CBS Television Distribution Group. Beau attended Cornell University and lives in New York City.

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  • Anna Bager
  • Executive Vice President of Industry Initiatives
  • IAB
  • @annabager

As EVP of Industry Initiatives at IAB, Anna Bager spearheads the strategic oversight of the digital media and marketing industries’ most vital and fastest growing platforms which include mobile, digital video, audio, measurement, and data. Under her leadership, she brings together and drives growth for three of the organizations’ paramount centers of excellence: The IAB Mobile Center, representing the mobile marketing, advertising, and media marketplace; The Digital Video Center, encompassing Advanced TV, OTT, and The Digital Content NewFronts, and The Data Center, developing consumer identifiers, data quality, industry benchmarks, and tools for data activation and automation. She is a driving force in building a one-stop shop for producing thought leadership, innovation, research, and best practices for these thriving industries.

Prior to joining the IAB, Bager was heading business intelligence at Ericsson Multimedia and head of research at Ericsson’s Business Consulting unit. Earlier, she was Research and Consulting Manager for IDC EMEA. Anna has received numerous accolades throughout her career, including being named “Most Important Women in Mobile Advertising” for Business Insider, and one of the “Top Women in Media” by Folio Mag for the past consecutive five years.

  • Social:
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Josh Chasin
  • Josh Chasin
  • Chief Research Officer
  • comScore
  • @jchasin

Josh Chasin joined comScore as Chief Research Officer in May 2007. Prior to that, he owned and operated a media research consultancy, Warp Speed Marketing, whose clients included Arbitron, Scarborough, comScore, Simmons, the Online Publishers Association, the Traffic Audit Bureau, and Project Apollo.
Josh is a 36-year market research and audience measurement veteran who has experience in all facets of design, development and implementation of syndicated and custom research. He has been involved in the management and oversight of audience measurement services for TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, out-of-home, and the Internet. He spent 17 years at Arbitron, where he worked in the Statistical Services department and the Advertiser/Agency group before rising to Vice President, Marketing for New Ventures in 1993. He is a past president/CEO of the Simmons Market Research Bureau and of Northstar Interactive, a pioneering online research company.

Josh has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from NYU, and an MBA Cum Laude in Marketing Management from Pace University. He belongs to a number of industry councils and organizations, and is a regular contributor to Mediapost’s Online Metrics Insider column.

Josh was selected one of Advertising Age’s 2012 Media Mavens. His liner notes for the 2004 release, The Allman Brothers: Live at the Beacon Theater earned him a platinum record.

Please follow this link to view Josh’s profile on LinkedIn.

  • Social:
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Travis Coleman
  • Travis Coleman
  • Senior Director, Media Practice
  • Millward Brown Digital
  • @ColemanTravis

A Southern California native, Travis began his career as a strategic planning analyst in the financial sector, helping his organization leverage untapped customer data to drive smarter, more effective marketing. Working across numerous verticals, his journey has most recently carried him to New York where he serves as Senior Director within the Media Practice at Millward Brown Digital. He lives by the mantra: strong brands have the power to inspire, to motivate and to create meaningful difference. With a focus squarely on Brands, he and his team advise media clients in all stages of growth to navigate, optimize and drive marketing ROI in an ever-evolving digital world.

  • Social:
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Chris Cunningham
  • Chris Cunningham
  • Vice President Brand Revenue and Strategic Partnerships
  • ironSource

  • @c2cunningham

Chris is a digital advertising and technology expert with a love for mobile, and has been named one of the “Most Important People in Mobile Advertising” by Business Insider, as well as being an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2 years in a row.  

Chris has been a featured speaker at various global events, including International CES, Cannes 
Lions, Webit, IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting, dmexco, Web Summit and f.ounders. He is a regular 
contributor to CNBC  & Bloomberg TV via on-screen appearances, is the former co-chair of the IAB 
Social Media committee and Native Advertising Task Force. 

Today Chris is the Head of Global Brand Partnerships at ironSource, a global technology powerhouse that connects people and apps across devices over 6M times a day. Ironsource is headquartered in Tel Aviv and has offices around the world, including SF, China and New York. 

  • Social:
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Jim Daily
  • Jim Daily
  • President, U.S. & Canada
  • Teads

With over a decade of digital industry experience, Jim Daily is an expert in online video advertising. As Teads’ President for the U.S. and Canada, Daily is responsible for running all aspects of the business. As the first official member of Teads’ U.S. operation in 2013, Daily has built strong partnerships with FORTUNE 500 advertisers and top 500 comScore publishers. Previously at Teads, Daily served as Managing Director of North America.

Prior to joining Teads, Daily worked in the Branded Entertainment space at Defy Media, the display space at Undertone and the Radio space at Katz.

Daily graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Administration and Management.

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Benjamin Dick
  • Benjamin Dick
  • Director, Industry Initiatives
  • IAB
  • @bjd326

Ben is Director, Industry Initiatives leading programmatic and performance activities at the IAB. He has the privilege of working with leading ad technologists, agencies and publishers to help identify and navigate some of their most pressing business opportunities and challenges within these verticals. By facilitating discussion and developing best practices, research, white papers, and thought leadership events in collaboration with IAB members, Ben helps improve and facilitate the working of the programmatic and attribution ecosystems.

Prior to joining IAB, Ben spent almost 4 years at GroupM where he oversaw programmatic strategy, optimization best practices, and private marketplace relationships across Nestle’s 85 brand portfolio. In this capacity he was responsible for building and “productizing” the Nestle Trade Desk (NTD), an independent programmatic buying unit developed specifically to service Nestle brands. Prior to his work on the NTD, Ben held positions at both Maxus Global and Universal McCann where he helped lead the development of programmatic and attribution strategies for large global brands including MasterCard, Barclays, Harvard Business School, and Welch’s.

  • Social:
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Mark Egan
  • Mark Egan
  • Chief Client Officer
  • Maxus

Mark joined Maxus in the spring of 2013 and now guides our client teams and their service delivery. Working with many of the specialists functions in Maxus and GroupM, a key part of his role is to ensure various areas of expertise are infused properly in our efforts.

Previously, Mark served as EVP, Global Director of New Business and Network Development at Havas Digital. As a key member of their corporate team, he was responsible for leading new business efforts on a worldwide level, drawing together local and global team resources for multiple-market pitches. His role was also to set the agenda for the network’s strategy function which led media thought leadership for the broader Havas Media organization. Additional responsibilities included bringing back learning from global
pitches and from across the network and apply it to product development and partnership strategy.

Deeper in his 19-year career in media, Mark worked across planning roles and with all media forms in New York and San Francisco at J. Walter Thompson, Y & R, and Organic. Mark has worked across many
categories including many blue-chip brands such as: Nestle, Purina, Intel, Sprint, Gap Inc., Clorox, Reckitt Benckiser, The Home Depot, Clarins, Barclays, AirFrance and many others.

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Robert Gibbs
  • Robert Gibbs
  • SVP, Global Digital Director
  • Starcom

Robert Gibbs is SVP, Global Digital Director at Starcom. Robert is an expert in programmatic and digital media with a career spanning over 17 years. Prior to joining “Starcom Team Samsung”, Robert was SVP/GM at Mediaocean, running their media planning and buying agency. Before that, Robert was VP of Client Services at VivaKi, driving programmatic throughout the Publicis family with clients such as Verizon, Maytag, L’Oreal, Lexus, Mars and Sprint. After graduating from Oxford Brookes University with a degree in Computer Science and Marketing, he started his career as an IT and Management Consultant as an IT and management consultant and he soon went on to join the agency world, working across EMEA, APAC and North America.

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Jonah Goodhart
  • Jonah Goodhart
  • Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • Moat
  • @moat

Jonah Goodhart is the CEO and Co-Founder of Moat, a New York based Analytics company focused on driving success for brand marketers and premium publishers. Moat is at the forefront of helping shift digital advertising away from impressions and clicks and toward new models of attention. Jonah was the Founding Investor and Board Member of Right Media (acquired by Yahoo!), Founding Partner of WGI Group, and Co-Founder of Billions.org. Jonah was also a member of Mayor Bloomberg’s Council on Technology and Innovation.

  • Social:
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Ariane Gut
  • Ariane Gut
  • Head of Insights & Analytics
  • Tremor Video
  • @ariane__gut

Ariane Gut leads Insights and Analytics at Tremor Video. In this role she is responsible for driving the company’s research strategy to illustrate the power of video across screens for brand advertising. She leverages Tremor Video’s vast first-party data, commission original research, and develop third-party partnerships to continue the company’s long-standing heritage of providing actionable insight and inspiration as advertisers and publishers navigate this complex industry. Gut collaborates with all industry organizations, actively participating in industry-wide initiatives and playing a key role in the continued efforts to define standards for video.

Prior to joining Tremor Video, Gut was Vice President of Insights & Analytics at iHeartMedia, Inc. (formerly CCM+E) where she led Digital Analytics measurement and reporting to drive profitability and overall growth of the company. She also held roles at FremantleMedia, a Bertelsmann company, CNN/Turner Broadcasting Inc., and Initiative, an IPG company.

Gut holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Law and a Master’s degree in Communication from La Sorbonne University in Paris.

  • Social:
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Nancy Hall 1
  • Nancy Hall
  • Senior Vice President, Eastern Sales
  • Conversant

Nancy Hall is a digital marketing executive with more than 15 years of experience working with best-in-class agencies and brands to develop programs that drive performance across multiple devices and channels. As senior vice president of eastern sales at Conversant, she leads a team of 25 sellers responsible for working with East Coast agencies and their clients to reach consumers with personalized messages across devices.

Nancy was previously vice president of ValueClick Platform Services, where she was responsible for leading sales teams across healthcare, retail and travel verticals. She also developed integrated programs across the company’s media, technology and affiliate marketing divisions.

Nancy began her digital marketing career at Fashionmall.com, a publicly-held firm that managed a network of advertising and e-commerce websites, and Ad4ever, a rich media advertising solutions provider. Throughout her career, she has worked with brands such as American Express, Discovery Communications, Lenovo and Bed Bath & Beyond.

A member of the IAB and 212 New York, Nancy has extensive experience speaking at industry conferences and events—Internet Retailer, eTail East and West, ad:tech and 212 New York, among others—about topics including data usage, incrementality, branding and attribution. She is an active fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House of New York and past fundraiser for the National Kidney Foundation of New York/New Jersey.

Nancy holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Hartford.

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Noah Heller
  • Noah Heller
  • Vice President for Audience Development, Data Partnerships, and Emerging Technology
  • Hulu

Noah Heller founded his first startup at 20, working on WAP-based MMO technology. He was a designer and PM for Microsoft’s Xbox Live before leaving to join Activision as Executive Producer for Call of Duty. Later, he joined Atlas Ventures and Polaris Partners where he bootstrapped Vhoto, which was then sold to Hulu in late fall 2015. He is now VP of Partnerships and Emerging Technology at Hulu.

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Tyler Helms
  • Tyler Helms
  • EVP, Group Account Director
  • Deutsch
  • @TylerJHelms

Tyler brings over a decade of experience leading fully integrated accounts across retail, pharmaceutical/healthcare, and tech, with a solid foundation in digital consumer communications. Currently, he manages the Agency’s relationship with the Sherwin-Williams Diversified Brands portfolio. This includes brands such as HGTV Home, Krylon, Minwax, Purdy, and Thompson’s Water Seal. He has worked on various accounts since landing at Deutsch in 2005, including GoDaddy, Lunetsa, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Unilever Global, Kodak and non-profit work for Live Out Loud, CURE, and The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s. In 2012 he led the Lunesta team to secure pharma’s top award in multichannel marketing in 2012 and in 2010 led the Effie Award winning Kodak “Print and Prosper” campaign.  
Before joining Deutsch, Tyler worked with Doner US on launching the interactive marketing initiative for its flagship automotive client Mazda North America. 
Outside of the office Tyler is a published writer, advocate and community voice in the ongoing effort to raise awareness, education and prevention of HIV/AIDS.  Speaking at numerous schools, colleges, and with appearances on Sirius Radio’s The Focus Group, Doctors and The Gayle King Show, he has used his own diagnosis and story to raise over $200,000 for HIV/AIDS related causes and served on the Board of Directors for GMHC world’s oldest AIDS Advocacy organization. 
Tyler began his career as a television journalist for ABC news and is a graduate of the University of Georgia. 

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Nickolas Illobre
  • Nickolas Illobre
  • Director, Enterprise Media Soutions
  • Merkle

Nick Illobre holds responsibilities for developing new Merkle solutions leveraging rich audience data and digital media with Merkle’s Enterprise Strategy Team.  He focuses on ensuring they are innovative and industry-leading solutions that leverage the latest technology innovations and processes, allowing Merkle to deliver on the promise of reaching addressable audience at scale across all the digital channels.  

Before joining the Enterprise Strategy Team, Nick was involved with all levels of program and technology development for media and paid social, including strategy, partnerships, and execution, with a focus on key publisher relationships. He worked with all clients in the digital media portfolio and has worked on strategic tracking and optimization initiatives for companies in a wide variety of industries including Retail, Media, Financial Services, and Insurance. 

Nick has over 8 years of experience working in media and ad-tech and has extensive experience training all levels of expertise in the digital ecosystem.  Prior to Merkle, Nick was Vice President of Solutions Applications at LiveTechnology, Inc. where he led solution scoping and implementation teams that worked with Fortune 500 clients on enterprise application development, cross-channel creative versioning, and systems integration.  Nick holds a BA in American Political Thought from New York University.

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George Ivie

George is the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Media Rating Council (MRC), a not-for-profit industry organization created in 1963 at the request of the U.S. Congress to assure high ethical and operational standards in audience measurement services. His background includes almost 30 years of experience in media research auditing, oversight, and consulting. Prior to being appointed the Executive Director of the MRC in January 2000, George was a partner at Ernst & Young and their lead representative and advisor to the MRC, conducting all MRC audits and interacting with MRC management and member organizations. George has a thorough knowledge of research best practices, operations, controls, and information systems in internet, multimedia, print, radio, and television measurement services.

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Eric John- sp
  • Eric John
  • Deputy Director of Video
  • IAB
  • @ejohn1

Eric John, Senior Director, Mobile, works with media companies, publishers, and marketers to help grow their mobile business through industry standards, research, and buyer/seller best practices. He brings nearly 15 years of technology marketing and partnership development to this position.

Prior to joining IAB, Eric led digital strategy and initiatives for the Association of Magazine Media (MPA) where he helped launch their cross-platform Magazine Media 360° reports. Prior to MPA, he served as head of Digital Services at the Alliance for Audited Media, delivering certified publisher metrics and platform audits to IAB and MRC standards. In addition, he has held senior management and product marketing positions with Nokia, Yahoo, and DoubleClick.

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  • Joe Laszlo
  • Vice President, Industry Initiatives
  • IAB

As the Director of the IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, Joe Laszlo plays a key role to the mission to grow the mobile interactive industry. He manages many of the IAB’s mobile standardization, best practices, and research projects; provides advice for both buyers and sellers of mobile ; and oversees the IAB’s Mobile and Tablet.

Joe served the IAB’s Director of Research from Sept. 2007-Dec. 2010. During his IAB career, he has led IAB projects including standards for mobile rich advertising and guidelines for mobile web ad impression counting.

Prior to the IAB, Joe had an eight-year tenure at Jupiter Research, where he started researching and writing about mobile interactivity 2000.

Joe holds an MA from the Fletcher of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts and a BA from Columbia.

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Kristen Leone
  • Kristen Leone
  • Vice President of Sales Strategy
  • The Weather Company

As the vice president of sales strategy for The Weather Company, an IBM Business, Kristen Leone oversees a team of vertical industry experts in Auto, CPG, Retail, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, who work cross-functionally to shape core solutions and identify opportunities to maximize revenue.

In her role, Leone works closely with ad sales leadership to inform go-to-market strategies by vertical, and is responsible for delivering ongoing account segmentation, vertical insights, and training for the global ad sales organization.

Previously, Leone co-founded JOOR, a venture-backed global fashion marketplace for wholesale buying. During her tenure at JOOR, she managed the product technology roadmap, developed and implemented sales strategy for outreach to designers, and established the go-to-market brand positioning.

Leone also served as the director of strategic development & partnerships at WebMD. At WebMD, she delivered over $25MM in sales revenue from key clients that included L’Oreal, Colgate, Unilever, J&J, and Sanofi-Aventis, and was selected as the top sales leader for three consecutive years. Leone has also held marketing positions at General Mills, Pfizer, and Arrowsight.

Leone received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Princeton University and a master’s degree in marketing from University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School.

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Auto Draft 71

Rebecca Mahony is the Chief Marketing Officer at Teads, the inventors of outstream video advertising and a global monetization platform for publishers, where she is responsible for supervising the company’s global marketing, communication, and publicity initiatives. Best known for its inRead advertising technology, which places video ads in the heart of premium editorial content, like Forbes, The Washington Post, Reuters and Slate, Teads is one of the fastest growing companies in its space, with 26 offices across 18 countries and over 400 employees.

In order to establish and grow the Teads brand in North America, Mahony left her life, connections and home in London behind to tackle New York City. Hitting the ground running, within just a few months of her US arrival, Mahony had not only produced tremendous industry events and activations on Teads’ behalf, but was also officially recognized as a 2015 New York Woman of Influence – an honor presented for her continual commitment to mentor, inspire and encourage female professional development.

Prior to working at Teads, Mahony acquired over ten years of online marketing experience, managing the international and digital thinking of iconic brands, like NetJets, McDonalds, and SONY. Proudly possessing a degree in History from the Nottingham Trent University and a former semi-professional tennis player, Mahony champions all forms of education as critical to any working professional or environment.

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As head of Life+ and Mobile at Mindshare North America, Malmad helps brands understand the opportunity that wearable technology presents and in addition pioneers the latest programs in mobile technology. Throughout his career, Malmad has showcased his passion for digital. His mobile first view drives strategy and innovation across the Mindshare NA client base. 

Malmad joined Mindshare from Joule, a WPP subsidiary where he led marketing programs for Dell and Unilever. Previously, Jeff build integrated programs based on consumer insights at MediaCom and separately developed sponsorship programs at startup 24/7 Media for clients such as Comedy Central, AT&T and Yahoo!.

Malmad holds a BA from Ohio State University and is a member of the 4As Mobile Task Force.

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  • Sherrill Mane
  • Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics, and Measurement
  • IAB
  • @SherrillMane

Sherrill Mane joined the IAB in 2007 as our first SVP Industry Services. Sherrill has led industry efforts to establish metrics and build measurement systems that facilitate the growth of interactive media. Sherrill is responsible for numerous IAB initiatives, including fostering greater awareness of interactive advertising opportunities in the traditional media agency community. She oversees the creation of market-making research and the collateral materials associated with findings that grow the business. Since 2011, Sherrill has been the IAB lead on the groundbreaking cross ecosystem collaboration with the agencies (4A’s) and marketers (ANA) known as Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS). Previously, she spent 14 years at Turner Broadcasting Sales, holding a variety of senior advertising sales support positions for the News division, most recently as Senior Vice President of Market Strategy. Earlier in her career, she held diverse positions at Nielsen Media Research and Group W Satellite Communications. Sherrill draws on her experience in TV and digital sales marketing to lead IAB’s Sales Executive Council. She holds a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Her graduate studies focused on the social psychology of mass media.

In 2012, Sherrill was named a Media Maven by Advertising Age.

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Pete Miles
  • Pete Miles
  • Vice President, Ad Operations
  • Shazam

Pete has worked in digital ad operations and technology for over 15 years. He started his career in London before joining Vibrant Media as an early member of the U.S. team, going on to play an integral role in their emergence as a native advertising market-leader. More recently Pete has been focused on mobile, first with AT&T AdWorks and more recently at Shazam where, in addition to overseeing Ad Ops and Client Services, Pete is responsible for ad technology and has successfully established programmatic as a core component of Shazam’s advertising strategy.

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Stacy Minero
  • Stacy Minero
  • Head of Content Planning and Creative Agencies
  • Twitter
  • @sminero

Stacy Minero is a seasoned strategist with18 years experience helping brands maximize their efforts in content and communication. At Twitter Stacy leads the Content Planning team which helps marketers build insight based content strategies that drive brand and business value. Her team leads The Planning Studio, interactive sessions designed to help the Fortune 100 ‘win the moment’ on Twitter.  She also collaborates with Creative agencies to help them build best in class content for Twitter.

She previously led the content strategy practice at Mindshare and oversaw Communication Planning for American Express with a focus on creative media solutions.  Earlier in her career Stacy worked as a Strategic Planner on P&G, Coca-Cola and Hershey.

In 2013 Stacy was named by Adweek as a Media All-Star and was a recipient of 212 NYC’s thought leadership award in 2014. She is also a contributor to Adweek and writes about the future of content (6 Trends Shaping Video Content Today and 10 Trends Shaping the Future of Branded Content


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Auto Draft 69
  • Kerry Morris
  • Senior Vice President Portfolio Leader
  • Aspen Marketing (Epsilon Agency Services)
  • @wkmorris

Kerry works with leading brands to define and execute marketing strategies across all channels. He currently manages a nine-figure portfolio of accounts across the telco and media verticals. Prior to his current role, Kerry founded and led Epsilon’s Advanced Digital Solutions practice, which focused on helping brands take an omnidata approach to digital media. He has over 20 years experience in omnichannel marketing across multiple industries, including telcom, financial services, retail, and B2B. He specializes in marketing innovation, having launched a series of successful new products and marketing programs, and holds a patent for privacy-safe online marketing.  

Prior to joining Epsilon, Kerry built several critical businesses at BellSouth / AT&T, including: Brand’s first omnichannel media optimization tool, industry’s first outbound save desk, revamped Customer Acquisition Marketing Group, and led initial go to market for digital TV service. At Equifax, Kerry led several new business incubation efforts, including: Identity Management Practice and Fraud Solutions Group. His final role was the turnaround of the Marketing Services business, which culminated in the successful sale of that unit to Epsilon. 

Kerry holds an MBA from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. In his free time, he enjoys kayaking, cooking, writing, and having his expectations dashed by Atlanta sports teams.

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Lee Nadler
  • Lee Nadler
  • Marketing Communications & Launch Manager
  • @leenadler

Lee Nadler is Marketing Communications & Launch Manager at MINI USA. He is responsible for managing multichannel, marketing programs.  He oversees MINI’s marketing agencies and has overall responsibility for: advertising creative and media; MINIUSA.com on all platforms, digital/video marketing, social channels, gorilla/stunts and partnerships with ambassadors such as Tony Hawk and brands such as Burton. Lee was recently appointed Launch Manager for new products introduced in the US and he orchestrated MINI’s #DefyLabels campaign, featured in the “Big Game.”

During Nadler’s 25-plus year career, prior to joining MINI, he founded a consulting practice, Sherpa Marketing, Inc., which invented ideas and created communications for clients such as: BMW, CNN, Gilt Groupe, eMusic, RIDEMAKERZ and Yahoo! Previously, Lee was on the original executive team as the first head of Marketing for DoubleClick. He also had key roles on the agency side, including launching Prodigy in 1989 at a WPP agency, launching Snapple at Kirshenbaum & Bond and later as President/CEO of Digital Pulp, which specialized in building brands and digital platforms for innovative businesses.

Lee is on the Board of Directors of the Advertising Club, has been inducted into the American Advertising Hall of Achievement, was recognized by Ad Age as one the 21 people to watch in the 21st century and has recently been named one of the 100 Marketing Leaders by Internationalist.
Nadler maintains a blog at www.TheSherpaPath.com which shares what he learned from the Sherpa people on an expedition to Mt Everest. You can connect with him via LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram @LeeNadler.

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Lou Paskalis 2
  • Lou Paskalis
  • Senior Vice President, Enterprise Media Executive
  • Bank of America
  • @LouPas

Lou Paskalis is the Senior Vice President, Enterprise Media Executive, for Bank of America. He is responsible for leading a team of communications professionals in developing and implementing comprehensive media strategies to drive enterprise business objectives. Paskalis oversees media strategy and investment across traditional, digital and social channels with an eye toward driving innovative solutions across lines of business. He is tasked with identifying and delivering opportunities to leverage customer insights and industry best practices in the rapidly evolving communications landscape. He leads the team that delivered a game changing real-time 360 degree program around the World Economic Forum which leveraged the bank’s extensive original content assets. He also lead the paid media strategy for the bank’s highly successful (RED) partnership that combined the universal appeal of U2 with the cultural moment of the Super Bowl and harnessed the power of the Twitter, iAd, ClearChannel and Facebook platforms in original ways that lead to the program being recognized with a Bronze Medal for Media at the 2014 Cannes Advertising Festival.

Prior to joining Bank of America, Paskalis was the Vice President of Global Media, Content Development and Mobile Marketing at American Express where he lead innovative, cross-channel communications and engagement initiatives for the American Express brand and core U.S. product portfolios, as well as mobile marketing.

During his tenure at American Express, Lou created and launched their interactive branded TV channel to 60 million U.S. homes making Amex the first brand to have a dedicated television channel. In addition, he forged the first T-Commerce programs in partnership with NBC and FOX, which enabled consumers to purchase featured products in real-time while watching their favorite network shows. Paskalis is a three time recipient of the American Express Chairman’s Award for Innovation.

Paskalis also lead communications planning for the annual Small Business Saturday campaign, which was awarded the Grand CLIO in the Content and Contact category, the CLIO Special Award for Facebook Integrated Media and the Gold CLIO for Interactive/Social Media in addition to multiple MIXX awards. Some of his earlier achievements at Amex included a strategic partnership with NBC News that lead to the creation of Your Business, a weekly news program that serves the small business community and is the longest running program on MSNBC.

Paskalis holds an MBA in finance and marketing and a B.S. in business management from the University of Notre Dame. He lives in Manhattan where he indulges his passion for bike riding, travel, fine wine and Formula One motor-racing. He is a board member of the Mobile Marketing Association and a jury member of the IAB MIXX Awards.

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Kristen Radomski

Kristen has experience planning integrated campaigns for multiproduct brands on a national and local scale across traditional and nontraditional media. She has worked on a variety of accounts across financial services, retail, and non-profit charities, including PNC Bank and Tiger Woods Foundation. Currently Kristen helps manage the Sherwin Williams Diversified Brands Division, where her collaborative role has contributed to synched efforts across agency departments to deliver innovative client solutions and first to market opportunities.

Kristen graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with degrees in Advertising, Art History and Business. When she’s not working, she enjoys golfing and cooking her way through The New York Times.

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  • Brendan Riordan-Butterworth
  • Director, Technical Standards
  • IAB Tech Lab

As Director of Technical Standards at IAB Tech Lab, Brendan oversees the development of standards-track documents that aim to bring efficiencies to the market. His current focus is on the development of LEAN and DEAL guidance in response to ad blocking, as well as efforts tackling malware and fraud through the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). Brendan joined the internet revolution in 1998 with MediaHouse, a web analytics and network monitoring company sprung from the ashes of the BBS industry, and worked with Microsoft in their data collection and behavioral targeting branch.

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Jodie Sasse
  • Jodie Sasse
  • Director, Watson Ecosystem
  • IBM Watson Group

Jodie Sasse is responsible for leading Partner Success within the Watson Ecosystem. 
Her primary responsibility is to ensure that Ecosystem Partners are successful in their cognitive journey and launch of a transformative solution in market.

Prior to Watson, Jodie created a leadership development program focused on developing sales fundamentals, industry and buyer insight, and solution selling expertise. The curriculum philosophy leveraged case studies, team-based projects, and business rotations to reinforce traditional classroom and e-learning methods. This program is now a centerpiece for Millennial talent development within the Watson business.

Jodie has been with IBM for over 15 years and has held a variety of leadership roles which has given her broad focus and sales leadership responsibilities around the IBM portfolio and industries.

Prior to IBM Jodie worked in finance at Allied Domecq and Tucker Anthony. She has a BS in Finance / Economics from Syracuse University and a MBA from Suffolk University.

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Ken Willner
  • Ken Willner
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Zumobi
  • @zumobi

A veteran marketing and digital media executive, Ken has been actively involved in the development of mobile as a media platform since 2002. Having held senior leadership roles at national advertising agencies, a Fortune 500 company and emerging media organizations, Ken truly brings a 360-degree view of the marketing and media landscape to Zumobi.

As Chief Executive Officer, Ken leads an experienced team in the development and growth of Zumobi’s mobile media business. Prior to Zumobi, Ken was Vice President of Advertising and Media at AT&T Wireless, where he developed a number of innovative marketing programs to stimulate consumer adoption of mobile content and applications.

One of his most successful programs was the American Idol media sponsorship, where he was the driving force behind an integrated marketing campaign widely recognized as the seminal event that popularized text messaging in the United States. Earlier, Ken was Founder and Vice President of Marketing at Fizzylab, an early entrant in the contextual search and advertising space.

By developing marketing programs and partnerships with leading digital media companies, Ken helped grow Fizzylab from a garage start-up to a company with more than 50 media clients in just 15 months. Ken began his career in the advertising business and held senior management roles at national advertising agencies including McCann-Erickson and Rubin Postaer and Associates (RPA). During this time, he led the development of advertising and branding campaigns for leading consumer companies including The Walt Disney Company, Hitachi, Washington Mutual Bank, WebTV and Domino’s Pizza, among others.

Ken graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in marketing. He is on the IAB Native Advertising Task Force and is a member of the WINMEC Media and Entertainment Advisory Board at UCLA.

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Eva Wu
  • Senior Manager, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence
  • IAB

Eva Wu is a Senior Manager of IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence. She facilitates the growth of mobile marketing by managing working groups and committees that aim to solve mobile’s greatest challenges. Currently, Eva leads the IAB’s tablet committee, local advertising committee and mobile location data working group. Prior to joining the IAB, Eva was the associate product manager of mobile and emerging products for Xaxis.

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Moat Inc.

Abby Gotfreson

Account Executive


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Director of Marketing


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senior executive

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Publisher Sales Manager

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SVP, Media


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Digital Editor


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Media Rating Council

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JUICE Mobile

Esther Tak

Director, Digital

Active International

Heather Talty

Manager, Ad Operations

Universal McCann

Nin Tam

Senior Account Executive

The Trade Desk

Earn Tay

Partner, Digital Director


Chris Thomas

Sales Director, East Coast

Integral Ad Science

Krista Thomas

VP Product Marketing

Rubicon Project

Bill Todd

President, Agency Sales


Jill Toscano

Vice President Digital Experiences

American Express

Kevin Vail

Sr. Associate AdOps

Universal McCann

Rosario Valdez

Supervisor, Digital Ops

Carat US

Penny Vasileiou

Senior Associate, Product Marketing & Sales

Tremor Video

Jake Vaysman

Manager, TAAG


Marcus Velazquez

Director, Sales


Dalila Velez

VP, Integrated Communications Director


Anatoly Veltman

Chief Global Analyst

M3 Capital

Sara Vinson

VP, Corporate Communications Manager


Ian Wallin

VP, Sales

Integral Ad Science

Matt Walters

Director National Strategic Accounts


Mark Watson

Network Architect

Temple University

Nicole Weaver

Senior Strategy Consultant

IBM Interactive Experience

Andrew Weicker

Group Director, Sales East


Rebecca Wenstrup

Digital Director


Stephen Whiteside

Reports Editor


Ken Willner



Caroline Wilson

Senior Director


Mike Wolk

Senior Account Executive

The Trade Desk

Alida Wu

Associate Director, Media Platforms & Operations


Tom Xenos

Vice President


Joe Youssef



Sarah Zelenko

Manager, Media Innovation


Warren Zenna

EVP / US Managing Director

Havas Media / Mobext

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