IAB Ad Technology Marketplace 2015, Spotlight: Programmatic, Automation & Creativity

IAB Ad Technology Marketplace 2015, Spotlight: Programmatic, Automation & Creativity

New York · 05.11.15

scott-cunninghamThe 2015 IAB Advertising Technology Marketplace, Spotlight: Programmatic, kicked off with Scott Cunningham, Senior Vice President, Technology and Ad Operations, IAB, and General Manager, IAB Technology Laboratories, setting the stage for the day by discussing how much has changed and how advertising technology has helped pave the way for creativity, efficiencies, and best business practices. Over the last year, IAB has released a new Open RTB specification to include native advertising and OpenDirect for automated packaging. Additionally, the organization saw the creation of two new organizations—Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and the IAB Technology Laboratory—to better address the industry’s gaps in transparency and friction in the supply chain. Cunningham also announced the launch of the IAB Digital Data Solutions Certification program, a new credential for digital data professionals.

quentin-georgeNext, Shane Cunningham, Global Commercial Director-Consumer Media, Reuters, and Quentin George, Co-Founder and Principal, UNBOUND, took to the stage to talk about Pangaea Alliance—a network that offers access to the combined online advertising inventory of The Guardian, CNN International, Financial Times, Reuters, and The Economist. Cunningham emphasized the importance of quality at scale with the network and the need to deliver a level of transparency that advertisers demand. He went on to discuss the importance of audience segments and how success is predicated upon utilizing data that will unlock audience value.

jason-kellyFollowing these powerful introductions, Jason Kelly, President of Managed Media, Millennial Media, and Erica Schmidt, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Cadreon North America, were on stage next to engage in a dialogue about the rise of programmatic in the video and mobile sectors. Both Kelly and Schmidt encouraged the audience to not just request and gather data, but rather to pinpoint the data that is meaningful and allows you to generate more success. Schmidt highlighted CRM and point of sale data as the most important, and implored the industry to focus on getting attribution right as the next step towards programmatic advancement.

Following a networking refreshment break, participants enjoyed workshops dedicated to these topics: Video Advertising—Re-Think Your KPIs, The Surprising Lessons Learned from Buying a Few Billion Viewable Impressions, and Aligning Targeting with Ad Creative Across Channels and Devices.

joseph-trick-plewes-spauldingThe general session reconvened with two brand driven case study presentations about programmatic in action. Lijo Joseph, Senior Director-Performance Media, Beeby Clark-Meyler, and Chris Trick, Chief Marketing Officer, ERA Real Estate, addressed how as an industry we need to stop separating creative from data, and shared how ERA effectively leveraged programmatic to creatively convert consumers. Amanda Plewes, eCommerce Manager, PODS, and Scott Spaulding, Head of Sales, East & Central Region, Quantcast, followed with a presentation about creating efficient campaigns with programmatic. Plewes talked about the need to deliver at a local level to target for PODS and how performance results ultimately drive their strategy.

Zaneis-NortonAfter the case studies, Mike Zaneis, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer, TAG, and Jim Norton, Global Head of Media Sales, AOL, took to the stage to discuss anti-fraud and TAG. Norton highlighted how digital ad fraud will cost advertisers an astonishing $6.3 billion in 2015. In response Zaneis announced the launch of the TAG Fraud Threat list, an aggregated list of fraud threat domains that will be shared with the industry. Both speakers ended with a call for all participants to come together and find a unified industry solution to the issue of fraud.

Following a networking luncheon, attendees reassembled to continue the conversation. Scott Cunningham took the stage again to implore all companies to ensure that they have a compliance officer. This individual should be responsible for internally gathering and deploying standards in products and technology and he/she must be empowered to say no.

Monique-BonnerCarrying on the discussion about programmatic, Randall Rothenberg, President and Chief Executive Officer, IAB, and Monique Bonner, Vice President, Global Brand, Digital and Solutions Marketing, Dell, discussed how Dell leverages programmatic technology to build and maintain their brand leadership in a consumer-facing environment. Bonner lent insight on what Dell calls “next generation marketing” where the ultimate goal is to maximize engagement with customers. Dell has five focus areas: experience design, agency + capabilities, content strategy, technology, and data & analytics. Through these areas, along with employing dynamic content optimization to maximize efforts, they are able to use advertising to speak more personally to consumers.

Sherrill-ManeNext up was a unique discussion where IAB called upon leaders from across the ecosystem to individually answer the biggest questions on viewability and beyond. Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics, and Measurement, IAB, kicked things off by emphasizing the eight truths of progress made on viewability: 1) Changing currency is hard. Expect bumps in the road. 2) The standard for viewable desktop display and video impressions was developed and agreed upon by leaders from across the ecosystem. 3) A viewable impression is the functional equivalent of an ad exposure. It provides the opportunity to see. 4) MRC is still conducting reconciliation work to bring vendor viewability reporting into closer alignment. 5) Measurability still needs greater consistency both within and across vendors. An unmeasurable impression does not equal a non-viewable impression. 6) When buyer and seller agree on a viewability vendor in advance of an ad campaign, both parties benefit from reduced friction and manual processes. 7) Without more consistent measurement, it is hard to know which inputs to use for inventory management, for billing, and for campaign analyses. 8) Viewability is a core unit of currency. It is foundational to measure transformation. 3MS calls for much more than just viewability.

viewability-panelFollowing those statements Jonathan Bellack, Director, Product Management, Google; Angelina Eng, Vice President, Platform Solutions & Activation, Merkle; John Clyman, Senior Director, Brand Protection & Security, Rubicon Project; James Deaker, Vice President, Revenue Management, Privacy and Policy, Yahoo; and Julian Zilberbrand, Executive Vice President, Activation Standards, Insights and Technology, Zenith Media; engaged the audience on the need to agree on a currency, solve for the technology, and then follow with standards for viewability, in that order.

Driscoll-Korenfeld-AtkinsonAfter the insightful dialog, the audience broke off into a series of deep-dive track sessions. For the final general session presentation of the day, Mike Driscoll, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Metamarkets; Craig Atkinson, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Digital Officer, PHD; and Oleg Korenfeld, Senior Vice President, Ad Tech & Platforms, MediaVest; discussed whether native advertising can be transacted successfully within a programmatic marketplace. Atkinson and Korenfeld shared client examples from The Weather Channel and Comcast, and talked about the importance of first party data and standards in order to achieve scale. They concluded by agreeing that there is still an unclear definition for what native actually is, but the bottom line is that there is huge opportunity and appeal for the format (whatever it is called).

The conference came to a close with participants breaking out for town hall conversations—an opportunity to engage one another in spirited discussion and debate. The hot topics addressed were driving brand awareness with new ad formats, the future of consumer data, and programmatic video.

Learn more about the IAB Digital Data Solutions Certification

8:00 am -

Registration Opens

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8:00 am - 9:00 am

Networking Breakfast

9:00 am - 9:20 am

Automation & Creativity

Explore how technology helps pave the way for creativity, efficiency, and best business practices for brands, agencies, and media companies.

9:20 am - 9:50 am

Unpacking Pangaea: Premium Programmatic at Scale with Transparency at the Core

The Guardian, CNN International, Financial Times, Reuters and The Economist have recently joined forces to create the Pangaea Alliance—a network that offers access to their combined online advertising inventory as they attempt to compete with global digital platforms. How does a network of premium players allow for programmatic at scale while still affording brands transparency, audience quality, and a lack of fraudulent traffic? This session unpacks the alliance and its impact on the digital marketing.

9:50 am - 10:15 am

The Rise of Programmatic: Video and Mobile

Programmatic is rapidly evolving in the video and mobile sectors. Glean insights on the current state of mobile and video programmatic and how the industry can and should leverage new emerging advertising opportunities.

10:15 am - 10:45 am

Networking Refreshment Break

10:45 am - 11:15 am


Video Advertising: Re-Think Your KPIs
Room 402, 4th Floor

Online video advertising creates opportunities to connect with consumers in ways that display banners fail to achieve. But first, advertisers must overcome media quality obstacles. Review the intricacies and depth of the media that video ads are running on, and demonstrate how the wrong environment can be detrimental to the success of a campaign.

Learn how optimizations can go awry when ignoring fraud and other factors, and the monetary value associated with the right approach to inventory quality.

Kevin Lenane, General Manager, Video, Integral Ad Science

Taylor Schreiner, Vice President, Research, TubeMogul

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The Surprising Lessons Learned from Buying a Few Billion Viewable Impressions
Room 404, 4th Floor

Viewability affects every member of the online advertising ecosystem. Now, advertisers can verify whether their ads are being seen, publishers continue to work on creating viewable inventory, and media vendors are rushing to create solutions that increase viewability. However, there’s still a big learning curve in the industry. Explore an unbiased report, spanning over 3 years of experimentation across many vendors, exchanges, impressions, and publishers, on the current state of viewability as learned from years of testing and development.

Scott Spaulding, Head of Sales, Eastern & Central Region, Quantcast

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Aligning Targeting with Ad Creative Across Channels and Devices
Room 406, 4th Floor

Dynamic creative optimization has traditionally been used for retargeting and Direct Response advertising. Now, with increased data and the ability to understand the user earlier in the customer lifecycle, advertisers can apply customized communication across a much larger set of users. Learn how programmatic is enabling advertisers to move beyond Dynamic Creative Optimization to offer truly personalized messages at scale that drive branding, awareness, consideration, and purchase intent.

Graham Harris, Senior Director, Advanced Creative, Yahoo

Presented by
Yahoo Advertising

11:20 am - 11:45 am

Programmatic in Action: Brand Driven Case Studies

Case Study 1
Programmatic: The Glue That Binds Data and Creative

Thanks to all the data now at marketers’ disposal, it is possible to create several thousand variations of ad units via versioning and sequencing, but at the end of the day all we’re really seeing is an improved banner ad. As an industry, we need to change our mentality and stop separating creative from data, leveraging programmatic to do so. Learn how one brand worked with publishers to create a unique media-buying model based on consumer behavior.

Lijo Joseph, Senior Director-Performance Media, Beeby Clark+Meyler

Chris Trick, Chief Marketing Officer, ERA Real Estate

Case Study 2
Everyone Moves: Defining Innovative Storage Solutions with Programmatic

Everyone eventually needs a storage solution, but how do you reach only those people in market at scale? PODS, an innovative leader within the storage solutions space, created an always on programmatic media solution that combines the power of real-time data to deliver storage solutions to consumers around the corner and across the country when they need it. Learn how PODS use a performance-based digital strategy to deliver ROI.

Amanda Plewes, eCommerce Manager, PODS

Scott Spaulding, Head of Sales, East & Central Region, Quantcast

11:45 am - 12:00 pm

Anti-Fraud and the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG)

The Power of a Safe, Self-Regulated Digital Supply Chain.

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Networking Luncheon

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1:00 pm - 1:10 pm

Afternoon Insights

1:10 pm - 1:45 pm

The Brand POV
 - Dell’s Approach to Programmatic

Dell empowers countries, communities, customers, and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams. Hear how Dell leverages programmatic technology to build and maintain their brand leadership in a consumer-facing environment.

1:45 pm - 2:30 pm

Beyond Viewability: Industry Leaders on Implementation & What’s Next

IAB calls on leaders from across the ecosystem to individually answer the three biggest questions on viewability and beyond, then opens the floor for a Town Hall where the audience can engage with these same experts.


2:40 pm - 3:35 pm

Deep-Dive Track Sessions - Cross-Platform Audience Discovery

Room 402, 4th Floor

Dig into the topics that matter most to your business objectives.

Capturing Consumer Attention: The Right Place, The Right Message, At The Right Time

Advertisers want to buy audience attention, performance and ROI, but the data used for digital advertising are rising tides that can drown even the most experienced marketers. Audience data is hard to use and extracting information from it requires powerful tools and rigorous analysis so that it can be used to execute advertising decisions in real-time across every digital touchpoint.

Learn how to find and programmatically process the most valuable data based on consumer behaviors, amplify the audiences to large scale and distribute it to capture consumer attention in the right place, with the right message at the right time.

Bill Lonergan, Chief Executive Officer, RadiumOne

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The Publisher Approach to Programmatic: 
Targeting and Measuring Across Devices

Jeremy Hlavacek, Vice President, Programmatic, The Weather Company

Carl Kalapesi, Vice President of Industry Initiatives, IAB

Angela Kinsella, Senior Director, Business Development + Programmatic, Demand Media

Rob Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Undertone

2:40 pm - 3:35 pm

Deep-Dive Track Sessions - Programmatic at Scale

Dig into the topics that matter most to your business objectives.

Utilizing Programmatic to Accomplish Brand Goals

Until now, programmatic has been seen as a tool to drive direct-response and there has been little appreciation for it as a tool for brand marketers. It’s time to utilize the intelligence and efficiencies of programmatic technologies to drive brand performance. Discuss why 2015 will be the year that programmatic for brand advertising explodes.

Neeraj Kochhar, Managing Director, Buy-Side Platforms, Tremor Video
Jim Caruso, Vice President, Product Strategy, Varick Media Management

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Tremor Video

The Future of OpenDirect: Improving Adoption and Scalability with Automated Guaranteed Buying

Angelina Eng, Vice President, Platform Solutions & Activation, Merkle

Joe Pych, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Bionic

2:40 pm - 3:35 pm

Deep-Dive Track Sessions - Creativity & Technology

Dig into the topics that matter most to your business objectives.

When Creativity & Technology Intersect

Explore the potential power of video when properly built upon the intersection of creativity and technology. Discuss how the synthesis of the two creates opportunities that builds experiences and curates programs on multiple devices, enabling brands to be storytellers at scale.

Marta Martinez, Senior Vice President, AOL Advertising

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Smarter Programmatic Creative: Driving Beautiful, High Performance Ad Campaigns

Ben Kartzman, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, SpongeCell

3:35 pm - 4:05 pm

Networking Refreshment Break

4:05 pm - 4:35 pm

Native Programmatic?

Can native advertising be transacted successfully within a programmatic marketplace? Can the notion of carefully crafted content fit into an automated buying and targeting model? This session answers these questions and more about the present and future of native programmatic.

4:40 pm - 5:30 pm

Town Halls

Beyond The Banner: Driving Brand Awareness With New Ad Formats
Room 402, 4th Floor

As programmatic becomes the dominant way to transact, trading desks are increasingly being tasked with driving upper-funnel awareness objectives. In-image, high-impact, and native inventory is becoming available at scale through leading DSPs and exchanges. Discuss how to leverage non-standard formats to drive higher brand engagement and viewability. Learn emerging best practices for implementation and how to measure success.

  • What are some of the new programmatic ad formats that are effective for driving brand awareness?
  • What are the important operational differences and best practices for programmatic buyers to be aware of as they expand the scope of their toolset to include these new formats?
  • How should programmatic buyers measure the success of brand awareness campaigns?

Greg Pritchard, Senior Vice President, Business Development, GumGum

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The Future of Customer Data
Room 404, 4th Floor

The future of data in Ad Technology is clear; the way to get there is not. Walled gardens, ad blockers—these are just some of the challenges we need to resolve as we move forward. For example, if ad blockers become a predominant force, then a new monetization channel will have to emerge. Data will fuel it, but not in the same way we know today. Explore the future approaches and various factors that will come into play as the industry grows.

  • Are the current proposed approaches enough or do we need to lock at a different standard?
  • How will the issue of privacy continue to develop?
  • How will the ad technology ecosystem develop to tackle the issue of customer engagement and addressability, in particular that of cross-device tracking?

Maja Milicevic, Vice President, Demand Partnerships, Sovrn Holdings

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Programmatic Video: A View Through the Premium Lens
Room 406, 4th Floor

As TV and video continue to converge, combining data with premium content in a scalable manner is still a challenge. Advertisers are increasingly interested in distributing TV content across screens through guaranteed buying models, while reaping the benefits of targeted data applications. Discuss how can the industry can protect the value of inventory for premium publishers and deliver better returns on campaign spend for marketers.

  • What are the main differences between display and premium video programmatic markets?
  • How can platform providers offer advertisers sufficient reach with the fragmentation of mobile?
  • How do you weigh the effectiveness of programmatic campaigns against the challenges today’s advertisers are faced with?
  • How is third-party information part of the data story?

James Rooke, General Manager, Business Solutions, FreeWheel

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5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Networking Cocktail Reception

Craig Atkinson
  • Craig Atkinson
  • Chief Digital and Operating Officer

As Chief Digital and Operating Officer at PHD USA, Craig maintains a dual role with oversight of the agency overall as well as serving as the champion of thought leadership and innovation focused on the agency’s output.

Craig came to PHD after 6+ years at sister agencies OMD and Omnicom Media Group where, most recently he served as Chief of Acquisitions, North America, leading strategic and corporate development for Omnicom Media Group, with a particular focus on emerging areas of digital channels including search marketing, mobile, social media and content development. In addition, Craig was the overall owner of the client relationship for the McDonald’s US business at OMD.

Before taking on the Acquisitions role, Craig served as Midwest Regional Director at OMD and was responsible for the strategic direction and regional oversight of OMD’s Chicago operations.

Craig has held positions within digital marketing since its inception in the mid 1990’s, playing key Account, Media and Strategy roles at Modem Media, Digitas, and Arc Worldwide leading digital marketing strategy and program development for such clients as Intel, Michelin, HP, the U.S. Army and Allstate. Craig also spent two years on the client side working inside Washington Mutual’s ecommerce group as a product manager, leading development of applications to acquire and securitize mortgage backed loans.

A frequent speaker and recognized thought leader in the emerging and digital marketing landscape, Craig is regularly quoted in such publications as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age and Adweek.

Craig is a graduate of the University of Vermont, recently relocated to the NY area and is thoroughly enjoying eating his way through his new neighborhood in Brooklyn with his wife Nikki and sons Jake and Sam.

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  • Jonathan Bellack
  • Director, Product Management
  • Google

Jonathan Bellack is Director, Product Management for publisher ad platforms at Google.  He and his team help the world’s most successful publishers grow their revenues through DoubleClick for Publishers and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.  He also serves as Co-Chair of the Ad Technology Council of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).  Jonathan has nearly 20 years of experience working for and with digital publishers including SmartMoney.com, Consumer Reports Magazine, and departments of the British Government on content management and advertising systems.  Previously at Google, Jonathan worked with almost three million small and mid-size publishers as a leader of Google AdSense.  Jonathan has a BA from Yale University and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business, and was editor-in-chief of his middle school newspaper.

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  • Monique Bonner
  • Vice President, Marketing/Global Head of Digital, Technology and Innovation
  • Dell

Monique is Vice President of Dell’s Global Digital, Technology and Marketing Innovation efforts, where she leads the strategy, development, and implementation of customer-centric, agile, and data driven modern marketing efforts. Her team’s responsibilities span strategy and change management across customer experience design, technology identification and implementation, agency and media, and global digital including content, mobile, communities, and social.

Prior to her current position, Monique was Vice President of Global Brand, Digital and Solutions Marketing and drove the planning, integration and execution of Dell’s brand and solutions marketing strategies and initiatives including B2B digital programs, omni-channel marketing, sponsorships, and product placement.

Monique also had the role of Vice President of Dell’s North America and Latin America marketing organizations where she led regional execution across all segments and business units. Prior to that she spent seven years in Europe in a variety of leadership positions including marketing, operations, and sales.

Before joining Dell in 2000 Monique worked in retail and recruiting management. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College and a MBA from the University of Michigan. She is a member of the Ad Council Board of Directors and Conference Board’s Council for Brand Management.

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Jim is an innovative product strategist who has built software and web products across various verticals and markets.  Upon graduating Summa Cum Laude with Honors from Montclair State University, he joined the founding team of an enterprise social software startup designed for large, Fortune 500 clients.

Upon leaving, he utilized his entrepreneurial experience along with his product knowledge to begin his career in developing software and technology products for various markets including government compliance, higher education, and most recently digital media and advertising.

Most recently, Jim was the Senior Director of Product Development at Undertone where he led the product development for their ad serving and workflow software platform. Jim has also founded two startups: MobileTag, a mobile gaming platform and Snapit, an e-gifting mobile application. He has extensive experience in building and managing all aspects of the software development lifecycle and working with engineering teams around the globe.

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John Clyman leads Rubicon Project’s marketplace quality and security efforts, ensuring that both buyers and sellers can transact with confidence. He manages product and engineering for capabilities including ad quality, inventory and traffic quality, malware protection, and viewability. John joined Rubicon Project in 2010 with the acquisition of anti-malvertising company SiteScout, where he was co-founder and CTO. Prior to founding SiteScout, John was a co-founder and partner at Cascadia Labs, which provided independent lab-based product evaluations and consulting services for many major security vendors. Earlier in his career, John led editorial teams at leading print and online publishers, and served as Editorial Director for ZDNet’s Products & Commerce business unit.

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  • Scott Cunningham
  • Senior Vice President Technology and Ad Operations
  • IAB
  • General Manager, IAB Technology Lab

Scott Cunningham has a long history of implementing ad technology policies that have helped major organizations reach new heights with their ad programs. He got his start in the journalism industry, implementing the first online banner ads at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s independent newspaper, The Badger Herald, and serving as Manager of Multimedia Technologies for nearly 10 years at USA Today, where he developed rich media technologies and video to enhance the publication’s stories and provide more opportunities for advertising for USATODAY.com, as well as across Gannett broadcasting and newspaper sites. He then joined ManiaTV as Vice President of Publishing and Software Development, where he led tool-development and content-publishing teams for the broadband video distribution network and launched five video ad networks.

From there, he proceeded to head the software/web development, operations, and analytics teams at The Denver Post as Vice President of Operations and Solutions; lead engineering and operations for more than 800 nationwide news and niche websites and mobile products at Digital First Media as Vice President of Technology and Platforms; and handled product and design for programmatic and native advertising solutions at Federated Media Publishing as Senior Vice President of Product. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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  • Shane Cunningham
  • Global Commercial Director
  • Reuters

As global commercial director of Reuters consumer media, Shane Cunningham is charged with managing the sales and operations teams across US, EMEA and Asia. With 17 global websites in 9 different languages, Shane is tasked with driving revenue growth across all regions while ensuring continued collaboration and operational efficiency. A media specialist of 16 years with experience spanning the US, UK and South Africa, Shane has spent most of his career in international media. Prior to joining Reuters in 2013, Shane was commercial director for FT.com in the US.

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  • James Deaker
  • Vice President of Revenue Management and Policy
  • Yahoo

James Deaker is Vice President of Revenue Management and Policy at Yahoo. In this capacity he has global responsible for advertising and data policy, pricing and yield management.

James is the co-chair of the IAB Ad Ops Advisory Board. In 2013 James was the chair of the IAB Data Council.

Prior to joining Yahoo, James led the Monetization Excellence group at Microsoft. Previously, he was Vice President of Advisory Services at San Francisco-based software company, Rapt Inc., which was acquired by Microsoft in 2008.

James holds Ph.D and M.S. degrees in Engineering-Economic Systems and Operations Research from Stanford University.

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  • Mike Driscoll
  • Chief Executive Officer & Founder
  • Metamarkets

Mike Driscoll founded Metamarkets in 2010 after spending more than a decade developing data analytics solutions for online retail, life sciences, digital media, insurance, and banking. Prior to Metamarkets, Mike successfully founded and sold two companies: Dataspora, a life science analytics company, and CustomInk, an early pioneer in customized apparel. He began his career as a software engineer for the Human Genome Project. Mike holds an A.B. in Government from Harvard and a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from Boston University.

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Angelina Eng – currently oversees Merkle’s Platform Solutions & Activation team. Eng is a seasoned executive with 20+ years of digital media, marketing and operations experience. Eng has focused her career in defining, building, managing and improving the digital media planning, buying & operations capabilities for organizations, including the development of internal systems to improve communications and workflow across departments; establishment of standard deliverables and protocol; creation of ad trafficking and tracking guidelines and requirements; implementation of rich media strategy; standardization of reporting and analysis systems; and institution of media optimization best practices. Eng provides support, education and consulting services to her clients. Other responsibilities includes showcasing platform capabilities, contract negotiation & execution, collateral creation, and training programs.

Eng has previously worked primarily on the agency side at Dentsu Aegis, Publicis Modem, Integrated Media Solutions, J. Walter Thompson and Young & Rubicam. She is also an active member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau on the Ad Ops & Technology, Data, and Programmatic Councils, and a member of the IAB Certification Commission.

  • Social:
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  • Quentin George
  • Co-Founder and Principal

As co-founder and principal of \UNBOUND\ Quentin is considered as one of the pioneers of programmatic media. \UNBOUND\ is the first independent and unbiased systems integrator focussed exclusively on the marketing technology landscape.

Previously, Quentin served as the the Chief Digital and Innovation Officer at IPG/MEDIABRANDS, where he was responsible overseeing $2B in digital media spend across global media networks as well as specialist digital agencies for Fortune 500 brands.

In 2008, Quentin lead the team that architected and built the industry’s first ever, stand-alone programmatic media-buying agency CADREON.

Driven by a manifest destiny to unite the talents of Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue to serve the greater good. Quentin has served on the customer advisory boards for Google, Microsoft Advertising, Yahoo! and AOL. He also serves on industry trade boards including the IAB and AAAA’s.

One of the most tenured leaders in the digital arena, Quentin has held senior leadership roles at digital agencies ranging from RAZORFISH to ORGANIC. In 1994 Quentin co-founded one of the earliest digital agencies Electric Ocean that won the first Clio awarded for digital work.

Wine is one of Quentin’s lifelong passions. At George Family Winery he currently produces 100 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon from Coombsville,Napa’s newest appellation.

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  • Graham Harris
  • Senior Director, Advanced Creative
  • Yahoo

Graham Harris is senior director and head of Yahoo’s Advanced Creative Specialist team. Graham is responsible for driving collaboration with Yahoo’s advertising partners, where his ultimate objective is to deliver amazing experiences for users through high-quality and personalized creative solutions.

A Yahoo veteran of ten years, Graham was previously the Head of the Advertiser Product Marketing and Solutions Team for the Americas. He also held the role of Product Director for Yahoo’s Search and Display Advertising Platforms. Before joining Yahoo, Graham held consulting and product management roles at enterprise resource planning and supply chain management companies.

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Jeremy Hlavacek
  • Jeremy Hlavacek
  • Head of Revenue
  • IBM Watson Advertising

As head of revenue for IBM Watson Advertising, Jeremy Hlavacek is responsible for all global advertising sales efforts – including direct sales, programmatic sales, agency partnerships and data partnerships – across Watson Advertising’s portfolio of media, data, and AI-powered technology solutions, which includes The Weather Company’s consumer platforms such as weather.com and The Weather Channel apps. Watson Advertising’s offerings help agencies and marketers improve decision-making and reduce costs across key facets of the marketing lifecycle – from media planning through measurement.

Previously, Hlavacek was the head of global automated monetization. In that role, he oversaw all programmatic monetization efforts globally as well as the data partnerships team, which drives off-property data and inventory partnerships with platforms and other publishers. Hlavacek was promoted from vice president of programmatic, where he was responsible for all domestic programmatic sales efforts, platform relationships and programmatic operations. Under his leadership, the programmatic business grew 500% over a 3 year period to become one of the largest and most sophisticated sell side programmatic businesses in the industry. In 2017, AdExchanger ranked The Weather Company’s programmatic business as #2 in the industry among all publishers in media and broadcasting. Hlavacek joined Weather in early 2013 as vice president of operations and strategic partnerships for the company’s WEATHERfx division, where he oversaw technology partnerships and business operations to support the WEATHERfx business.

Prior to Weather, Hlavacek was vice president of strategy and business operations at Varick Media Management, where he helped to build one of the first programmatic trading desks on the agency side. He was responsible for strategic platform partnerships in the ad tech/real-time bidding ecosystem, as well as the business and financial operations of the company.

Hlavacek’s previous experience includes building out digital marketing and gaming experiences at LEGO Toys, directing advertising strategy and business development at Dotmenu (an online food ordering startup acquired by GrubHub and now part of Seamless), and building out digital experiences for entertainment programming at CBS Television. On the agency side, Jeremy has held senior strategic roles at Ogilvy and Cadient Group, where he advised clients in healthcare, financial services and technology.

Hlavacek holds a master’s degree in business administration from Cornell University, a master’s degree in media and communication from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a bachelor’s degree from the College of William and Mary.

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Lijo is a multidisciplinary digital marketer with nearly a decade of expertise covering various performance media tactics, including search & display media on desktop and mobile channels. As a Senior Director, Performance Media at Beeby, Clark+Meyler, he leads the practice of programmatic performance media buying across desktop, mobile & emerging media channels.??

Over the years, Lijo has worked with clients across travel, retail, fashion, finance, real estate, healthcare and industrial verticals. He has helped grow the ROI of their online campaigns YOY by integrating online (website) and offline measurement channels (call center, POS).??

He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering from Kerala University, India and an MBA in marketing from Zicklin School of Business, City University of New York. In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors by skiing, rafting and biking.

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Carl Kalapesi is VP, Industry Initiatives at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). He leads IAB initiatives on programmatic marketing which focusses on bring together publishers, buyers & ad tech to discuss key business issues in making programmatic and automation work for all. He is also responsible for overseeing IAB industry product portfolio through its Committees and Councils including Native Advertising, Programmatic, Audio, Digital out of Home, Social Media, Games, Data and more that help solve operational inefficiencies, grow the marketing and media industries and attract and retain 700 IAB member companies. He is responsible for ensuring IAB’s best practices development, thought leadership seminars, whitepapers, research and other market making activities are of the highest quality and deliver value for money for IAB member dues.

Carl has over 15 years global experience in digital, management consulting, public policy and economic research. Prior to joining IAB, Carl was a Project Leader in BCG’s Digital Economy practice area specializing on the technology, internet, digital innovation and big data. He also ran the WEF’s Personal Data project on how best to unlock the value of personal data and address privacy concerns.

  • Social:
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Ben Kartzman is CEO and co-founder of Spongecell. Under Ben’’s leadership, Spongecell is pioneering the development of Programmatic Creative, technology that helps advertisers use data to make smarter, more effective ads and do so more efficiently. Before co-founding Spongecell, Ben worked at venture-backed Guidester (now a part of Hubspot) in product and business development. Prior to that, Ben worked in consulting, first at Bridgeline Software and then at Accenture. Ben graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon with a dual BS in Human Computer Interaction and Information & Decision Systems.

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Jason Kelly is the President of Millennial Media’s Managed Media business and leads the Company’s global brand and performance sales.

Prior to joining Millennial Media, Jason was CEO of Sociomantic, a company that helps some of the largest retailers with their e-commerce strategies through re-targeting and programmatic solutions. Sociomantic was recently acquired by Dunnhumby, a UK-based company and Tesco subsidiary. Previously, Jason served as Chief Revenue Officer at Admeld where he drove the company’s relationships and monetization for hundreds of publishers and participated in Admeld’s acquisition by Google. At Google, Jason focused on building out the marketplace development team and offering, and successfully bringing publishers and buyers together via private exchanges and direct deal solutions.

Jason has also held executive sales management positions at a number of leading global brands – including Time Inc., RAPT (a Microsoft subsidiary) and Virgin America.

Jason received a BS and Minor in Computer Science from the University of North Dakota.

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  • Angela Kinsella
  • Senior Director, Business Development + Programmatic
  • Demand Media

Angela Kinsella serves as Senior Director, Business Development & Programmatic at Demand Media, responsible for premium programmatic sales, operations, product development and technology assessments for D360, a leader in the programmatic space.

In Spring 2014, Kinsella oversaw the launch D360 paving the programmatic path, with the goal of enabling marketers and advertisers connect and engage with audiences across platforms and devices.

Prior to her current position, Angela was formerly Senior Director of Business Development at Evolve Media, responsible for global business development efforts across Evolve’s suite of products, publishing divisions and affiliate portfolios. 

Angela holds a BA in Communications from Northeastern University.

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  • Neeraj Kochhar
  • Managing Director, Buy-Side Platforms
  • Tremor Video

As Managing Director of Tremor Video’s buy-side enterprise platform, Neeraj Kochar oversees sales, steers the marketing objectives, and anchors product development for the company’s VideoHub® DSP and analytics suite.

Prior to Tremor Video, Neeraj was the Managing Director of Programmatic at MAGNA GLOBAL, the strategic investment unit of IPG Mediabrands. In that role, he drove the development and application of programmatic buying to power smarter media buying and drive better client ROI. Previously, he served as Managing Director of Reprise, IPG¹s search specialist agency.

Neeraj is a veteran of digital marketing and began his career in 1998 at online advertising pioneer DoubleClick. He has also held senior management positions at major agency holding companies, including WPP GroupM, Starcom MediaVest Group, and MDC Partners.

Frequently quoted in the press, Neeraj is a regular speaker at industry events, having appeared on panels at key conferences including SES, MIXX, Digital Hollywood, Digiday, and IAB.

He is a graduate of New York University and resides in New York City.

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  • Oleg Korenfeld
  • Senior Vice President, Ad Tech & Platforms
  • MediaVest

Oleg Korenfeld is SVP, Ad Technology & Platforms at MediaVest, part of global media agency Starcom Mediavest Group, where he oversees a team of professionals focused on Ad Tech, Custom Products, Data and Programmatic strategy and activation, as well as Business Intelligence. Oleg’s expertise cuts across all angles of the digital advertising ecosystem including Ad Tech, Publishing and Agency. His deep technical knowledge across desktop, mobile, e-commerce, advanced TV and email environments allows for a holistic view of the marketplace and its future.

Prior to MediaVest, Oleg held strategic and operational positions at advertising technology innovation companies such as DoubleClick, Right Media and Jumptap, as well as new media publishers like Community Connect and Thrillist and traditional publishers like Hachette Filipacchi Media.

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Kevin Lenane is the new GM of Video at Integral Ad Science. Kevin is the former CEO and Founder of Veenome which was acquired by Integral Ad Science in February 2015. Under his leadership, Veenome became the market leader in in-stream video analytics with billions video impressions indexed. Veenome’s customers included ad networks, video publishers, agencies and brands.

Prior to founding Veenome, Kevin led business development at PointAbout. While at PointAbout, Kevin sold millions of dollars in innovative development and strategic consulting engagements, which led to the acquisition of PointAbout by Three Pillar Global in 2011. Prior to PointAbout he held senior product analyst roles at the Map Network and NAVTEQ/Nokia. In his spare time Kevin plays squash and travels as much as possible. Follow him @kevinlenane. 

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  • Bill Lonergan
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • RadiumOne

Bill is the Chief Executive Officer of RadiumOne. Prior to joining RadiumOne, Bill was the Chief Financial Officer of Tapjoy, Inc.

With over 25 years of management experience in online media, he has scaled operations for several companies. Bill has an impressive record of driving growth, efficiency and profitability for technology companies. He has a strong background in developing and implementing strategic plans, motivating high performance teams and managing finance and operations. Previously, Bill was the Chief Financial Officer of BlueLithium, where he had responsibility for finance and operations. Bill was also responsible for managing the M&A process and the integration of BlueLithium with Yahoo. Pror to BlueLithium, Bill worked with LookSmart, Tacit Software and was a senior partner with KPMG for over twelve years.

Bill has a BA in Geography from the University of Durham, England. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and is member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and California Society of Certified Public Accountants.

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  • Sherrill Mane
  • Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics, and Measurement
  • IAB
  • @SherrillMane

Sherrill Mane joined the IAB in 2007 as our first SVP Industry Services. Sherrill has led industry efforts to establish metrics and build measurement systems that facilitate the growth of interactive media. Sherrill is responsible for numerous IAB initiatives, including fostering greater awareness of interactive advertising opportunities in the traditional media agency community. She oversees the creation of market-making research and the collateral materials associated with findings that grow the business. Since 2011, Sherrill has been the IAB lead on the groundbreaking cross ecosystem collaboration with the agencies (4A’s) and marketers (ANA) known as Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS). Previously, she spent 14 years at Turner Broadcasting Sales, holding a variety of senior advertising sales support positions for the News division, most recently as Senior Vice President of Market Strategy. Earlier in her career, she held diverse positions at Nielsen Media Research and Group W Satellite Communications. Sherrill draws on her experience in TV and digital sales marketing to lead IAB’s Sales Executive Council. She holds a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Her graduate studies focused on the social psychology of mass media.

In 2012, Sherrill was named a Media Maven by Advertising Age.

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As Senior Vice President of AOL Advertising, Marta leads the advertising sales organization in simplifying marketing for AOL’s clients by bringing together programmatic advertising and premium video-first content experiences. Previously, Marta served as Global Head of Video Sales, where she oversaw all sales and strategy efforts for AOL’s video offerings.

Before joining the AOL team, Martinez served dual roles as SVP of Business Development & Operations and CMO at MediaMath, where she led business development, marketing and strategic partnership initiatives, representing Fortune 500 brands and over 900 advertising and media agencies globally. Previously, she served as SVP, Global Corporate Development at Havas Digital where she led the group’s executive and operational management in identifying and executing strategic development opportunities. Marta is an industry veteran of fifteen years, holding leadership and consulting roles all across the advertising world.

Marta earned her MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University and an MS in Business Administration from ESADE in Barcelona. She and her husband live in White Plains, NY with their two children. She is a passionate advocate for women and in particular women in tech. In addition to her love of world travel, Marta likes to ski, bike and do yoga – although presumably not at the same time.

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Maja Milicevic 1

Maja has led sales, account management, and marketing teams for venture-backed, high-growth, and public companies in the US and Europe. As co-founder and principal at Sparrow Advisers, Maja helps clients tackle complex go-to-market, positioning and field enablement challenges. Her deep first-hand experience with publishers, marketers, agencies, trading desks and technology providers enables her to be be uniquely effective in structuring the right type of commercial arrangement that ensures consistent revenue growth. Prior to Sparrow, Maja was responsible for building out Federated Media/sovrn programmatic revenue lines focusing on the buy side, leading a new segment at AppNexus that focused on solving complex problems of top publishers and supply side portals. As an early member of the Demdex team, she drove the acquisition of strategic clients and accelerated the adoption of cutting-edge data management technology. After Adobe’s successful acquisition of Demdex, Maja stayed on and honed her enterprise sales chops working with Fortune 500 clients and many internal support teams to ensure the go-to-market message for Adobe’s Data Management Platform (now known as Adobe Audience Manager) was tailored to each customer’s needs. Earlier in her career Maja was the executive director of Crown Prince Alexander’s Foundation for Culture and Education where she was responsible for connecting the public and private sectors in Central and South-East Europe. Maja can often be found speaking on topics of marketing data, programmatic advertising, structuring and hiring client facing teams, cross-border business development, effective market entry strategies and ad tech industry trends.

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Peter Minnium

As the Head of Brand Initiatives, Peter leads a series of initiatives designed to address the under-representation of creative brand advertising online. He was formerly Managing Director of Lowe Worldwide, the global creative agency network of the Interpublic Group, where he held leadership roles overseeing international operations. Peter’s passion is the intersection of creative ideas and technology and he is focused on fueling the full-fledged creative revolution that interactivity has long promised.

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Jim Norton 1
  • Jim Norton
  • Global Head of Media Sales
  • AOL

You know Norton is an accomplished executive simply from the number of commas his job description requires. At AOL, Jim’s responsible for advertising sales for the entire AOL brand portfolio, including The Huffington Post, Engadget, StyleList, AOL Platforms, AOL On and MapQuest. He also leads the sales of all cross-platform marketing solutions, including the display, the Project Devil initiative, video and mobile.

Jim joined AOL in 2009 as SVP of AOL Advertising’s Advance Sales team, which focused on national and regional advertisers as well as new business. He’s also been VP of Product Sales, managed AOL’s Search and Sponsored Listings business, and helped launch and manage AOL’s self service advertising platform, Ad Desk.

Previous to AOL, Jim spent 3 years at Google, most recently as National Sales Manager for Google’s Agency Activation team. And before going digital, Jim worked in a variety of traditional media sales and marketing roles for Tribune Broadcasting, KISS FM and Miller Brewing.

A lifelong Bostonian, Jim is a ‘Triple Eagle’, having graduated from BC High, Boston College and BC’s Carroll Graduate School of Business. He lives in Cohasset, MA with his wife, Katie, and their sons Jack, Ryan and Charlie. Still, we’ve never heard him say “wicked pissah” once.

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  • Amanda Plewes
  • eCommerce Manager
  • PODS

As the manager of eCommerce for PODS, Amanda Plewes oversees and manages PODS’s digital presence including websites and online media. She is focused on generating growth through digital channels while maximizing both revenue and efficiency. While at PODS, Amanda has implemented a rigorous A/B testing program for digital marketing including websites, display, and online video.

Previously at The Richards Group in Dallas, Amanda worked to build brands through digital channels while working with clients such as Chick-fil-A, The Home Depot, Advance Auto Parts, and Chuck E Cheese.

Amanda graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with an emphasis in advertising.

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  • Greg Pritchard
  • SVP of Business Development
  • GumGum

As SVP of Business Development, Greg Pritchard oversees GumGum’s strategic initiatives and partnerships, premium programmatic sales channel, and international expansion. Previously, Greg served as GumGum’s head of publisher development, leading the growth of the platform to over 300 million unique visitors while driving the distribution strategy for GumGum’s innovative ad formats.

Before joining GumGum, Greg was an Account Manager at Business.com from 2008-2010, managing search and display advertising initiatives for many of the largest B2B advertisers. Prior to Business.com, Greg was Director of Search Engine Marketing Sales at The Design People, an INC 5000-rated marketing firm.

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  • Joe Pych
  • Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Bionic

Joe Pych is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bionic Advertising Systems – an advertising technology firm that, among other things, automates the workflow of buying and selling digital advertising programs. Prior to Bionic, Joe built media workflow systems with NextMark, some of the world’s biggest marketing databases while with Exchange Applications, and two mobile computing platforms while with Travelers. Joe holds 3 US patents, has been awarded the Marketing EDGE Rising Stars Award, and is among BtoB Magazine’s Who’s Who List. Joe holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Mathematics and in Computer Science from Cornell University.

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  • James Rooke
  • General Manager, Business Solutions
  • FreeWheel

James oversees both FreeWheel’s Advisory Services business and FourFronts, a premium video marketplace that enables clients to better balance their supply and demand needs. Formerly with Time Warner Cable, where he was part of the media and advertising business, James served as VP, Strategy as well as General Manager of its new digital marketing services business. James has an extensive media consulting background with Ernst and Young in the United Kingdom, and Capgemini in the US.

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Randall Rothenberg - Staff

Randall Rothenberg is the President and Chief Executive Officer of IAB, the trade association for interactive marketing. IAB represents over 500 leading interactive companies. Its members include Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, The New York Times, Walt Disney Co., NBC Universal, CBS, Cars.com, Yelp, and scores of other ad-supported digital media companies, which are responsible for selling more than 86 percent of online advertising in the U.S. To support the growth of the interactive advertising and marketing industries, IAB serves as the industry’s public policy and lobbying organization, market and consumer research center, training and development base, and hub for the development of technical standards and operating best practices. IAB has 40 affiliate associations around the world.

Randall led the IAB from 2007 through 2010, and rejoined the association in March 2011, after a stint as Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of Time Inc. Prior to his IAB role, Randall was the Senior Director of Intellectual Capital of Booz Allen Hamilton, the international strategy and technology consulting firm, where he oversaw business development, knowledge management, and thought leadership activities, and directed the award-winning quarterly business magazine strategy+business, Strategy+Business Books, www.strategy-business.com, and other electronic and print publications published by Booz Allen for senior business executives. Previously, he served as the firm’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Prior to Booz Allen, he spent six years at The New York Times, where he was the technology editor and politics editor of the Sunday magazine, the daily advertising columnist, and a media and marketing reporter. For 10 years, he was a marketing and media columnist for Advertising Age, and he continues to blog on the subject at www.randallrothenberg.com. Randall is the author of Where the Suckers Moon: An Advertising Story (Alfred A. Knopf, 1994), a critically-acclaimed chronicle of the birth, evolution, and death of a single advertising campaign.

Mr. Rothenberg received an undergraduate degree in Classics from Princeton and currently lives in New York City.

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Erica Schmidt
  • Erica Schmidt
  • EVP, Managing Director, North America
  • Cadreon

Erica Schmidt’s 15 years of digital experience, search savviness and programmatic expertise enables her to lead teams who deliver top-of-industry programmatic strategy and campaigns.
Erica has set the agenda for Cadreon to be focused on bottom line results for clients. Armed with extensive data sets, the best technology and a superstar team of specialists, no challenge is unsurmountable. Erica has brought Cadreon’s programmatic vision to life in North America by ensuring that real, measurable business outcomes are delivered for all clients. Erica is passionate about her team of specialists and has put people at the center of a technology-heavy industry.
Previous to joining the Cadreon leadership team, Erica spent an 8 year long stint in London working on the global development and rollout of Dentsu Aegis’ search offering iProspect and programmatic trading offering. Erica has provided keynotes and presentations at industry conferences around the world, and is often sought out for her honest and pragmatic point of view on the digital and programmatic industry. Throughout her career, Erica has worked on behalf of many Fortune 500 brands across the CPG, pharmaceutical, automotive (luxury and domestic OEMs), travel and insurance categories.

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Taylor Schreiner is an online research veteran with over a decade of experience in online and offline marketing measurement. He comes to TubeMogul after leading research efforts LinkedIn, Twitter and Yahoo.

His experience ranges Big Data to global qualitative research to insights products, and spans the full breadth of online media as it has evolved from search and display to content marketing, social and video.

In his current role, Taylor is focused on helping advertisers and agencies understand the full value of programmatic video in their media strategy.

Taylor holds a BA from Amherst College and an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

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  • Rob Schwartz
  • Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development
  • Undertone

As Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Robert Schwartz oversees Undertone’s global corporate strategy, publisher development, and programmatic media and technology platform business. Rob also drives the company’s organic and inorganic growth through key strategic initiatives, partnerships, and M&A.

Rob joined Undertone from The Topps Company, where he led global strategy, business development, acquisitions, and investments as Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development. Prior to Topps, Rob was a management consultant at Bain & Company, serving clients in the media and entertainment, consumer goods, and industrial industries.  He has also held strategy and operating roles at PepsiCo and IBM.

Rob received an MBA from Harvard Business School and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College in Government, where he was elected a Class Marshall and awarded a Finley Fellowship.

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  • Jay Sears
  • Senior Vice President, Marketplace Development
  • Rubicon Project
  • Co-Chair, IAB Advertising Technology Council
  • @JaySears

Jay Sears is SVP Marketplace Development for the Rubicon Project, working with management, business unit heads and business development across the company to expand Rubicon’s potential market. Sears has also served as GM, REVV Buyer, where he was responsible for global relations with the buy side including ad holding companies, ad agencies, agency trading desks and demand side platforms headquartered in North America.

Prior to joining Rubicon, Sears was General Manager of the PulsePoint Ad Exchange for PulsePoint (FKA ContextWeb, Inc.). At PulsePoint, Sears brought new products to market and drove key strategic relationships resulting in audience and revenue acquisition. Most recently, he focused on the company’s real-time bidding (RTB) initiatives with ad networks, agency trading desks and demand side platforms (DSPs).

Sears joined ContextWeb in 2004 and helped build its media business from inception. He created the company’s original publisher development team and launched the self-service ContextWeb Exchange Selling Desk, in use by over 11,000 web publishers today. He then oversaw the subsequent launch of ContextWeb’s self-service offering for advertisers—the ContextWeb Exchange Buying Desk and its inside sales team. In 2011, ContextWeb merged with Datran Media to form PulsePoint.

Prior to joining ContextWeb in 2004, Sears was SVP Business & Strategy Development for EDGAR Online, where he drove the strategy that took the company from an under $1 million entrepreneurial business to a publicly traded NASDAQ company. He created over 300 partnerships including ones with Yahoo!, The NASDAQ Stock Market and Microsoft. Prior to EDGAR Online, he served as VP Marketing for Wolff New Media, the subject of Burn Rate by Vanity Fair media columnist Michael Wolff.

Sears speaks about internet advertising at various industry events including Advertising Week (New York and London), CannesLions, IAB, iMedia, Monaco Media Forum, OMMA, Search Engine Strategies, UBS, WebmasterWorld and interactive marketing associations including ones in Boston, Chicago and Dallas. He co-chairs the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Advertising Technology Advisory Board and is the former co-chair of the Ad Networks and Exchanges Committee and helped write its Quality Assurance Guidelines. Sears received the 2009 President Award from The Advertising Club. He is the hyperlocal publisher behind the local media site MyRye.com, provides commentary at JaySears.com and tweets from @jaysears. Sears holds a BA in political science from Kenyon College. He lives in Rye, NY with his wife Lauren Rosen and their three boys.

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  • Scott Spaulding
  • Head of Eastern and Central Field Sales
  • Quantcast

Scott Spaulding joined Quantcast in 2013 as Head of Eastern and Central Field Sales, based in New York City. He is a seasoned media and advertising technology executive with a background in building sales organizations within hypergrowth companies. Before joining Quantcast, Spaulding was most recently vice president of sales at RocketFuel, where he was responsible for overseeing sales and client services in the eastern region.

Spaulding has also held senior-level positions at Conversant (ValueClick) and Technorati Media.

Spaulding has an MBA from Fordham University and a BS in business administration from the University of San Francisco.

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Chris Trick joined ERA Real Estate in 2012 to oversee ERA marketing and business development initiatives. He is responsible for all advertising, marketing and product development for the brand on a global scale. A solution seeker with a proven track record of building marketing programs that enhance brands from the inside out, he is focused on meeting the organization’s growth goals.

Previously the vice president of marketing for Marriott Execu-Stay, he has a long tenure in the hotel industry and possesses a deep knowledge of the franchising business model. Prior to working for Marriott, Chris held senior marketing positions with Days Inn, Howard Johnson, La Quinta Inns and Intercontinental Hotels Group where he authored integrated marketing strategies to increase customer engagement and drive revenue.

Chris’ invaluable contributions to ERA’s 2014 reimaging campaign – from strategy to execution – truly moved the needle for the company. His in-depth understanding of branding within a franchise environment and his ability to articulate the benefits and ROI to multiple stakeholders across the organization resulted in a seamless transition and renewed excitement among our customers and the real estate industry.

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Julian Zilberbrand
  • Julian Zilberbrand
  • Executive Vice President, Audience Science
  • Viacom

Julian Zilberbrand is the Executive Vice President of Audience Science at Viacom. Zilberbrand oversees key areas in the data strategy division including: audience onboarding and segmentation, advanced analytics and digital media executions. His team is responsible for the management and aggregation of data across all of Viacom’s media properties.  Data is used to inform all aspects of media and programming at Viacom from sales to investment. His team works closely with groups across the organization to help enable a data driven approach to business which is paramount to success in today’s media landscape.

Prior to joining Viacom, Zilberbrand was Executive Vice President of Activation Standards, Insights and Technology at ZenithOptimedia. In this role, he managed the activations standards, digital operations, analytics, technology and strategic partnerships groups. Before joining Zenith, he was SVP, global digital director, strategic partnerships and technology solutions at Starcom Mediavest Group. Prior to joining the agency world in 2004, Zilberbrand held product specialist and client service roles at Eyeblaster and developed the company’s Eyeblaster University training program. Earlier in his career, he worked at Doubleclick as a project manager and technical analyst.

In addition to his work responsibilities, he held advisor roles for the IAB, 4A’s and the iMedia conferences. Zilberbrand is known as a vocal leader in the industry covering a wide array of topics from viewability with the 3MS Blue Ribbon committee to data and general industry trends. From 2013-2014, Zilberbrand chaired the Digital Committee for the Media Ratings Council and was recognized by the organization for his leadership and service. In 2014, he received the AdMonster Digital Media Leadership Award and the Marketers Choice Awards named him the Data, Analytics and Operations Innovator of the year for exemplary leadership in digital marketing.

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Todd Adest

Senior Sales Director


Suhail Ahmed

Director, Business Development


Lynn Anderson

Director, Partnerships

NBC Universal

Spencer Angsten

Account Executive


Joe Apprendi



Wendy Arnon



Craig Atkinson

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Digital Officer


Eric Bader

Chief Marketing Officer


Eric Barber

Director, Technology and Activation Group


Samantha Barbour

Publisher Development Manager


Joe Barone

Managing partner digital operations


Rebecca Beacham

Senior Account Director

Beeby Clark+Meyler

Justin Beere

Business Development Program Director


Jonathan Bellack

Director, Product Management


Tobias Bennett

Digital Display Revenue Manager

The McClatchy Company

Brad Bernard

VP, Digital


Sandeep Bhardwaj

Sr. Product Manager


Vikram Bhaskaran

Strategic Partnerships


Rachel Bien

Sr. Manager

American Express

Zach Bilchik

Sales Director

Flashtalking Inc

Ricardo Bilton



Lucas Black

Ad Systems Product Management


Sharon Blume

Manager, Digital Media Relations

Extreme Reach

Lindsay Boesen

VP, Marketing


Nico Bollerslev

Insights Lead


Alison Bolognese

Media Director

Harmelin Media

Monique Bonner

Vice President, Global Brand, Digital and Solutions Marketing


Kevin Bowen

Sr. Director of Programmatic & Yield

Digital First Media

Chris Boyle

Senior Insights Analyst


Christine Bree

USA Media Manager

Boehringer Ingelheim

Dascha Bright

Director, Digital Account Management

Extreme Reach

Elissa Brown

Associate Director

Women’s Marketing Inc

Anna Burgess

Manager, Ad Operations & Yield

CBS Television Distribution

Tyrus Burgess


SSCG Media

Nick Buteas

Account Executive


Matthew Caldecutt

Vice President

Blast PR

Lauren Cann

Platform specialist


Robbie Caploe

Associate Publisher

Cynopsis Media

Erik Carlson

Account Director, NY


Christopher Carlton



Dominic Carrozza

Director, Publisher Services


Chris Carter

Director of Sales; Digital

Alliance of Audited Media

Jim Caruso

VP, Product Strategy

Varick Media Management

Marc Case

Chief Revenue Officer


Hector Castillo

Chief Commercial Officer


Max Caukin

Manager, Client Services

Index Exchange

Michael Cervantes

Associate Planning Director

Ai Media Group

Amy Chan

Associate Director, Digital Media Analytics

SSCG Media Group

Lizzie Chapman

Senior Manager, Business Development


Sangram Chavan

Product Manager

Neustar Inc

Winnie Cheung

Sales Manager, East


Hazel Chi

Product Manager, Programmatic Direct


Margaret Clerkin

Managing Director


Benjamin Cohen

Sr Business Development Manager

Smart AdServer

Ricardo Collison

SVP Ad Platforms and Strategy

Phluid Media

Dennis Colon

Executive Director, Programmatic & Advertising Operations

Condé Nast Media Group, CondeNast

Laura Colona



Chris Conforti

Director of Strategic Partnerships


Tai Conley

US Director


Kathleen Coppola

Advertising Manager


Alexis Crawford

Sr. Marketing Manager


Chris Crawfurd

VP Publisher Services


Kyle Cummings

Client Partner, Demand Development


Shane Cunningham

Global Commercial Director-Consumer Media

Thomson Reuters

Derek Cussen

Digital Art Director, Interactive Creative

Merkle, Inc.

Deric DSouza


Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

Chet Dalzell

Senior Director, Communications & Industry Relations

Digital Advertising Alliance

Aparna Dargar

Product Lead, Programmatic Advertising


Rajeev Daswani

Client Partner


Ian Davidson

Senior Director, Platform Demand


Robyn Davies

Principal, Digital Ad Solutions


Chris Davis

Account Director, Direct Solutions & Programmatic

Vibrant Media

Jon DeGennaro

VP, Platform Sales

Tapad, Inc.

Theresa DeGroote

Director of Marketing


James Deaker

Vice President, Revenue Management, Privacy and Policy


Brooke Delott

Business Manager, Digital

Conde Nast

Arielle Der Hagopian

Account Executive

Flashtalking Inc

Nicholas Dermigny

Ad Ops, Associate


Shira Dinour

RVP Sales, East


Chi Dixon


Dixon Strategy

Aaron Doades

VP Quality Solutions


Jamie Donnenfeld

VP, Digital


Kevin Downey

Chief Revenue Officer


Gregory Dreifus

Director of Demand


Mike Driscoll

CEO & Founder


David Drucker

Vice President of Agency Services


Stephen Dugan

Head, Technical Account Management, US-East Coast


Kumi Ebihara

Marketplace Development


Alan James Edwards


RealVu, Inc.

Sydney Ember


New York Times

Chris Emme

EVP, Sales

Media iQ Digital

Angelina Eng

VP, Platform Solutions & Activation

Merkle Inc

Joe Esposito

Director, Product Development


Karen Fahey

Media Director

Karen Fahey Advertising

Jennifer Farrell

Business Development Manager, Publisher Solutions

Integral Ad Science

William Felix

SVP, Tech and Bus Dev

Phorm UK Inc.

Chris Feo

Sr. Director Strategic Partnerships


Justin Festa

Director of Ad Ops


Bradley Fleischman

Account Executive


John Flood

Account Platform Specialist


Wendie Force

Media Services Manager

Conair Corporation

Andrew Freedman

Account Director, Programmatic Sales – East

D360 by Demand Media

Michael Frick

Account Director


Matt Friedman

Vice President of Publisher Operations


Nick Fuest

Sr. Manager, Yield & Strategic Partnerships


David Fulton

Chief Commercial Officer


Patrick Fyock

Senior Strategist, Product Development

Harmelin Media

Marc Gaccione

Client Partners Manager


Amy Garland

Manager, Publisher Development


Rik Gates

VP, Digital Sales

Digital CNBC Sales, NBC Universal, CNBC

Oz Gegre

Manager, Client Services

Index Exchange

Blandine Genix

Senior Group Director

Merkle Inc

Quentin George

Co-Founder and Principal


Becky Gibson

Sr. Account Executive

Advertising Age

Allison Gietl

Account Executive, East Sales


Avi Goldwerger

Vice President, Marketing

Integral Ad Science

Vladimir Golinder

Director, Digital Operations & Technology

Merkley + Partners

Paul Goott

VP Head of Digital US and Canada


Noah Gorsky

Client Partner


Dina Gowar

Commercial Innovation Lead, Global Brand, Digital & Solutions Marketing


Anthony Greene

Sr. Manager, Partnerships


Lisa Gronsky

Director, Strategic Development

Active International

Gena Grossberg

Account Executive


Steve Guenther

Vice President, Digital Auditing Services

Alliance for Audited Media

Elias Guerra

VP, Business Development


Ariane Gut

Vice President, Insights and Analytics

Tremor Video

Nancy Hall

SVP, Sales


Corinne Haneberg

Enterprise and Business Solutions Coordinator


Christopher Hansen



Graham Harris

Senior Director, Advanced Creative


Quirine Hartong

Dir of Production

Beeby Clark + Meyler

Dana Haskins

VP, Account Services


Robert Haskitt


Extreme Reach

Yaryna Hatcher

Sales Director

The Exchange Lab

Ilana Hendlish

Co-Founder, Audience Solutions

Dun & Bradstreet

Jon Hewson

VP Global Advertising


Louis Hillelson

Vice President/Group Publisher

Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News and Next TV

Dave Hills



Jorden Hirsch

Associate Account Director


Jeremy Hlavacek

VP, Programmatic

The Weather Company

Amanda Hochfelsen



Rick Holtman

Senior Strategic Relationship Director


Derrick Horner

Board Member


Gurman Hundal


Media iQ Digital

Mike Huynh

Enterprise Solutions Sr. Manager


Michael Iantosca

Chief Revenue Officer

Integral Ad Science

Nick Illobre

Director, Media Capabilities


Brielle Jaekel

Editorial Assistant

Mobile Marketer

Kelly Jahrnes

Account Director


Johanna Jarvis

Associate Partner, Media Director

SSCG Media Group

Sana Jawaid

Associate Media Director


Romain Job

General Manager US

Smart AdServer USA Inc.

Lijo Joseph

Senior Director-Performance Media

Beeby Clark+Meyler

Molly Joss


The Digital Publishing Report

Mark Kalus

VP Product, Buy Side Systems

Tremor Video

Julie Kandel

Senior Partner, Director of Digital Campaign Management


Stephanie Kang

Online Marketing Manager


Pooja Kapoor

Global Strategy, DoubleClick Ad Exchange


Adam Karas

Director Analytics and Optimization


Ben Kartzman



Jason Kelly

President of Managed Media

Millennial Media

Hava Kelman

VP, Business Development

Tremor Video

Bailey Kennedy

Sales Director


Clay Kilgo

Manager, Programmatic Partnerships


Kelly Killelea

AMD, Digital

KWG Advertising

Angela Kinsella

Senior Director, Business Development & Programmatic

Demand Media

Alexander Kintner

VP of Platform & Sales

Double Verify

Ariel Kirtchuk



Elisa Kiviranna

Media Planner/Buyer


Douglas Knepper

VP, Sales U.S. & APAC


Don Knox

Chief Strategist

Blast PR

Neeraj Kochhar

Head of Buy Side Platforms

Tremor Video

Adam Koppelman

VP, Director of Media Trade

Active International

Oleg Korenfeld

SVP, Advertising Technology & Platforms


Scott Kortgard

Director, Sales


Kim Kozma

Senior Partner, Media Director


Kerri Krom

Research Director

Women’s Marketing, Inc.

David Krulewich

Senior Account Executive


Kasia Krzoska

Product Manager

AOL Platforms

Christian Kunkel

Project Manager


Lena Kurins

Group Director Ad Ops

Moxie USA

Warren Lapa

Group Vice President Digital Products & Bus. Dev.

Time Warner Cable

Pam Laper Amir

Group Planning Director


Kelly Lawler

Sales Director, East


Matt Leger

Audience Sales Director


Mark Leibowitz

Head of Sales

Thumbtack Technology, Inc.

Kevin Lenane

GM Video

Integral Ad Science

Terry Leonard

Account Director


Chelsea Lerch

Sr. Media Strategist

HN Media

Noah Levine

Principal Product Evangelist


Ari Lewine

Co-Founder & CSO


Robert Lewis

Sales Director

The Media Trust

Joe Licari

Advanced Creative Specialist


Helen Lin

EVP Managing Director, Digital

Zenith Media

Alixandra Liner

VP US AdOperations

Vibrant Media

Jessica Ling

Senior Director, Marketing


Ruowen Liscio

Programmatic Media Director


Albert Liwoso


American Express

Irina Lodkin

Sr.Director, Sales Operations


Steve Lohr


New York Times

Bill Lonergan

Chief Executive Officer


Alex Lord

Sr. Director Global Ad Creative Technology


Bob Lord


AOL Platforms

Patrice Lord

VP, Sr. Mgr. Integrated Investment

Universal McCann

Nisha Malani

Senior Account Executive


Jon Mansell

Director, Marketplace Development

Magna Global

Max Martinelli

Account Director, Enterprise Sales


Marta Martinez

Senior Vice President

AOL Advertising

Karina Martirossian

Senior Manager of Data Insights

Accuen Media

Marshall Massey

Head of Programmatic

Reuters.com, Thomson Reuters

Lou Mastria

Executive Director

Digital Advertising Alliance

Brian Matthews

Sales Director


Randy Mayer

VP, Director of Corporate Communications

Zenith Optimedia

David McClain

Manager, Programmatic Sales

Daily News

Colin McConville

Director of Product Innovation


Alex McGrath

Business Manager, Data & BtoB

Advertising Age

Kathy McGrath

SVP, Digital Trade

Active International

Mark McKee

Exec VP Global Marketing


Robyn McRae

Digital Strategist


David Mead

Marketer Development Executive


Matt Melucci


Pulse Digital Media LLC

Eric Meth

SVP Programmatic Sales, Sales

Triad Retail Media

Catherine Mika

Senior Manager, Advertising Operations

Synacor, Inc.

Alex Mikhailau

Technical Lead

Merkle Inc.

Maja Milicevic

VP Demand Partnerships


Jd Miller

Director, Marketing and Communications


Terri Mock

VP, Operations

Ve Interactive

Paul Monninger

Publisher Advocate


Eileen Moroney

Director, Digital Advertising Business & Operations

National Geographic

Parker Morse

Senior Vice President, Platform Revenue

Demand Media

Gary Mu



Brian Mulderrig

National Sales Managet


James Mullany

Senior Analyst

Beeby Clark + Meyler

Shari Munoz

VP, Group Partner, Research

Universal McCann

Sarah Nagle

Director, Programmatic Sales

Tremor Video

Vivian Nantembe

Relationship director

The Exchange Lab

Eitan Nirenberg

Ex. Director, Creative Products


Jim Norton

Global Head of Media Sales


B.l. Ochman


What’s Next Online

Chris Olson


The Media Trust

Kris Oser

Director, Strategic Communications


Tolulope Owodunni

Senior Manager


Valerie Paolucci

B2B Marketing Manager


Rachel Pasqua

Practice Lead, Mobile, North America

MEC Global

Andrew Pearlman

Digital Trade Specialist

Active International

Dawn Perry

Vice President, Marketing

ERA Franchise Systems

Jake Piasecki

Chief Revenue Officer

Tremor Video

Jordan Pique

Sales Specialist, Advanced Creative Solutions


Chris Pirklbauer

Director of Sales


Maureen Pitagora

Sr. Analyst

Beeby Clark Meyler

Amanda Plewes

Ecommerce Manager


Ben Plomion

SVP, Marketing


Danielle Poirier

Integrated Services Producer

Cabot Creamery Cooperative

Jack Politis

Ad Operations Manager

Ve Interactive

Emily Porter

Senior Manager, Creative Media Services – Advertising


Greg Pritchard

SVP, Business Development


Joe Pych

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Bionic Advertising Systems

Helen Qing

Senior Associate Media Planner

eBay Enterprise

Joseph Quaglia

Director of Business Development

Integral Ad Science

Dean Quan

Director, Advanced Creative


Jeremy Randol

VP, Programmatic Sales and Strategy


Rob Rasko

CEO and Founder

The 614 Group

Katherine Reyes



Ross Reynolds

Senior Director of Product


Clare Rhee

Client Partner, Demand Development


Christina Riccitelli

Associate Media Strategist

HN Media

Katie Richards

Supervisor, Corporate Communications

Zenith Optimedia

Neal Richter

Chief Technology Officer

Rubicon Project

Darren Riley

SVP, Director International Media

Active International

Kelly Roark

GM Programmatic

DailyMail / MailOnline

Stefanie Robledo

Associate Director, AdOps


Lauren Rodas

Associate Director, Technical Activation and Analytics Group


Tim Rodgers



Jaime Rodrigue

Director of Business Development, Account Management

Triad Retail Media

Jerry Ronaghan

Co-Founder, Audience Solutions

Dun & Bradstreet

James Rooke

General Manager, Business Solutions


Barrie Rosen

Director of Communications


Jason Rosenbaum

VP – Yield Management


Eduardo Samame

VP, Product Development

Time Warner Cable

Hari Sankar

Solutions Architect

Accuen Media

Alaina Santos

Manager, Demand Partnerships


Joseph Saporito


AOL Platforms

Andy Scarlata

Sr. Manager Ad Operations

Electronic Arts

Adam Schenkel

Director, Programmatic Partnerships


Heath Schindler

Client Partner


Erica Schmidt

Senior Vice President, Managing Director

Cadreon North America

Lou Schwartz

Chief Strategy Officer


Rob Schwartz

SVP, Corporate Strategy & Business Development


Jay Sears

SVP Marketplace Development

Rubicon Project

Jordan Sells

Supervisor, Digital Media Operations


Nandeeta Seth

Strategy & Commercialization Lead, DoubleClick


Loretta Shen

Marketing Manager

Integral Ad Science

Pamela Shen


AOL Platforms

Steven Siegel

Senior Strategic Relationship Director


Adam Silverschotz


Coatue Management

Manu Singh

VP Strategic Partnerships & Data Strategy


Hannah Smith

Assistant Marketing Manager

CFO Publishing

Neil Smith

Sr. Manager, FourFronts Planning & Inventory Management


Andrew Snyder

Vice President, Video Sales


Samantha Solmonson

Director – Programmatic


Scott Solomon

Director, Seller Accounts – East

Rubicon Project

Margaret Southwell

Digital Account Executive


Scott Spaulding

Head of Eastern & Central Sales


Arthur Spektor

Client Service Manager


Caroline Spencer

Media Manager

Harmelin Media

Oliver Stauffer


Switzerland Tourism

Richard Stevens

Campaign Manager

Steel Media

Cas Stillwell

Analytics & Ad Tech Director


Martin Stockfleth Larsen

Chief Marketing Officer


Brian Stoller

Director, Performance Media


Rich Stora

Senior Manager, Network Partnerships & Programmatic


Nate Stricker

Agency Lead


Esco Strong

Director, Programmatic Product Management


Joy Stroud

Director of Business Development


Nathalie Tadena

Advertising and Marketing Reporter

Wall Street Journal

Esther Tak

Director, Digital

Active International

Kam Wa Tang



Ophir Tanz



Lionel Tepper

Managing Editor

ScreenMedia Daily

William Todd

Executive Vice President

Conversant Media

Stephanie Tom

Programmatic Operations Supervisor

Essence Digital

Mike Treon

VP, Platform Strategy


Chris Trick

Chief Marketing Officer

ERA Franchise Systems

Scott Trotter



Mathias Ulrich

Manager Promotions North America

Switzerland Tourism

Lana Urso

Sr. Sales Director, Enterprise Solutions


Bob Valeiko

Director, Business Development

Research Now

Fraser Van Asch

Executive Vice President & GM

McClatchy Interactive

Dean Vegliante

General Manager


Jessica Velletri

Associate Director, Digital Targeting and Client Services

Twenty-Ten Inc.

Anudit Vikram

SVP, Chief Product Officer – Audience Solutions

Dun and Bradstreet

Eduardo Villasenor

Senior Program Manager


David Virenius

Programmatic Operations Manager

Triad Retail Media

Andrey Washington



Carl Weber

Sr. Account Executive


Charlie Weiss

Publisher, Broadcasting & Cable

Multichannel News and Next TV

Devin White

Ads Solution Manager


Taylor Whittell

Channel Development


Lauren Wiener

President, Global Sales & Marketing

Tremor Video

Blake Williams


Index Exchange

Kali Williams

Digital Campaign Manager


Jeanette Williamson

Vice President, Agency Products


Sarah Wilson

Group Planning Director

Chris Winburn

VP of Mid Atlantic/Southeast sales

Flashtalking Inc

Julie Wolf

Account Director, East Sales


Bryan Yeager



Sacha Yenkana

Vice President of Sales, Ad Technology & Ad Networks


Christina Yoo

Programmatic Media Supervisor


Cyndi Zhong



Claudio Zibenberg

Media Manager


Julian Zilberbrand

Executive Vice President, Activation Standards, Insights and Technology


Benjamin Zoll

Comms Planner


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