IAB Ad Operations Summit 2014, Spotlight: Transformation

IAB Ad Operations Summit 2014, Spotlight: Transformation

New York · 11.03.14

Scott_CunninghamThe 2014 IAB Ad Operations Summit kicked off this year with a packed house of almost 400 professionals in attendance. Scott Cunningham, Vice President of Technology and Ad Operations at IAB, opened the conference by highlighting the fact that criminal manipulation in the supply chain is not just an IT problem, but one that all we all share responsibility for reforming. He reinforced the idea of Operations in Transformation and set the stage for the day’s discussions around emerging thinking, data, and certification and compliance. Scott announced the unveiling of the IAB Tech Lab CodeBank, which is currently in beta. The CodeBank repository will help developers retrieve information and reference codes for IAB protocols, allowing them to rapidly disseminate standards while minimizing the interpretation of the specifications. He encouraged developers to contribute their code for sharing, which will enhance and enrich the CodeBank’s files. Also announced was the release for public comment of OpenDirect specifications, an automated API technical specification for programmatic buying and selling.

Andrew-CasaleFollowing Scott’s address, Andrew Casale, Vice President, Strategy at Casale Media, and David Hahn, Senior Vice President, Product Management at Integral Ad Science, gave their perspectives on Tracking the Advertising Dollars. Hahn started off on an encouraging note, pointing out that, thanks to new technologies and the industry’s rally around fighting fraud, we are seeing a downward trend in fraud. However, as an industry, we have to be cognizant of how we are optimizing, attributing, and being transparent in what we are selling. With criminals going after more lucrative opportunities such as video, the fight is never over. Casale continued with that sentiment by stating that, as an industry, we are subscribing to an arms race, and likened the situation to playing the carnival game Whack-A-Mole. He emphasized the need to look beyond the noise and study the many organized entities tainting the supply chain. Domain blacklisting/whitelisting is not the solution. Instead we need to research to whom we are paying the money. The bad actors are smart enough to know how we work and transparency is the only answer.

Brendan-RBBrendan Riordan-Butterworth, Director, Technical Standards at IAB, shared his excitement around the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and introduced Scott Spencer, Director, Product Management at Google, and Co-chair of the IAB Anti-Fraud Working Group. Spencer spoke about Operationalizing Fraud Detection and encouraged everyone to truly understand the sophistication of the people we are up against as an industry. “We are talking about enterprises with employees that show up to work every day and spend 100 percent of their time trying to figure out how to extract value and revenue out of the advertising ecosystem, ” implored Spencer. He pointed out that, as an industry, we are not doing a good enough job on the other side, noting that as a first step we should investigate where bad traffic comes from and where it is going (and monitor what we are seeing). Investing in solutions to the problem and working together will help us become a protected house.

Linda-WoolleyNext on the program Linda Woolley was announced as the President & CEO of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) – a joint marketing-media industry program to eradicate ad fraud, malware, ad-supported piracy, and other deficiencies in the digital communications supply chain. Woolley pointed out that now is a perfect time for the creation of TAG with Washington and the press paying attention, advertiser confidence waning, and self-regulation succeeding in the ad industry. TAG will provide a seal of approval for distribution, create a monitoring program to ensure reliability, and help with the incorporation of new principles. She ended her presentation by asking for everyone’s involvement and commitment by joining a workgroup or serving as a TAG founding member on an advisory committee.

Scott-JamesA call to action from IAB Ad Ops Council leadership followed the TAG announcement. Scott Cunningham, Vice President of Technology and Ad Operations at IAB, James Deaker, Vice President, Revenue Management, Privacy and Policy at Yahoo and Co-Chair of IAB Data Council, and Dan Foehner, Director, Global Shared Services at Facebook and Co-Chair of IAB Ad Ops Council, took to the stage to discuss The Importance of Industry-Wide Adoption. They noted that the Ad Ops council recently invited more of the key players on the buy-side to the table and stressed the importance of having strong leadership to solve challenges.

Joe-James-George-Dan-BryanThe challenging topic of Viewability: From Operational Development to Industry-Wide Collaboration was tackled next. Joe Barone, Managing Partner, Digital Operations at GroupM, James Deaker, Vice President of Revenue Management and Policy at Yahoo, George Ivie, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer at Media Rating Council, Dan Murphy, Senior Vice President, Interactive Research & Analytics at Univision, and Bryan Simkins, Senior Vice President, Technology and Activation Group at Starcom, each gave their perspectives. All of the speakers addressed the instrumental need for viewability standards and agreed that the IAB will continue to be the conscience of the entire process—moving standards forward and keeping the journey in motion.

Joe-Angelina-Carine-JordanFollowing a networking luncheon, the group reconvened in the main ballroom for Breaking Down Data – A Three Part Session. Joe Pych, Co-Founder and CEO of Bionic Advertising Systems and Co-Chair of IAB Digital Advertising Automation Task Force, discussed The Revolt Against the Inefficiency Tax in Digital Advertising. He spoke about the importance of data-driven automation and how it will improve functionality across the board from transactions to media plans to billing and reconciliation. Next, Angelina Eng, Vice President, Media Platforms & Emerging Media at Merkle, and Carine Roman, Head of Global Advertising Operations at LinkedIn, gave both the agency’s and publisher’s perspectives on The Value of Data. Eng emphasized the abundance of data and its ability to help us accomplish a great deal. She pointed out that aggregating data is just one part of the equation. We need to automate and collaborate to ultimately solve our issues. Roman then joked that the two sides were not far off in how they approach data. She shared a quote from Jonathan Perelman of BuzzFeed: “Content is King, but distribution is Queen, and she wears the pants!” and went on to say that data is the most valuable asset we own. The last part of this session, which was on State Management, was presented by Jordan Mitchell, Vice President, Product at Rubicon Project and Co-Chair of IAB Future of the Cookie Working Group. He discussed how to manage the state of data across devices with complex campaign structures and navigate the emerging technology available to help solve it. He also unveiled DIGITRUST, an industry cooperative to improve the internet experience through innovations in state management and data transparency. It is comprised of 20 of the largest third party vendors.

Cristina-JarredTwo case studies on Video Measurement explored how operations teams execute and measure video campaigns across devices to increase yield and ensure quality. Cristina Cieplensky, Program Manager, Ad Platform at Hulu, presented first to share how Hulu Takes Control of Safety, Security, and Quality using VAST. Jarred Wilichinsky, Vice President, Ad Operations at CBSi, followed with a presentation about server side stitching. Cieplensky credited VAST’s accuracy, efficiency, quality, and simplification for being one system of record for video platforms across multiple publishers as they relate to third party hosting. While Wilichinsky discussed how server side stitching allowed for better control of the user experience and speed to market.

Harold-GellerHarold Geller, Chief Growth Officer, Ad-ID, and member of IAB Emerging Innovation Task Force discussed Ad-ID & VAST 3.0: Transforming the Digital Video Supply Chain. He gave some background on Ad-ID, and how it will lead to cross-platform interoperability. By providing unique metadata for ads, we can reduce the amount of time and the breakdown potential each time an ad is rekeyed across platforms. Ad-ID is currently used by 1,800 advertisers and stores more than 1.4 million codes.

Steve-GuentherTo close out the conference, Steve Guenther, Co-Founder, Managing Partner of ImServices Group and Advisor of IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines Initiative spoke about Ensuring Quality Throughout Operations—What Can You Do Now? He pointed out that since advertisers are accustomed to receiving assurances of their inventory in every industry but digital, quality assurance provides a competitive advantage. We need to hold ourselves accountable and transact with trust in order to grow as an industry.

For more information about the IAB Tech Lab and Code Bank, visit www.iab.com/organizations/iab-tech-lab/.

8:00 am -

Registration Opens

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Networking Breakfast

9:00 am - 9:20 am

Operations in Transformation

9:20 am - 10:00 am

Tracking the Advertising Dollars

Operationalizing Fraud Detection

Look through the automated supply chain to find out where the money really goes and why transparency is so important from an operations perspective.

10:00 am - 10:30 am

A Look Under the Hood of Creating a Trustworthy Supply Chain

10:30 am - 11:00 am

Updates from Capitol Hill

Is Your Company Ready?

How do we, as an operations community, handle and prepare for the potential emerging regulatory requirements coming out of Washington? Discover what expectations legislators have for industry programs.

11:00 am - 11:30 am

Networking Refreshment Break

11:30 am - 11:45 am

The Importance of Industry-Wide Adoption

A Call to Action from IAB Ad Ops Council Leadership

11:45 am - 12:30 pm

Viewability: From Operational Development to Industry-Wide Collaboration

A proactive discussion on how to create operational improvements and collaborative communication within the industry. Led by the MRC, leaders from buy and sell sides take the stage one-by-one to share their perspective and discuss how to better meet the needs of the market.

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Networking Luncheon

Times Square Ballroom, Lobby Level

1:30 pm - 1:45 pm

Breaking Down Data - A Three Part Session

Part 1

The Revolt against the Inefficiency Tax in Digital Advertising

This session explores how an organization can break down and identify valuable data as it relates to personas in the supply chain, in an effort to ease operational pain points.

1:45 pm - 2:10 pm

Breaking Down Data - A Three Part Session

Part 2

The Value of Data

An agency and publisher articulate the value of data and what it means to their operations, how user data is important in each of their contexts, and the importance of this within the supply chain.

2:10 pm - 2:30 pm

Breaking Down Data - A Three Part Session

Part 3

State Management

Discuss how to manage the state of data across devices with complex campaign structures and navigate the emerging technology available to help solve it.

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Networking Refreshment Break

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Video Measurement

A series of case studies explore how operations teams execute and measure video campaigns across devices to increase yield and ensure quality.

Case Study 1: Hulu Takes Control of Safety, Security, and Quality using VAST
Cristina Cieplensky, Program Manager, Ad Platform, Hulu

Case Study 2: Server Side Ad Stitching and Cross-Screen Execution
Jarred Wilichinsky, Vice President, Ad Operations, CBSi

3:30 pm - 3:50 pm

Ad-ID & VAST 3.0: Transforming the Digital Video Supply Chain

VAST 3.0 (Digital Video Ad Serving Template) provides critical functionality to in-stream digital video advertising, reducing expensive technical barriers and encouraging advertisers to increase digital video ad spend. Learn about the latest developments for the transport of Ad-ID metadata via VAST 3.0 to enable cross-platform interoperability and enhanced operational efficiency.

3:50 pm - 4:00 pm

Ensuring Quality Throughout Operations

Learn what you can do within your organization, now.

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Town Hall

Pose Questions. Share Experiences. Exchange Insights. Walk away with new ideas and new connections. The best conversations at conferences often happen in hallways and over cocktails when attendees engage one another in spirited discussion and debate. IAB Town Halls tap into this energy by creating interactive experiences focused on hot topics in digital operations. Facilitated by an industry leader, each session is an open forum to share challenges, collaborate on solutions, find inspiration and ideas, and make contacts that translate into business solutions. Drinks will be served.

TownHall #1
comScore, Inc.


Online Ad Fraud: What’s the Value of An Ad That Never Reaches a Real Person?
If viewability was the major topic in the online industry in 2013, then online ad fraud certainly gets the title in 2014. While fraud has plagued the internet since the early days, new technology can now better quantify, block and eradicate poor-quality inventory and traffic from the ecosystem. IAB has been at the forefront of this industry discussion, and in mid-September proposed its Anti-Fraud Principles—a series of three tenets meant to get the industry thinking about how to clean up the digital ad ecosystem. Discussion topics include:

  • How is online ad fraud defined today? Is this the right way to be thinking about it?
  • Is all of this attention ultimately a good or bad thing for the online industry?
  • How should sellers be thinking about incorporating the IAB’s anti-fraud principles into their day-to-day?
  • Where does ad fraud fit alongside viewability and other ad delivery dimensions?
  • To what extent are clients trying to negotiate or set expectations around fraud?
  • How do you manage discrepancies across vendors?

TownHall #2


Changing Views on Viewability
Viewability is becoming a bigger part of the conversation in digital advertising than ever before. How is this changing the nature of the buying and selling relationship? What effect will this have on pricing, attribution, and innovation? Discussion topics include:

  • To what extent are advertisers and publishers adopting viewable standards?
  • How is viewability changing the way we do business?
  • What does innovation on viewability look like in the future?

TownHall #3


Getting Video to Scale
How can premium publishers maximize ad revenue, create a TV viewer experience, and deliver value for advertisers?
The video industry continues to see strong double-digit growth propelled by viewer migration across a new wealth of screens and environments, the rise of authenticated viewing, consumer access to new content, and the emergence of new distribution platforms. Given this context, publishers must increasingly focus on building scalable strategies and operating models across the entire workflow from “pitch to pay.” Learn how to identify opportunities and challenges for video publishers and outline best practices for monetizing premium video. Discussion topics include:

  • How can publishers optimize inventory across all screens, distributors, and demand sources?
  • What is the right ad load to maximize inventory and viewer retention?
  • How can delivery / liability be proactively managed to maximize revenue?
  • How are industry dynamics and emerging platforms changing the way video is bought and sold?
  • Where are key pain-points in the sales, planning, trafficking, and yield management processes?

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Networking Reception

Joe Barone has been buying digital media since 1994 when Hotwired.com became the first publisher to offer banners online. He continued to move in the leading wave of digital media buyers, through the portal period, into content integration, advanced targeting, mobile, social, and performance based buying. In his current role, he provides digital operations support for some of the largest media buying companies in the world, including Mediacom, MEC, Mindshare, and Maxus, The GroupM client roster includes AT&T, Unilever, Dell, Colgate-Palmolive, VW/Audi, Paramount, and many more.

Over the course of his career, Joe has been recognized with industry and client awards, including a Gold Effie, three Media Week Plan of the Year wins, and HP’s Award for Innovation in Technology Marketing. Joe is an active member in several 4A’s and IAB committees and working groups, on a wide range of topics including digital marketing, digital privacy, emerging innovation, operations advisory, and terms and conditions.

Joe has spoken on digital media topics at a wide variety of industry events, including e-Pharma, Digital Hollywood, The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), AdTech, Internet Week, and The Cable Advertising Bureau (CAB) annual meeting.

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Andrew Casale has been with Index Exchange (formerly Casale Media) since the company was founded in 2001. In his role as VP Strategy, Andrew is responsible for overseeing the development and execution of Index Exchange’s new and evolving products, as well as managing the needs of its thriving marketplace across the supply, demand and technology business units within the organization. Most recently, Andrew developed and established Index Exchange’s premium supply side technology. He is a respected industry thought leader and speaks frequently on the topic of programmatic and exchange traded media.

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  • Cristina Cieplensky
  • Program Manager, Ad Platform
  • Hulu

Cristina Cieplensky is currently a Program Manager on the Ad Platform team at Hulu. She is responsible for overseeing the product roadmap and implementing technology on Hulu’s proprietary ad stack across all advertising related functions such as ad operations, sales planning, inventory and pricing, and research. Cristina’s background is in Ad Operations where she has managed campaign management and trafficking teams as well as ran project management of large scale third party integrations. Prior to her current role at Hulu, Cristina was the Manager of Video Product Development at NBC for the Digital Media properties where she headed up integrations, defined workflow processes, developed trafficking guidelines and requirements, and created ad delivery infrastructure across major initiatives such as live ad streaming on the Olympics as well as on boarding new sites.

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  • Scott Cunningham
  • Senior Vice President Technology and Ad Operations
  • IAB
  • General Manager, IAB Technology Lab

Scott Cunningham has a long history of implementing ad technology policies that have helped major organizations reach new heights with their ad programs. He got his start in the journalism industry, implementing the first online banner ads at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s independent newspaper, The Badger Herald, and serving as Manager of Multimedia Technologies for nearly 10 years at USA Today, where he developed rich media technologies and video to enhance the publication’s stories and provide more opportunities for advertising for USATODAY.com, as well as across Gannett broadcasting and newspaper sites. He then joined ManiaTV as Vice President of Publishing and Software Development, where he led tool-development and content-publishing teams for the broadband video distribution network and launched five video ad networks.

From there, he proceeded to head the software/web development, operations, and analytics teams at The Denver Post as Vice President of Operations and Solutions; lead engineering and operations for more than 800 nationwide news and niche websites and mobile products at Digital First Media as Vice President of Technology and Platforms; and handled product and design for programmatic and native advertising solutions at Federated Media Publishing as Senior Vice President of Product. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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  • James Deaker
  • Vice President of Revenue Management and Policy
  • Yahoo

James Deaker is Vice President of Revenue Management and Policy at Yahoo. In this capacity he has global responsible for advertising and data policy, pricing and yield management.

James is the co-chair of the IAB Ad Ops Advisory Board. In 2013 James was the chair of the IAB Data Council.

Prior to joining Yahoo, James led the Monetization Excellence group at Microsoft. Previously, he was Vice President of Advisory Services at San Francisco-based software company, Rapt Inc., which was acquired by Microsoft in 2008.

James holds Ph.D and M.S. degrees in Engineering-Economic Systems and Operations Research from Stanford University.

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Angelina Eng – currently oversees Merkle’s Platform Solutions & Activation team. Eng is a seasoned executive with 20+ years of digital media, marketing and operations experience. Eng has focused her career in defining, building, managing and improving the digital media planning, buying & operations capabilities for organizations, including the development of internal systems to improve communications and workflow across departments; establishment of standard deliverables and protocol; creation of ad trafficking and tracking guidelines and requirements; implementation of rich media strategy; standardization of reporting and analysis systems; and institution of media optimization best practices. Eng provides support, education and consulting services to her clients. Other responsibilities includes showcasing platform capabilities, contract negotiation & execution, collateral creation, and training programs.

Eng has previously worked primarily on the agency side at Dentsu Aegis, Publicis Modem, Integrated Media Solutions, J. Walter Thompson and Young & Rubicam. She is also an active member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau on the Ad Ops & Technology, Data, and Programmatic Councils, and a member of the IAB Certification Commission.

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  • Dan Foehner
  • Director, Global Shared Services
  • Facebook

Dan Foehner serves as the Director of Global Shared Services at Facebook, where he ensures operational and service excellence for Facebook’s top strategic accounts and global agencies worldwide. This includes ad review, ad operations, page operations, insights and outsourcing.

Prior to Facebook, Dan served in various positions at Yahoo and was most recently the Vice President, Global Sales Operations responsible for the ad operations and ad technology teams in 16 markets worldwide.

He was a founding member of the IAB Ad Ops council and currently serves as the Co-Chair. In addition, he serves on the Advisory Board for the IAB Ad Technology Council. Dan started his career over 20 years ago in management consulting having held senior consulting positions at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Deloitte & Touche, and Management Consulting & Research. He holds a BS in Physics from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and a MBA from Pepperdine University.

Dan resides in Pleasanton, CA with his wife and two teenage children. When he is not in the office, Dan can be found competing in triathlons around the world.

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Harold Geller 1

Harold S Geller is Executive Director of, Advertising Digital
Identification LLC (Ad-ID) a US Based advertising-metadata system,
the UPC code for Ads across all platforms, which is a joint venture of
American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) and the
Association of National Advertisers (ANA).

Harold speaks and writes extensively regarding interoperability, digital
workflow and metadata in advertising.

Harold’s advertising career spans over 30 years, in the United States
and Canada. He has worked in media buying/planning, account
management, financial, and technology roles at MindShare, Ogilvy &
Mather, and McCann Erickson, and the defunct Ted Bates and Foster

Harold is a graduate of radio and television broadcasting from Seneca
College (Toronto, Ontario, Canada).

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As VP, Auditing, Guenther brings over 25 years of auditing experience in a media environment and has been a leading pioneer in the auditing of Internet activity dating back to 1996. Guenther oversees the audit team on a daily basis and provides guidance and support for the engagements performed by ImServices. Guenther also supervises the maintenance of the IAB /ABC International Spider & Bots list for the Industry and is the lead trainer for the IAB’s Quality Assurance Program (QAG).

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David leads product management at Integral Ad Science, overseeing product vision and roadmap. David joined Integral in 2009 and was fundamental in building out the core of Integral’s product line today. David brings more than 15 years of executive product management, marketing and strategy experience, having held product strategy and management roles at companies including Safenet, Message Labs and Mail.com.

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George Ivie

George is the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Media Rating Council (MRC), a not-for-profit industry organization created in 1963 at the request of the U.S. Congress to assure high ethical and operational standards in audience measurement services. His background includes almost 30 years of experience in media research auditing, oversight, and consulting. Prior to being appointed the Executive Director of the MRC in January 2000, George was a partner at Ernst & Young and their lead representative and advisor to the MRC, conducting all MRC audits and interacting with MRC management and member organizations. George has a thorough knowledge of research best practices, operations, controls, and information systems in internet, multimedia, print, radio, and television measurement services.

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Jordan is Vice President of Product at the Rubicon Project where he leads a variety of new product initiatives important to the automation of buying and selling advertising. Jordan is also the founder and CEO of DigiTrust, a non-profit industry cooperative improving the Internet experience through innovations in state management, data transparency and privacy controls.

Jordan has spent two decades founding and growing internet startups. His first company in 1995 offered website design and application development services. In 2003, Jordan became the COO of 121 Media in France, and led the design and growth of its ad network business that resulted in an IPO on the London Stock Exchange in 2005. In 2006, Jordan founded Others Online, a behavioral ad technology company that Rubicon Project acquired in 2009. Jordan graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Accounting.

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  • Joe Pych
  • Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Bionic

Joe Pych is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bionic Advertising Systems – an advertising technology firm that, among other things, automates the workflow of buying and selling digital advertising programs. Prior to Bionic, Joe built media workflow systems with NextMark, some of the world’s biggest marketing databases while with Exchange Applications, and two mobile computing platforms while with Travelers. Joe holds 3 US patents, has been awarded the Marketing EDGE Rising Stars Award, and is among BtoB Magazine’s Who’s Who List. Joe holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Mathematics and in Computer Science from Cornell University.

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  • Brendan Riordan-Butterworth
  • Director, Technical Standards
  • IAB Tech Lab

As Director of Technical Standards at IAB Tech Lab, Brendan oversees the development of standards-track documents that aim to bring efficiencies to the market. His current focus is on the development of LEAN and DEAL guidance in response to ad blocking, as well as efforts tackling malware and fraud through the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). Brendan joined the internet revolution in 1998 with MediaHouse, a web analytics and network monitoring company sprung from the ashes of the BBS industry, and worked with Microsoft in their data collection and behavioral targeting branch.

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  • Carine Roman
  • Head of Global Advertising Operations
  • LinkedIn

Ms. Carine Roman is Head of Global Advertising Operations at LinkedIn. Ms. Roman has a breadth of experience in media and online advertising operations. She began her career in advertising in Paris, France, where she ran sales and operations for a division of Publicis. In 2006, Ms. Roman joined Ziff Davis Media, handling Business Management and Advertising Operations. She remained with Ziff Davis Enterprise when the company was sold and served as the Senior Vice President of Digital Media managing all digital/business operations and product development. In 2011, she joined 33Across and managed their analytics, media and sales operations for 2 years. She holds an MS in Management from Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Toulouse and an MBA in Media Management and Finance from Columbia Business School.

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Jarred Wilichinsky
  • Jarred Wilichinsky
  • Vice President of Video Monetization and Operations
  • CBS Interactive

As Vice President of Video Monitzation and Operations at CBS Interactive, Jarred is responsible for maximizing the monetization of video advertising inventory across CBS Interactive with a particular focus on working closely with the CBS Digital brands’ sales and distribution execs to drive forward sales strategy and optimize inventory, pricing and campaign execution. Since 2006 Jarred has focused on video ad strategy and execution across CBS Interactive.

Prior to this, Jarred held the position of Inventory Manager within CBS Digital Media. In this role Jarred served as the liaison between Sales, Ad Operations, and Finance around inventory forecasting and yield management.

CBS Interactive has always been home to Jarred when he started as a campaign manager at CBS Sportsline in June of 2004, directly out of college. Jarred is currently heavily involved with the IAB Digital Video efforts and is Co-chair of the Digital Video Technical Standard Committee. He is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. He resides in San Francisco.

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  • Linda Woolley
  • Trustworthy Digital Supply Chain Initiative Consultant

Linda Woolley is a hands-on senior management executive who offers over 15 years of leadership experience across diverse industries and year-over-year record of achievements. She is a consultant to IAB on the Trustworthy Digital Supply Chain Initiative, an accountability and enforcement program to root out fraud, malware, and piracy in the online and mobile advertising ecosystem, and increase transparency for all participants, including consumers. She most recently served as President & CEO of the Direct Marketing Association. She founded and served as principal of a private sector company, and manager of a Washington office for one of the world’s largest multinational conglomerates. She is a recognized leader in association management and corporate public affairs/government relations who has been at the forefront of game-changing initiatives. She is a recognized expert in privacy and compliance matters and appears in the media frequently. She is a lawyer and graduate of Hamilton College, Clinton, NY.

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Dan Murphy 1

Dan Murphy has been an active player in Digital Media for over two decades, working with Univision, CBS Digital (Sportsline) and comScore (Media Metrix), among others.  Over the years, Dan has been an innovator providing many firsts to Digital Media.  By way of example, he championed the digital industries longest running MRC audited digital platform at Univision.  At Media Metrix, he created the original nomenclature serving as the foundation for comScore’s categories.  While at Sportsline, he created the original “Live sports” UI as well as the architect of VegasInsider.com.  Prior to Sportsline, Dan designed two sports apps (STATS for Baseball and Fingertip for Golf) for the Apple Newton.  In one of his first jobs after college, he designed a covert communication system for the YF-23 Fighter Cockpit while concurrently serving as lead analyst in Man-in-the-Loop Simulations.

Today you can find Dan representing Univision Communications and Hispanic in industry forums, including, but not limited to the Media Ratings Council (MRC), IAB, Council for Research Excellence (CRE), Coalition for Innovate Media Measurement (CIMM) and Advertising Research Foundation (ARF.)  Current issues that regularly cross his desk include, but are not limited to, Cross-Platform Audience Measurement, Ad Impression Viewability, Invalid Traffic, Ad blocking, Programmatic & Data with a constant eye to high levels of Transparency and Accountability.

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Auto Draft 13
  • Bryan Simkins
  • Senior Vice President, Technology and Activation Group
  • Starcom
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Associate Director, Ad Operations


Natalia Czoch

Associate Director, Portfolio Digital Operations

Starcom Mediavest Group

Ethan Davidoff

Vice President, Ads


Jason D. Davis

Digital Technology Sales Manager


James Deaker

Vice President, Revenue Management, Privacy and Policy


Jojy Devasia

Advertising Technical Operations Manager


Ali Dib

Executive Director, Global Agency Development


Aaron Doades

VP Quality Solutions


Will Doherty

Sr. Director

Index Exchange

Jamie Donnenfeld

Vice President


Steven Dorn

Manager, Ad Operations


Andrew Dryden

VP, Operations and Publisher Relations


Stephen Dugan

Senior Manager, Platform Solutions


Bill Duggan



Brian Dutt

Director, Advisory Services


Kumi Ebihara

Senior Manager

Yahoo Inc.

Alan James Edwards



Rory Edwards

Senior Product Manager


Rob Eisenhardt

General Manager


Kira Ekins

Account and Operations Manager

The Motley Fool

Matthew Elleston

Sr. Coordinator, Digital Sales Operations


Angelina Eng

VP, Media Platforms & Emerging Media

Merkle, Inc.

Monica Esarey

VP Ad Operations


Jeremy Fain

SVP Accounts

Rubicon Project

Duke Fanelli



Eugene Faynberg

Senior Manager, Ad Platforms

Demand Media

Carla Fedele

Director, Client Strategy


Joe Finn

Associate Director, Platform Solutions

Merkle, Inc.

Laura Finnigan

Operations Manager, Brands


Erin Fitzpatrick



Dan Foehner

Global Sales Services Director


Julie Ford

VP Operations

IAB Canada

Ricardo Francisco



Abby Free

Director, Digital Operations


Beth Frutkin

Director, Ad Traffic

Business Insider

Britt Gannon

Head of North America Advertising Operations


Alex Gardner

VP, Platform Solutions

Index Exchange

Harold Geller

Chief Growth Officer


Brittany Giacoletto

Campaign Manager


Joan Giacomini

VP, Advertising & Sales Operations

SmartBrief Inc

Adam Gitlin

Global Managing Director, Data

Annalect / Omnicom

Richy Glassberg



Julie Glasser

Director, Advertising Services


Chris Glover

Director, Product Marketing


Raef Godwin

Sr. Director Revenue Operations & Client Services


Steven Gold

SVP, Global Operations

Opera Mediaworks

Yossi Goldlust


Goldlust, Inc.

Amanda Gomez

Manager, Ad Operations

New York Post

Sara Goold

Director, Agency Sales


Justin Grado

Vice President of Sales & Partnerships

Fuisz Media

Andrea Granucci

VP, Yield Management


Michael Greene

Media Planner


Matthew Groner

VP Product


Steve Guenther

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

ImServices Group

Amanda Gunter

Ad Operations Specialist


Karan Gupta

Managing Director


Rahul Gupta

Director, Demand and Risk Controls Operations

PubMatic Inc

Lisa Guyer

Senior Director, Ad Operations


David Hahn

SVP, Product Management

Integral Ad Science

John Haley

Manager, Ad Operations


Jill Hamilton

Regional VP, Media Strategy and Operations, Media Strategy & Operations


Tray Hart

Digital Media Supervisor

Monster Worldwide (Monster.com)

Daniel Heller

Analytics & Research Supervisor

Havas Media

Julie Henehan

Advertising Operations


Sera Herold

Associate Director, Video Advertising Ops

Conde Nast Entertainment

Jc Hobaica

Sales Executive – Latam


Susan Hogan

VP, Digital Ad Sales Research


Melissa Horwitz

Product Marketing Manager

Google Inc.

Gary Hughes

Solution Architect – Monetization

Seachange International

Peter Ilberg

Senior Sales Executive


Nick Illobre

Associate Direct, Emerging Media

Merkle, Inc.

Catia Ingravallo

Group Planning Director

Imdad Islam

Sr. Director, Marketing


Kento Isshiki

Strategic Planning Expert

D.A.Consortium Inc.

George Ive

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Media Rating Council

Alex Jakovleski

Global Head of Ad Ops


Mona Jalali

Director, Media


Matthew Jamison

Senior Director, Global Agency Development


Carlee Jean



Susan Jennings

Director, Digital Ad Ops

A+E Networks

Afza Joher

Solutions Consultant


Vegard Johnsen

Product Manager


Jake Jolly

Product Operations Manager – YouTube


Chandon Jones

VP, Partner Ad Operations

Universal McCann

John Jordan

Business Development Mgr


Robert Jordan

Supervisor, Digital Operations


Naomi Kagan

VP, Sales Operations


Julie Kandel

Senior Partner, Director of Digital Campaign Management


Alex Kantrowitz


Advertising Age

Lisa Kaplan

Supervisor, Media Implementation

Gardner Nelson + Partners

Pooja Kapoor

Head of Global Strategy


Chris Karl



Michael Katz

Sr Director Publisher Solutions

Audience Accelerator

Andy Kelly


LookAlive Labs

Maeve Kennedy

Exec Dir, Client Services

Eyeview Digital

Ashley King

Senior Director


Jake King

Sr. Director, Ad Ops


Jay King

Director, Digital Campaign Services

Cox Media Group

Daniel Klar

VP Product Management


David Koch

VP, Media Operations


Kathryn Koegel

Chief of Insights

Steampunkt Collaborative

David Kohl

Advertising Sector Leader

Ernst & Young LLP

Marino Kolic

Director of Publisher Solutions


Hallie Kozlowski

Regional Manager, Global Advertising Sales

The New England Journal of Medicine

Oksana Krynsky-Kiefer

Senior Partner, Director of Digital Vendor Policies and Relations


Anna Kuhn

Data Group – Associate Director, Platform Solutions

Annalect, Omnicom Media Group

Mukundu Kumaran

CEO, Founder

C1 Exchange

Nicole Kuntz

Analytics Specialist

White Ops

Julia LaRosa

Analyst, American Express


Jonelle Lasala

Associate Director, Digital Business Operations

Fast Company & Inc.

Alexandra Laurin

Account Executive

Flashtalking Inc

Leon Lazaroff

Deputy Managing Editor

The Street

Keith Lee

Senior Manager, Video Operations


C.j. Leonard

Project Manager, National Ad Operations


Stephen Lepitak

Online Editor

The Drum

Craig Leshen


Outsourced Ad Ops

Ray Leung

Senior Associate, Digital Media Operations

Carat USA

Jacob Leveton

Manager, Advertiser Operations


Noah Levine

Principal Product Evangelist


Robert Lewis

Sales Director

The Media Trust

Jim Lheureux

VP Revenue Operations

Ziff Davis LLC

Sie Wai Lo

Ad Operations Manager


Irina Lodkin

Sr.Director, Ad Operations


Alex Lord

Global Ad Creative Technology


Scott Lowry

Manager, Ad Operations


Neal Lulofs

EVP, Marketing and Strategy

Alliance for Audited Media

Malik Lyons

Planning Supervisor


Audrey MacIsaac

Vice President, Business Operations


Alex Magid


htc usa

Vineet Mahajan



Joe Mandese



Ld Mangin



Phil Marsalona

Manager, Media Technology

Digitas Health

Patrick Martinez

Senior Manager, Ad Operations


Levi McConnell

Vice President, Strategic Director


Mason McCoy

Senior Director, Operations


Jodi McDermott

Group VP, Product Management


LeeAnne McElligott

Digital Coordinator


Doug McLennan

Product Manager

SET by Conversant

Susie Meehan

VP, Digital Sports Sales Operations

NBC Sports

Chris Mejia

VP, Enterprise Operations


Dharika Merchant

Senior Director

Affinity Global Inc

Chris Miglino


Social Reality

Jacob Millstein

Senior Account Executive

Audience Accelerator

Jordan Mitchell

VP, Product Management

Rubicon Project

Christian Montalvo

Manager, Digital Operations


Zach Moore

National Director Of Campaign Management, Campaign Management


Eileen Moroney

Digital Advertising Business & Operations Director

National Geographic

David Christopher Morris

Head of US Operations – Fivia

Abacast A WideOrbit Company

Adam Moser

VP, Sales Operations


Derek Moulaison

Director, Business Operations


Dan Murphy

SVP Audience Measurement & Analytics

Univision Communications, Inc.

Richard Murphy

SVP, Tech Assurance

BPA Worldwide

Andy NIbley



Pat Nathan

SVP, Executive Director of Production, Operations & Services


Andy Negrin

VP Product


Jeremy Nelson

Account Executive

Operative Media

Kristoffer Nelson

CRO & President

Social Reality

Anh Nguyen

Director of Ad Operations


Colette Nigro

Senior Account Executive


Pedro Nunes

Software Engineer


Travis O’Neil

AdOps Manager


Maureen O’Neill

Manager, National Ad Operations


James Ollunga

Associate Director


Chris Olson


The Media Trust

Travis Page

Director, Platform Revenue

Demand Media

Colin ParksFried

Account Executive

Audience Accelerator

Andre Parreira



Leigh Anne Pederson

Associate Director of Ad Tech Strategy

Triad Retail Media

Fernando Perez

Senior Manager, Advisory Media & Entertainment


Kimberly Perkins

Senior Director, Product and Business Development

C1 Exchange

Joanne Persico


GCN Media

Keith Petri

VP Strategic Partnerships


Patricia Petrosino

Account Manager

ABC Family

Juliane Pietzsch Murphy

Online Marketing Manager

Sixt rent a car

Thomas Pino

Director, Digital Ad Sales Operations

ABC Family

Amy Pisano

Senior Strategic Relationship Director


Vibhav Prabhudesai

Associate Director


Anthony Psacharopoulos

EVP, Enterprise East


Brian Pugh

SVP, Audience Operations Management


Claro Pulmano

Product Specialist


Joe Pych

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Bionic Advertising Systems

Jose Ramirez

Director, Display Optimization Strategy

Yahoo, Inc.

Mitchell Reichgut


Jun Group

Ariel Reid

Business Development

Media Thirst

Mikey Renan

Product Manager

Thinknear by Telenav

Sarah Richmond

Product Manager

American Express

Melissa Roberts

General Manager, Enterprise Solutions


Doug Robinson



Carine Roman

Director, Global Advertising Operations


Jonathan Roman

Digital Operations Supervisor


Ken Rood

National Manager, Campaign Management


Joseph Rose

VP Director


Faith Rosen

Product Management Director


Steve Rosenblum

Research Director

IAB Canada

Greg Rubin

Manager, Digital Ad Ops

A+E Networks

Matt Rutkoski

Ad Operations Manager


Phil Schraeder



Marcia Selig

VP, Media Operations Director


Steve Shee

Manager – Ad Operations


Afia Sheikh

Director, Account Management


Ronan Shields

Executive editor


Tobias Silber

Director of Marketing


Jeff Silverman


CES Investments

Bryan Simkins

Senior Vice President, Technology and Activation Group

Starcom WW

Michael Sinclair

Account Executive


Shaun Skolnick

Account Executive


Casey Smith

Director, Platform Support

Rubicon Project

Leanne Smith

Sr. Director, Insights & Analytics

CMI (Communications Media, Inc)

Jenna Snyder

Director, Sales Planning & Operations

SmartBrief Inc

Jen Soch

EVP, Managing Partner Digital Investment


Ryan Soutter

Sr. Manager of Sales Engineering, Ad Creative Tech


Scott Spencer

Director Product Management


Aris Spenjian

Advertising Operations Manager


Zenobia Sribnick



Charles Stafford

Director, Advertising Technology

The Weather Company

Rose Steinberg

Director, Strategic Account Services


Grant Sterling

Senior Director, Seller Accounts

the Rubicon Project

Paul Sternhell

GM, Ad Server


Yang Sui

Data Scientist, Advisory Services


Steve Sullivan

SVP Advertising Security Initiatives

White Ops

Steven Suthiana

Head of Digital Media & Operations

Fast Company & Inc. Mags

Adam Svoboda

Director, Global Ad Services


Michael Sweeney

Supervisor, Analytics and Research

Havas Mdia

Kosuke Tabata

Strategic Planning Expert

D.A.Consortium Inc.

George Tarnopolsky

Sr. Director, Media Platforms

Merkle Inc.

Matthew Tarro

Ad Operations Manager


Alyssa Thavorides

Senior Manager, Media


Laura Thomas

Director, Platform Support

Rubicon Project

Yoo Mi Thompson

Digital Ad Ops


Steven Traykovski

SVP Technology and Activation


Joey Trotz

VP Advertising, Data & Ad Product Tech Strategies

Turner Broadcasting

Steven Truxal

Head of Policy Management & Operations


Amanda Tucci

Campagin Manager


Ilya Utkin

Director of Revenue Platforms

NY Daily News

Nerissa Valdellon

SVP Media Ops

Specific Media

Rosario Valdez

Supervisor, Digital Operations

Carat USA

Jim Van Derhoef

VP, Sales Strategy & Planning

ABC Family

Julie Van Ullen

Sr. Director, Publisher Business Development


Peter Vasilakos

VP, Operations


Carmen Vasquez

Advertising Operations Manager


Ricardo Velez

Manager, Programmatic Operations


Anatoly Veltman

Chief Global Analyst


Venu Venugopal

Chief Product Officer


Mark Verone

Director, Marketing & Product Operations


Anudit Vikram

VP, Digital Marketing Technology

Merkle Inc

Meredith Vinitsky

Client Services Manager


Andrea Vollman

Senior Director, Product Marketing


Robyn Walters

Associate Director, Programmatic Operations

Triad Retail Media

Eric Warburton

Associate Director, Ad Ops


Jenna Wats

Manager, Ad Trafficking


Mark Watson

Managing Director

MW Associates Int

Mitchell Weinstein

SVP, Ad Operations

Magna Global

Jackie Westmoreland

Director of Communications

Media Thirst

Tiffany Wheeler

Media Traffic Coordinator


Gordon White

Programmatic & Data Director

Time Out

Jarred Wilichinsky

VP Ad Operations

CBS Interactive

Blake Williams


Index Exchange

Chris Williams


IAB Canada

Dan Williams

Campaign Manager


Yashica Wilson

Associate Director, Technology Activation


Chris Winburn

Sales Director, East Coast

Flashtalking Inc

Doug Wintz

Founder and Principal

DMW MediaWorks

Linda Woolley

Trustworthy Digital Supply Chain Initiative Consultant


Jia Ming Wu

Software Engineer

Google Inc

Yinying Xu

Sr. Analyst


Timur Yarnall

SVP, Commercial


Stacey Young

Senior Manager – Programmatic


Ricky Yu

Head of Ad Operations, Americas


Valerie Zeltser

Head of Account Management


Claudio Zibenberg

Media Manager


Julian Zilberbrand

EVP, Activation Standards, Insights and Technology


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