Conference - New York

IAB Ad Operations Summit 2014, Spotlight: Transformation

Nov 3 2014


      Ad Operations is undergoing a paradigm shift in both structure and execution. Operations professionals are responsible for building solutions that speed up the integration processes while creating a safe and level playing field across the digital ecosystem. Operations will be the foundation for creating a technology agnostic industry that truly and finally bridges the gap between all screens. The IAB Ad Operations Summit will address the challenges facing the industry and take deep dives into how operation professionals can build the fixes for them.

      Sessions will include:

      • Building a Trustworthy Supply Chain
        Managing Transparency, Accountability & Counteracting Fraud
      • Next Generation Compliance
        Implementing Standards and Best Practices
      • Data & Digital Marketplace
        Segmentation & Valuation of Data
      • Viewability
        Discrepancies & Campaign Structure


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