IAB Ad Operations Summit 2015
IAB Ad Operations Summit 2015
IAB Ad Operations Summit 2015

View the 2016 Ad Operations Summit, taking place November 7, 2016

IAB Ad Operations Summit 2015 13The 2015 IAB Ad Operations Summit kicked off with more than 400 ad ops professionals in attendance. Scott Cunningham, Vice President of Technology and Ad Operations at IAB, and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab, opened the conference by highlighting the accomplishments of the IAB Tech Lab over the last year including a number of new advertising guidelines and validator tools. However even with all the positive advancements, it’s not one size fits all for advertising creative, and ad blocking has emerged as a serious challenge for the industry. Cunningham went on to share a letter from a consumer who complained of a  frustrating advertising experience online and he called on the audience to band together to tackle the issue starting with a discussion about the recently released L.E.A.N. Ads Principles.

IAB Ad Operations Summit 2015 14Following Scott’s address, Joey Fortuna, CTO of Ziff Davis, continued the conversation about ad blocking. He highlighted how rapidly the industry is changing and how barriers to entry are slowly disappearing. As a result, industry transitions are happening faster because consumers have the direct tools to make things happen. Fortuna left the audience with some tips on how his company has been dealing with the issue—focus on your product and invest in technology, diversify your content channels and revenue, and engage your audience.

Next up, publishers, marketers, and technologists in the audience came together for the first of a series of town halls on ad blocking. Selected provocateurs who are thought leaders in the industry kicked off the conversation by addressing topics such as the economic impact of ad blocking, consumer experience, and enforcement. IAB Ad Operations Summit 2015 15The audience then joined in the conversation by asking questions about issues they face with ad blocking. More detailed coverage of the town hall is available here.

Next Jeremy Helfand, Vice President, Video Monetization at Adobe, and Rawle Curtis, Technical Director of Digital Advertising at R/GA, discussed embracing the HTML5 conversion. Helfand IAB Ad Operations Summit 2015 16gave some background on HTML5 and how it allows you to code once and use the same creative everywhere. He highlighted the benefits on the consumer side to mitigate malware and make the user experience more consistent across devices, and closed by stating that the reality of HTML5 is that it is an evolving story with reach, usability, and video. Curtis then shared specific examples of how R/GA has managed common pitfalls in the Flash to HTML5 transition.

Announced on stage next was the release of VAST 4.0 for public comment. This marked the first update in three years to this IAB Ad Operations Summit 2015 17critical digital video ad serving template. Tal Chalozin, Co-Founder and CTO of Innovid, and Jarred Wilichinsky, Vice President of Video Monetization and Operations at CBS Interactive, sat down with Shailey Singh, Director Mobile and Ad Products at IAB, to chat about the latest update, the importance of the standard, and the roadmap of VPAID and VAST. They each shared examples of how the new VAST standard improves upon video ad-stitching, ad monetization, and cross-platform support.

IAB Ad Operations Summit 2015 18Jonathan Bellack, Director, Product Management at Google, and Tom Shields, Senior Vice President, Publisher Strategy at AppNexus, chatted with Pilar Prassas, Global Head of Ad Operations, Business Development and Programmatic at Reuters, in an engaging debate on the value of pre-header bidding. They encouraged organizations to do a cost benefit analysis before deciding whether to incorporate pre-header bidding. Shields highlighted it as an option that is available today and can be started quickly for incremental revenue, while Bellack highlighted the need to think more about the long-term impact of these short-term solutions. Bellack made a call for neutral studies about the latency and revenue made with pre-header bidding.

IAB Ad Operations Summit 2015 20Following a networking luncheon, the group reconvened in the main ballroom for a roundtable with the Executive Committee of the IAB Tech Lab. Jonathan Bellack, Director Product Management at Google; Anand Das, CTO and Co-Founder of PubMatic; Kelly Petersen, Head of Product at Tremor Video; Tom Shields, Senior Vice President, Publisher Strategy at AppNexus; Michael Smith, Senior Vice President of Revenue Platforms and Operations at Hearst Magazines Digital Media, and Senior Vice President Advertising Platforms, Core Audience at Hearst Corporation; and David Moore, President at WPP Digital, Chairman of Xaxis, and Chairman of the Board, IAB Technology Lab, discussed upcoming developments and initiatives for the year ahead. They touched on topics ranging from Tech Lab interoperability tools to benefits of VAST 4.0 and to viewability. Immediately afterward there was a product demonstration to share the latest tools created by the IAB Tech Lab: Ad Blocking Detection Code, the HTML5 Validator, and Creative QA App (now called MRAID Ads SDK Tester).

Before introducing the next set of speakers, Cunningham returned to the stage to make two exciting announcements from IAB. The first was that the IAB Digital Media Sales and Digital Ad Ops Certification Programs have been granted accreditation by the globally recognized American National Standards Institute (ANSI)—a first for any personnel certification in the digital advertising industry. Second, he officially announced the introduction of an IAB West Coast office.

IAB Ad Operations Summit 2015 21The announcements led into a discussion with Angelina Eng, Vice President, Media Platforms & Emerging Media at Merkle, and Michael Smith, Senior Vice President of Revenue Platforms and Operations at Hearst Magazines Digital Media, and Senior Vice President Advertising Platforms, Core Audience at Hearst Corporation, with Kelly Peterson, Head of Product at Tremor Video, to discuss how their organizations embrace operational change and the importance of the ad operations role. They stressed the accelerated need for individuals to be experts on the multitude of platforms and data, the need for collaboration with agencies and publishers, and the need for the ad operations community to be more vocal and upfront with their own IAB Ad Operations Summit 2015 22needs and opinions.

George Ivie, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director at Media Rating Council, and Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics, and Measurement at IAB, provided an update on the progress toward viewability, including market stability, ongoing challenges, and what’s next in the year ahead. Ivie shared big picture challenges including comparability of viewable impressions from humans across devices, measurement quality, and MRC’s focus to date—measures of ad delivery. Establishing a digital and cross-media audience currency is on MRC’s roadmap, as are mobile viewable impressions where ad rendering is a critical issue.IAB Ad Operations Summit 2015 25

Closing out the conference, James Deaker, Vice President of Revenue Management and Policy at Yahoo; Mitchell Weinstein, Senior Vice President, Director of Ad Operations at IPG Mediabrands; and Julian Zilberbrand, Executive Vice President, Audience Science at Viacom, each addressed operational improvements and collaborative communication with regard to digital measurement in the industry.

The day then broke into three town halls on Achieving Scale for Video Publishers, Optimizing Cross-Screen Media Executions with Audience Data, and Surfacing Quality Inventory in Programmatic. This was followed by a networking cocktail reception where attendees discussed what they learned throughout the day. Check out the town hall recaps here.

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Networking Breakfast and Registration

9:00 am - 9:20 am

Opening Remarks

9:20 am - 9:35 am

Confronting the Challenges of Ad Blocking

The growing adoption of ad blocking—with the likelihood that it will explode on mobile in the near future—is perhaps today the most critical issue facing the industry. Discover the approaches and the solutions that the market is utilizing to tackle ad blocking and re-earn the trust of the consumer in an effort to combat the impact ad blocking is having on revenues and inventory.

9:35 am - 10:30 am

Ad Blocking/LEAN Principles Town Hall

Learn solutions to the ad blocking challenge that involve Light, Encrypted, Ad-Choice Supported and Non-Invasive Ads. Join the conversation on the LEAN Ads Principles in this interactive town hall session.

10:30 am - 11:00 am

Embracing the HTML5 Conversion

The market is moving away from flash and toward HTML5 as a more friendly approach for ad creative and cross-device experiences. There are many key differences between flash and HTML5 development, however, and ad operations professionals will need to understand the various tools and standards necessary to make this transition a success. Learn the key formats and browser differences necessary to navigate this transition. Jeremy Helfand, Vice President, Video Monetization, Adobe, explains the market challenges of the transition, while Rawle Curtis, Technical Director of Digital Advertising, R/GA, sheds light on working through the conversion.

11:00 am - 11:30 am

Networking Refreshment Break

11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Uncovering the Roadmap of VPAID and VAST

Mobile video ad revenue is expected to exceed $4.4 billion in the next three years, with mobile video ads set to grow nearly five times as fast as desktop. But while digital video is on the rise, publishers have been slow to adopt VPAID, which, in turn, has resulted in lost revenue opportunities. This session discusses the roadmap of VPAID and VAST going forward.

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

Debating the Value of Pre-Header Bidding

Discover the value of pre-header bidding, and learn whether or not it is the right strategy for your organization. This conversation brings together both a proponent and an opponent to shed light on the pros and cons of this dilemma.

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Networking Luncheon

1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

Executive Committee Roundtable

The goal of the recently formed IAB Technology Lab is to simplify and reduce costs associated with the digital advertising and marketing supply chain. In a series of short presentations, hear from the Executive Committee about the issues geared toward upcoming developments and initiatives for the year ahead. Questions from the audience are welcome.

2:15 pm - 2:30 pm

Product Training

IAB explains the technological and operational issues and techniques for the Ad Blocking Detection Code, the HTML5 Validator, and Creative QA App (now called MRAID Ads SDK Tester).

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Embracing Operational Changes

The industry’s embrace of programmatic ad buying will drastically change the talent necessary and skills required of ad operations professionals. Learn how various industry organizations are addressing the evolving operational needs required to succeed today.

3:00 pm - 3:15 pm

State of the State: Viewability

George Ivie and Sherrill Mane provide an update on the progress toward viewability, including market stability, ongoing challenges and what’s next in the year ahead.

3:15 pm - 4:00 pm

Reconciling Digital Measurement: A Three Part Session

Discover how buyers and sellers are navigating their complex needs surrounding viewability, ad verification, and audience measurement. This three-part session sheds light on operational improvements and collaborative communication with regard to digital measurement in the industry.

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Networking Refreshment Break

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Town Halls

Pose Questions. Share Experiences. Exchange Insights.
Walk away with new ideas and new connections.

The best conversations at conferences often happen in hallways and over cocktails when attendees engage one another in spirited discussion and debate. IAB Town Halls tap into this energy by creating interactive experiences focused on hot topics in digital operations.

Facilitated by an industry leader, each session is an open forum to share challenges, collaborate on solutions, find inspiration and ideas, and make contacts that translate into business solutions.

Drinks will be served.

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Town Hall #1

Room 402


Achieving Scale for Video Publishers

Digital video is one of the fastest-growing digital advertising vehicles today. Despite this, emerging technologies are changing the way video is transacted, making it an area prime for both immense challenges and opportunities. Identify best practices, from both buyers and sellers, for monetizing video, and learn how the industry is achieving scale on video.

Discussion points include:

  • How do buyers and sellers decide whether or not to execute their video buys programmatically?
  • What are best practices for the industry to capitalize on OTT technologies and cross screen devices?
  • How can premium publishers optimize their inventory across devices and ensure the right ad load?

Sponsored By: IAB Ad Operations Summit, Spotlight: Transformation 3
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Town Hall #2

Room 404


Optimizing Cross-Screen Media Executions with Audience Data

Identifying users with data across multiple devices continues to be a struggle. Learn how new technologies can establish relationships across screens to create a more compelling and seamless user experience.

Discussion points include:

  • What are the most efficient strategies to find audience segments to target and assess best-performing data sets?
  • How do you determine whether first-, second- or third-party data sources are providing the best results?
  • How are emerging platforms changing data management across devices?

Sponsored By: IAB 2017 Cross-Cultural Marketing Day 2
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Town Hall #3

Room 406


Surfacing Quality Inventory in Programmatic

While programmatic has the potential to fulfill its promise of right message, right time and right person, there remain some questions around inventory quality, especially as it pertains to fraud, viewability and brand safety. The importance of transparency and the ability to surface quality inventory, cannot be underestimated, yet concentrating purely on increasing overall viewability rates and reducing fraud in isolation dramatically underestimates the fundamental impact that these elements can have on overall campaign impacts.

Discussion points include:

  • What are the best ways to surface and assess inventory quality in programmatic?
  • How are players from all sides of the digital media ecosystem working to tackle ad quality issues to improve campaign effects?
  • What metrics matter, and how can they be best leveraged in concert with each other to generate the greatest impact?

Sponsored By: IAB Ad Operations Summit, Spotlight: Transformation 4
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Networking Cocktail Reception

Sponsored By: Innovators Roundtable Dinner<br>Sponsored by Theorem
  • Jonathan Bellack
  • Director, Product Management
  • Google

Jonathan Bellack is Director, Product Management for publisher ad platforms at Google.  He and his team help the world’s most successful publishers grow their revenues through DoubleClick for Publishers and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.  He also serves as Co-Chair of the Ad Technology Council of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).  Jonathan has nearly 20 years of experience working for and with digital publishers including SmartMoney.com, Consumer Reports Magazine, and departments of the British Government on content management and advertising systems.  Previously at Google, Jonathan worked with almost three million small and mid-size publishers as a leader of Google AdSense.  Jonathan has a BA from Yale University and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business, and was editor-in-chief of his middle school newspaper.

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Tal  Chalozin 1

Tal Chalozin is co-founder and CTO of Innovid, the world’s leading video advertising platform that empowers advertisers to create, deliver, and measure video experiences on any device. Tal leads Innovid’s long term technology vision and is responsible for global technology development and implementation, product creation, business development and partnership activities. Tal’s guidance has led Innovid to partner with companies such as Snapchat, Facebook, Roku, Samaung, SKY and Hulu to help advertisers bring interactive video to any consumer device.

Prior to Innovid, Tal co-founded GarageGeeks, a non-profit organization and one of Israel’s largest hacker spaces and innovation hubs with more than 8,000 members. Tal also served as an officer in an elite computer unit in the Israeli Air Force for over eight years where he led the development of several military products with high algorithmic complexity.
Tal has spoken on stage around the world at events including CES, IAB, NAB, TVOT, Wired Magazine’s NEXTFEST, Le Web’s Digital Innovation Conference, Ars Electronica, as well as numerous events and museums throughout Israel.

Tal presently serves as a board member for the IAB’s Digital Video Center of Excellence, and a technical academy member for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences who grants the prestigious EMMY award. He was named a “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum and as one of the “Best Young European Entrepreneurs” by BusinessWeek. In 2016, Tal was named 40-Under-40 for work on the future of TV by the leading Multichannel magazine. As as serial entrepreneur, Tal owns several global patents for interactive TV, advertising delivery technology, and advanced measurement tools.

  • Social:
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Rawle Curtis
  • Rawle Curtis
  • Technical Director of
    Digital Advertising
  • R/GA

Rawle Curtis is R/GA’s Technical Director of Digital Advertising.  He co-founded R/GA’s
dedicated digital advertising practice in 2008, and has over 10 years of experience directing
digital advertising, tool-building, and crafting technology-first marketing tactics for all of the
agency’s client roster.  He is now managing R/GA’s changeover strategy for the industry wide
transition from Adobe Flash to HTML5.

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Anand Das
  • Anand Das
  • CTO and Co-Founder
  • PubMatic

Andy oversees PubMatic’s system architecture, development, scalability, and engineering.

He is an Executive Committee member of the inaugural Board of Directors of the IAB Tech Lab, a nonprofit research and development consortium tasked with producing scalable technology standards and solutions for the global digital media and marketing industry.

Prior to co-founding PubMatic and becoming CTO, he was a Senior Engineer at PANTA Systems, a high performance computing startup. Anand was also a Senior Software Engineer at VERITAS India, where he worked on various storage and backup products. He has filed for three patents in systems software, storage software and application software.

Anand holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from the University of Pune in Computer Science. He lives in Silicon Valley.

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  • James Deaker
  • Vice President of Revenue Management and Policy
  • Yahoo

James Deaker is Vice President of Revenue Management and Policy at Yahoo. In this capacity he has global responsible for advertising and data policy, pricing and yield management.

James is the co-chair of the IAB Ad Ops Advisory Board. In 2013 James was the chair of the IAB Data Council.

Prior to joining Yahoo, James led the Monetization Excellence group at Microsoft. Previously, he was Vice President of Advisory Services at San Francisco-based software company, Rapt Inc., which was acquired by Microsoft in 2008.

James holds Ph.D and M.S. degrees in Engineering-Economic Systems and Operations Research from Stanford University.

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Angelina Eng – currently oversees Merkle’s Platform Solutions & Activation team. Eng is a seasoned executive with 20+ years of digital media, marketing and operations experience. Eng has focused her career in defining, building, managing and improving the digital media planning, buying & operations capabilities for organizations, including the development of internal systems to improve communications and workflow across departments; establishment of standard deliverables and protocol; creation of ad trafficking and tracking guidelines and requirements; implementation of rich media strategy; standardization of reporting and analysis systems; and institution of media optimization best practices. Eng provides support, education and consulting services to her clients. Other responsibilities includes showcasing platform capabilities, contract negotiation & execution, collateral creation, and training programs.

Eng has previously worked primarily on the agency side at Dentsu Aegis, Publicis Modem, Integrated Media Solutions, J. Walter Thompson and Young & Rubicam. She is also an active member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau on the Ad Ops & Technology, Data, and Programmatic Councils, and a member of the IAB Certification Commission.

  • Social:
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Joey Fortuna

In July of 2011, Fortuna was chosen to direct the vision for Ziff Davis technology and oversee its practical application in all product development efforts.

Fortuna has over 18 years of experience with technical leadership, and has substantial knowledge of software engineering methodology, data services, analytics, product support and quality assurance. He has direct experience with complex data-management systems as well as content engines for entertainment and social media.

Prior to coming to Ziff Davis, Fortuna served as Senior Vice President of Engineering for VINDICO Group, the first ad-serving and tracking platform dedicated exclusively to video. VINDICO sold to Specific Media in 2010. Prior to that, Fortuna served as VP of Engineering at Quigo (bought by AOL in 2007). Fortuna got his start in internet technology in 1994 as one of the 13 founders of Pseudo.com, the internet’s first full-scale video network.

Fortuna holds patents for algorithmic methods of content production, data mining and contextual summarization, a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Columbia University.

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Jeremy Helfand
  • Jeremy Helfand
  • Vice President,
    Video Monetization
  • Adobe

Jeremy Helfand is vice president of video monetization at Adobe. An accomplished digital media industry veteran, Helfand has spent more than a decade guiding publishers in maximizing content revenue through technology innovation across platforms. He was formerly CEO of Auditude, the leading online video advertising platform for managing and monetizing premium video across devices, which was acquired by Adobe in November, 2011.

Prior to Auditude, Helfand was the president of United Online’s Media Group, helping monetize and establish partnerships across several of its properties including MyPoints, NetZero, Juno, Classmates and FTD. Helfand also served as senior vice president and general manager of Advertising.com, a division of America Online, Inc., contributing to more than a six-fold in revenue and doubling the size of the company’s sales force. While serving on the executive committee, he aided the strategic vision that eventually led to the company’s $497-million acquisition by AOL/Time Warner.

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George Ivie

George is the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Media Rating Council (MRC), a not-for-profit industry organization created in 1963 at the request of the U.S. Congress to assure high ethical and operational standards in audience measurement services. His background includes almost 30 years of experience in media research auditing, oversight, and consulting. Prior to being appointed the Executive Director of the MRC in January 2000, George was a partner at Ernst & Young and their lead representative and advisor to the MRC, conducting all MRC audits and interacting with MRC management and member organizations. George has a thorough knowledge of research best practices, operations, controls, and information systems in internet, multimedia, print, radio, and television measurement services.

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David Moore
  • David Moore
  • President, WPP Digital; Chairman, Xaxis
  • Chairman of the Board, IAB Tech Lab

David J. Moore is Chairman of Xaxis and President of WPP Digital. In both roles, he seeks to accelerate Xaxis’ and WPP Digital’s growth worldwide. Dave has over 35 years of experience in media and technology. He finds new ways of making technologies work for marketers – from the early ad networks to search engine marketing, behavioral targeting, and today’s opportunity: big data. He founded and led 24/7 Media’s (now Xaxis) growth from start-up to a leader in digital marketing and ad technology. He is a seasoned executive with expertise in all facets of the digital advertising industry.

He is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB’s) Board of Directors and an ex-offico of the Executive Committee. Currently, he also serves as Chairman of the IAB Technology Lab. Previously the IAB’s Chairman from 2009 to 2011, Dave has been an active member since 2002. He also serves on the boards of DASL and DTSI, which are both joint ventures with Dentsu in Japan and Korea; the Board of Directors of the Advertising Education Foundation (AEF), and on the Board of Directors for Globant (NYSE: GLOB) an IT and Software Development company operating in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, the United Kingdom, Brazil and the United States.

Dave is a triathlete and has run the last 14 NYC Marathons.

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Pilar Prassas
  • Pilar Prassas
  • Global Head of Ad Operations, Business Development and Programmatic
  • Reuters

As Reuters Global Head of Ad Operations, Business Development and Programmatic, Prassas focuses on driving new revenue across 17 global site editions in nine different local languages. Prassas has been with Reuters for over 12 years and served in many different capacities. She started her career in Advertising Operations at Reuters and helped build a global ops team focused on implementing out-of-the-box custom executions. Prassas then became the Director of Global Platform Solutions where she spent three years simplifying all consumer media workflow. From pipeline management to order management to campaign management all the way to billing and reconciliation, she integrated all critical systems at Reuters. Prassas then shifted gears and became the Director of Global Audience Development. She helped package a number of different data points into a unique audience offering for the Reuters sales team to take to market.

Prassas is a graduate of Boston University with a BS in Journalism. Immediately after graduating, Prassas Directed and Produced a full-length documentary entitled In Sickness and In Health. Her award-wining film traveled all around the world.

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Tom Shields 1
  • Tom Shields
  • Senior Vice President, Publisher Strategy, AppNexus
  • & Co-Founder, Yieldex
  • @Tshields

Tom Shields is SVP, Publisher Strategy, AppNexus & Co-Founder, Yieldex. He is well recognized as an online advertising pioneer for his role in launching the world’s first ad servers. As a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of NetGravity, Tom developed mission-critical real-time ad server software that was deployed at over 300 customer network operations centers, leading to a successful IPO in 1998. Tom was also co-founder and first CEO of Yieldex, pioneering advanced forecasting and analytics for top publishers like Comcast, Viacom, ESPN, and Pandora. Tom received a Service Award from the Internet Advertising Bureau for leading the group that created the first ad impression counting standards, and currently serves on the IAB Tech Lab Executive Committee. Before starting Yieldex, Tom was Managing Director at Woodside Fund. He also worked at Oracle and at technology startups in AI and finance. Tom graduated with honors with a BA in Computer Science from Harvard College.

  • Social:
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IAB Ad Blocking & User Experience Summit 1
  • Michael Smith
  • Senior Vice President of Revenue Platforms and Operations, Hearst Magazines Digital Media
  • Senior Vice President of Advertising Platforms, Core Audience, Hearst Corporation

Mike Smith is Senior Vice President of Revenue Platforms and Operations, Hearst Magazines Digital Media as well as Senior Vice President Advertising Platforms of Hearst’s Core Audience. Smith joined Hearst in July 2013 and is responsible for all digital media revenue platforms, including the company’s programmatic sales engineering efforts through the Hearst Audience Exchange as well as advertising operations, and digital ad product development.

Prior to Hearst, Smith held a number of positions with Forbes, most recently as the President of Forbes.com and Chief Digital Officer of Forbes Media, where he oversaw the company’s technology departments, including IT systems, multi-platform development and digital strategy. He was also responsible for audience sales via auctions including trading desks, advertising operations, data and analytics, and yield management.

Before joining Forbes.com as Chief Technology Officer, Smith was Vice President and Chief Information Officer at TheStreet.com, where he directed technology efforts, including application development, network engineering, website operations, global technology initiatives and business support systems and prior to that, was Director of Information Technology at HBO.

Smith holds a network-technology related patent and is the author of the new book, TARGETED: How Technology Is Revolutionizing Advertising And The Way Companies Reach Consumers (AMACOM / 2014).

Smith graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and has been a member of the Board of Visitors of NJIT’s Albert Dorman Honors College for 14 years, as well as the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Education Law Center, a member of the School Consultative Board of Union Catholic High School and a member of The Union League Club.

Smith graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and has been a member of the Board of Visitors of NJIT’s Albert Dorman Honors College for 14 years, as well as the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Education Law Center, a member of the School Consultative Board of Union Catholic High School and a member of The Union League Club.

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Mitchell Weinstein 1

Mitch Weinstein is the SVP of Ad Operations at IPG Mediabrands, where he oversees the US team of Ad Operations professionals at UM, Initiative, BPN, Cadreon and Reprise.  He and his team focus on the latest in ad serving, targeting, and measurement technologies, ensuring that clients are making the most of their media budgets, reaching their target audiences, and achieving their business objectives in the most efficient manner possible.

Prior to joining IPG Mediabrands in 2008, Mitch was the Director of Sales Planning and Operations at Revolution Health Group, later purchased by Everyday Health, where he was responsible for inventory management, proposal development, revenue analysis, and ad operations.  Before Revolution Health, Mitch worked for BabyCenter, a division of Johnson & Johnson, for over 4 years in planning and operations.  

  • Social:
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Jarred Wilichinsky
  • Jarred Wilichinsky
  • Vice President of Video Monetization and Operations
  • CBS Interactive

As Vice President of Video Monitzation and Operations at CBS Interactive, Jarred is responsible for maximizing the monetization of video advertising inventory across CBS Interactive with a particular focus on working closely with the CBS Digital brands’ sales and distribution execs to drive forward sales strategy and optimize inventory, pricing and campaign execution. Since 2006 Jarred has focused on video ad strategy and execution across CBS Interactive.

Prior to this, Jarred held the position of Inventory Manager within CBS Digital Media. In this role Jarred served as the liaison between Sales, Ad Operations, and Finance around inventory forecasting and yield management.

CBS Interactive has always been home to Jarred when he started as a campaign manager at CBS Sportsline in June of 2004, directly out of college. Jarred is currently heavily involved with the IAB Digital Video efforts and is Co-chair of the Digital Video Technical Standard Committee. He is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. He resides in San Francisco.

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Julian Zilberbrand
  • Julian Zilberbrand
  • Executive Vice President, Audience Science
  • Viacom

Julian Zilberbrand is the Executive Vice President of Audience Science at Viacom. Zilberbrand oversees key areas in the data strategy division including: audience onboarding and segmentation, advanced analytics and digital media executions. His team is responsible for the management and aggregation of data across all of Viacom’s media properties.  Data is used to inform all aspects of media and programming at Viacom from sales to investment. His team works closely with groups across the organization to help enable a data driven approach to business which is paramount to success in today’s media landscape.

Prior to joining Viacom, Zilberbrand was Executive Vice President of Activation Standards, Insights and Technology at ZenithOptimedia. In this role, he managed the activations standards, digital operations, analytics, technology and strategic partnerships groups. Before joining Zenith, he was SVP, global digital director, strategic partnerships and technology solutions at Starcom Mediavest Group. Prior to joining the agency world in 2004, Zilberbrand held product specialist and client service roles at Eyeblaster and developed the company’s Eyeblaster University training program. Earlier in his career, he worked at Doubleclick as a project manager and technical analyst.

In addition to his work responsibilities, he held advisor roles for the IAB, 4A’s and the iMedia conferences. Zilberbrand is known as a vocal leader in the industry covering a wide array of topics from viewability with the 3MS Blue Ribbon committee to data and general industry trends. From 2013-2014, Zilberbrand chaired the Digital Committee for the Media Ratings Council and was recognized by the organization for his leadership and service. In 2014, he received the AdMonster Digital Media Leadership Award and the Marketers Choice Awards named him the Data, Analytics and Operations Innovator of the year for exemplary leadership in digital marketing.

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Haleigh Abbott

Sr. Coordinator Traffic

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Sam Abiad

SVP, Commercial Excellence and Operations

Univision Communications Inc.

Efrat Ahimeir



Dogan Aksoy

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Michael Alania

Vice President


Kristin Aldridge

VP, Digital Sales Performance


Roxanne Allen

Director, Ad Operations


Kevin Antoine

Programmatic Platform Manager

The Weather Company

Alon Ashkenazi

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ABC Family

Fay Aubrey

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Steven Bithell

Media Technology Manager


Bryan Blair

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Jeremy Borakove

Director, Traffic Quality and Integrations

Conversant Media

Daniel Bornstein

SVP Platform Revenue

Demand Media

Erik Bortz

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Marc Boswell

SVP, Sales Operations and Client Services

Business Insider

Richard Bradley

Associate Director, Advertising Operations


John Branco

Director, AdOps


Kajsa Brown

Associate Director, Platform Solutions &

Merkle Inc.

Anny Buakaew

director of ad operations


Linda Buchanan

Digital Web Production Dept. Mgr.

Northstar Travel Media

Bruce Budkofsky

VP, Sales


Anna Burgess

Manager, Ad Operations & Yield

CBS Television Distribution

Jeff Burkett

Sr Director, Product Strategy and Operations

The Washington Post

Matthew Caldecutt

Vice President

Blast PR

Alex Calic


The Media Trust

Marj Calinog

Director, Consulting & Program Management


Daniel Camacho

Platform Operations Lead


Al Caplan


722 Investments

Adrian Carbunescu

Digital Ad Operations Coordinator

Northstar Travel Media

Chris Carlton



Chris Carter

Sales Director Digital Services

Alliance of Audited Media

Bill Casper



Joseph Catanzaro

VP, Ad Operations & Strategy

Warner Bros.

Kamal Chadha

Senior Director, Ad Technology

CBS Interactive

Nagarajan Chakravarthy

VP Digital Media and e-Commerce

iOPEX Technologies

Lauryn Chamberlain



Nancy Chan

Director Ad Operations


Ramey Chanadet

Sr. Director, Ad Platforms & Capability

Kelley Blue Book

Josh Chasin

Chief Research Officer


Jeetu Chawla

VP of Ad Operations

Complex Media

Angel Chen

Senior Associate Ad Ops

Universal McCann

Rachel Chen

Head of US and EMEA Ad Ops

Thomson Reuters

Krystyna Chichura

Ad Ops Manager

Dashbid Media Inc.

Lisa Cho

Director, Ad Operations


Benjamin Cohen

Sr Business Development Manager

Smart AdServer

Paul Cook

Director Ad Operations

Dominion Enterprises

Bryan Corcoran

Product Manager


Felipe Cortelezzi

Senior Manager Online Ad Ops

MTV Networks Latin America

Lauren Crawford

Ad Operations

Time Inc

Kamila Czoch

Associate Director, Ad OPerations


Asaf Dan

VP Operations

AnyClip Media

Amanda Danis

Associate, Ad Operations


Ferdinand David

VP Business Intelligence


Trevor Deans

Digital Media Specialist


Jason Dennie

Vice President, Ad Operations


Jojy Devasia

Manager, Display Advertising Technology

eBay Inc.

Ben Dewar

Dir., Tech Operations


Seth Diamond

Director of Digital Ad Operations

Haymarket Media Inc, us

Clementine Djouka

Ad Ops Manager

Dashbid Media Inc.

Deirdre Doherty

Product Manager

Vibrant Media

Gareth Doyle

US, Director of Creative


Troy Dreier

Senior Associate Editor

StreamingMedia.com & OnlineVideo.net

Michael Drootin

Sr. Manager, Ad Product Development


Tim Dubois

Director, Mobile


Ron Duque

Technical Ad Operations and Product Manager


Kurt Edwards

Director, Global Ad Operations


Charles Eggleston

Vice President, Advertising Operations

AccuWeather, Inc.

Michael Elsroad

AdOps Supe


Angelina Eng

VP, Platform Solutions & Activation

Merkle, Inc.

Monica Esarey

VP AdEffx Operations


Siyun Fan

Director, Product Management


Annalisa Fischer

Ad Operations Coordinator


Daniel Foehner

Director, Global Shared Services


Lindsey Fournaris

Senior Manager, Ad Operations

Genesis Media

Park Fowlkes

VP, Digital Ad Ops


James Freiman

SVO of Media Revenue, Business Development & Strategy


David Frew

Senior Programmes Manager


Beth Frutkin

Senior Director, Ad Traffic

Business Insider

Celine Fu

Global Support Specialist

Google Inc

Natalie Gabathuler-Scully

VP, Revenue Operations


Jay Gambaccini

Director Publisher Sales


Ian Garrett

Campaign Manager


Harold Geller

Chief Growth officer


Itay Gilad

Advertising Operations Manager

Perion CodeFuel

Dave Giumara

Ad Trafficker


Richy Glassberg



Julie Glasser

VP/Director, Media Technology


Todd Goldberg

VP, Digital Ad Operations


Gabe Goldstein

Director of Product – vCE


Erik Gray

Director, Performance Analytics


Stephen Graziano

Director, Analytics New Business


Kristina Gromada

Ad Operations Team Lead


Joe Grover


Altitude Digital

Jessie Gruber

Director, Performance Analytics


Steve Guenther

VP, Digital Auditing Services

Alliance for Audited Media

Amanda Gunter

Ad Operations


Jerry Guthrie

Associate Director, Digital Operations

Empower Media

Lisa Guyer

Vice President, Ad Operations


Ivan Guzenko

VP Business Development


Jeff Hackett

EVP, National Sales


Amy Hanna

Technical Account Director


Felix Hansen

Sr Director


Dana Haskins

VP, Account Services


Elisa Helton

Ad Operations Coordinator


Carrie Hersh

Specialist, AdOps


Jennifer Heymann

Associate Director Monetization

Triad Retail Media

Andy Hibbler

VP Brand Advertising & Partnerships


Jc Hobaica

Account Executive


Elizabeth Hobby

VP – EDI & Digital Ad Operations

Discovery Communications

Niklas Hollaus

Teamlead Online Advertising

Sixt SE

Anna Hougart

VP, Revenue Operations


Walt Houseknecht

Director, Advertising Operations


Regina Huang

Digital Media Ad Operations Manager


Vivian Huang

senior associate, ad ops


Conner Hulse

Global Ad Ops Coordinator


Anne Hunter

SVP, Global Marketing Strategy


Peter Ilberg

Account Executive


Dmitry Itkes

Dir of Ad Ops


Sameer Jagetia



Jamela Jamela

Digital Ad Sales Operations Manager


Jon Jannicola

Programmatic Platform Manager

The Weather Company

Susan Jennings

Director, Digital Ad Ops

A+E Networks

Sean Jennings

Director, Advertising Operations


Erica Johnson

Supervisor, Digital Ad Operations


Peter Johnston

Contributing Editor

Digital Publishing Report

Robert Jordan

Supervisor, Digital Operations

Dentsu Aegis Network

Julie Kandel

Senior Partner, Director of Digital Campaign Management


Keith Kelly

Media Ink columnist

New York Post

Heather Keltz

VP, Ad Operations


Danny Kim

Manager, Client Services

Coupons.com Inc

Sarah Kim

Ad Sales Associate

eMarketer, Inc.

Jonathan King



Jake King

Tag Operations


Sam King

Director Ad Operations


James Kober

Dir – Advertising Operations

Newsday Media Group

Michael Kraut

Vice President


Oksana Krynsky-Kiefer

Senior Partner, Director of Digital Vendor Policies and Relations

GroupM Worldwide LLC

Matt Lagnese

Senior Campaign Manager

Thomson Reuters

Daniel Larkman

VP, Client Service


Kirsa Larson

Digital Media Manager, TechNetwork

IDG Communications

Leah Lee

Manager, Digital Sales Ops

NCC Media

Denise Leggio

Director, Online Ad Ops

Publishers Clearing House

C.J. Leonard

Director of Ad Tech

Worldnow/Frankly, Inc.

Sharon Leong

Ad Operations manager

Morningstar Inc

Craig Leshen



Ray Leung

Manager, Platform Solutions & Activation

Merkle Inc.

Barry Levine


Marketing Land

Robert Lewis

Sales Director

The Media Trust

Polly Lieberman

VP, Platform Sales


Paul Likins

VP – Sales Prod & Technology

Newsday Media Group

Irina Lodkin

Sr.Director, sales operations


Diego Lopez-Vega

Senior Media Strategist

Media Partnership Corp

Neal Lulofs

Executive Vice President

Alliance for Audited Media

Abraham Madampil

Associate Director, Ad Ops


Joe Mandese

Editor in Chief


Ld Mangin



Marshall Massey

Programmatic Operations


Tyla Mayo

Director, Revenue Products


Marissa Mcardle

Product Director


Nathan Mccormick

Director of Ad Platforms

Cox Media Group

Tricia Mclane

Client Partner


Susan Meehan

Vice President, Sports Sales Operations

NBC Universal

Anthony Mehale


Optimatic Media

Scott Messer

Senior Director, Business Development

Demand Media

Jona Mici

Sr. Director, Product Strategy

Varick Media Management

Leor Milshtein

Ad Operations Manager


Shara Mitchell

Senior Vice President of Operations


Eileen Moroney

VP, Digital Advertising Business & Operations

National Geographic

Adam Moser

Head of Ad Operations


Derek Moulaison

Director, Business Operations


David Murnick

SVP Accounts

Rubicon Project

Priya Narasimhan

Engagement Manager


Ahmad Nashif

Senior Ad Operations Associate

Everyday Health

Pat Nathan

SVP, Executive Director of Production, Operations & Services


Robert Nathanson

Senior Director, Sales and Account Management


Janice Navea

Manager, Digital Ad Product Development

A&E Television Networks

Anh Nguyen

Director of Ad Operations


Colette Nigro

Account Executive


Andrea Nino

Sr Director, Ad Operations


Aaron Nye

Sr. Manager, Ad Product and Supply Development

AOL Platforms

B.L. Ochman


What’s Next Online

Alex Oganesyan

Specialist, Ad Ops


Sheli Oken

Business Development

HIRO Media

Chris Olson


The Media Trust

Eric Oneal

Associate Director, Digital Ad Operations

Dentsu Aegis

Travis O’neil

Director, AdOps


Saar Paamoni

VP, Product Management


Stephanie Paquette

Associate Director, Partnerships


Daniel Parisi



Dan Patterson

Manager, AdOps


Kari Paul



Jenniffer Pelayo

Ad Operations


Anthony Penta

Principal Decision Science Lead


Melissa Perrier

Associate, Ad Operations

Universal McCann

Patricia Petrosino

Sr Account Manager

ABC Family

Heather Phoenix

VP, Digital Services

Time Warner Cable Media

Satish Polisetti



Tom Polley

VP, Marketing

Index Exchange

Emily Porter

Sr. Manager, Creative Media Services


Jackie Powell

Director of Platform Operations


Janet Pye

Product Owner


Rotem Rave

VP Business Development


Molly Reisner

Business Development Manager

Smart AdServer

Thomas Rerko

Ad Ops Traffic Manager

AccuWeather, Inc.

Amanda Rizzo

Ad Ops Manager


Brett Robinson

Director of Ad Operations

National Public Radio

Lauren Rodas

Associate Director


Ken Rood

Director, Technical Ad Operations


Lori Rosen

Account Executive


Greg Rubin

Manager, Digital Ad Ops

A+E Networks

G. Scott Russ

Ad Operations Technical Lead


Matt Rutkoski

Senior Ad Operations Manager


Andrew Scarlata

Senior Manager, Media Operations

Electronic Arts

Christopher Schlechter

Director, North American Revenue Operations


Dan Schneider

Vice President, Business Development

BPA Worldwide

Phil Schraeder



Stephanie Scorziello

Regional Director of Ad Ops East


Treacy Seeley

Senior Manager, Ad Operations

Demand Media

Tara Shea

Manager of Ad Operations


Lindsey Sheffield

Sr. Manager, Digital Ad Operations

Time Warner Cable Media

Tal Shemesh


First Offer LTD.

Jon Sheppard

Director of Product


Tobias Silber

Director of Marketing


Brian Skvarla


Empowering Media – Dentsu Aegis

Sarah Sluis



Casey Smith

Sr. Director, Platform Support

Rubicon Project

Kelley L. Smith

Manager, Technology and Activation Group


Åsa Smith Halleskog

Head of Ad Operations MTGx

MTGx Modern Times Group, MTG AB

Kristina Soder

Marketing Manager

Demand Media

Maggie Spano

Director Digital Ad Ops


Dina Srinivasan

Managing Director of Emerging Media

Kantar Media WPP

Craig Steger

Sr. Director, Client Services


Rose Steinberg



Laura Stinnett

VP North American Sales


Elizabeth Sullivan

Director of Publisher Operations

Vibrant Media

Alice Sung

Jr. Web/Multimedia Developer

Northstar Travel Media

Logan Surkan

Advertising Coordinator


Alexi Surtees

Director Accounts and Partnerships


Steven Suthiana

Global Head, Digital Media and Operations

Fast Company and Inc. Media

Marie Svet

Global Chief Revenue Officer

AccuWeather, Inc.

Adam Svoboda

VP, Digital Sales Operations


Lori Talley

VP Senior Digital Producer


Heather Talty

Manager, Ad Operations

Universal McCann

Liza Torosyan

Campaign Manager


Ian Trider

RTB Platform Manager


Joey Trotz

VP, Advertising, Data & Monetization Tech Strategy

Turner Broadcasting

Al Urbanski

Senior Writer

Direct Marketing News

Kevin Vail

Senior Associate

Universal McCann

Rosario Valdez

Supervisor, Digital Operations

Carat US

James Van Derhoef

Vice President of Sales Strategy and Planning

ABC Family

Carolina Van Winkle

Marketing Manager


David Vasquez

Associate Director of Revenue Operations

FastCompany&Inc Magazines

Jake Vaysman



Anthony Viglietti

VP Finance


Manuela Villa

Trafficking & Technology Specialist


Rich Walker

VP, Technology and Activation Group


Addison Wheeler

Digital Traffic


Christian Winburn

VP Sales


Doug Wintz

Founder and Principal

DMW MediaWorks

Hannah Wright

Programmatic & Ad Ops Manager

Oxford University Press

Alida Wu

Ad Ops Supervisor


Tyler Yocum

Campaign Manager

Thomson Reuters

Renee Zhu

Director, AdOps Tech


Claudio Zibenberg

media manager


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