Online - Virtual 4-Part Series

Fearless Sales Training

Jun 1, 8, 15, and 29

Sold Out


      The changing media landscape and hybrid workplaces mean your teams need to evolve their skills, methods, and messages to stay relevant. Your success rides on your sales team, but most have never been trained on engaging and strategic storytelling that shortens the sales cycle, builds trust, and drives growth. And today, keeping buyer attention is more difficult than ever—the average attention span for Gen Z is 8 seconds, and for Millennials is 12. You cannot afford to lose a single opportunity because your team lacks the skills to win hearts, minds, and budgets.

      This bootcamp offered exclusively by IAB will help members of your sales team nail what to say, how to say it to former, current, and potential clients. Our Fearless Five Fundamentals method focuses on Confidence, Communication, Connection, Control, and Closing, so your team is prepared to tackle the next big sales opportunity.

      Attendees will:

      • Represent your brand with renewed confidence to proactively prospect more senior decision makers and build a positive reputation for your business
      • Learn sales storytelling skills to bring data and insights to life through metaphors and analogies
      • Lead by listening to develop valuable emotional connections and uncover insights to shorten the sale
      • Harness the power of social selling and build a strategic plan for how they will engage every prospective buyer
      • Proactively plan to captivate their audience from the moment they walk in the door through their follow-up email
      This training has been postponed. Any questions, reach out to [email protected].



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