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Fearless Leader – New Manager Training

Jun 7, 14, 21, and 29

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      Companies that thrive through adversity recognize that middle managers are responsible for some of the most mission-critical activities within the organization–attracting and retaining talent, driving results, and creating an inclusive culture. These leaders translate your company’s vision and mission into actionable goals that ensure success and accountability. Research shows most companies invest little in developing managers’ skills and mindset, even though creating a common ‘playbook’ with shared language and approaches returns exponential rewards. This comprehensive workshop facilitates building a team of empowering, empathetic and inclusive managers.

      A sample of what attendees will learn includes:

      • How to step into their role and establish their leadership style
      • What it means to communicate as a modern leader and how to coach direct reports while holding them accountable
      • How to take control of Performance Management
      • How to build a strategic network to accelerate growth for you and your team
      • Methods to deliver direct and valuable feedback while effectively managing up and across the organization
      • Approaches to cultivate talent while fostering an inclusive team culture
      This training has been postponed. Any questions, reach out to [email protected].



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