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IAB’s Data 360 course provides education on the systems and techniques for the collection, processing, activation and management of data for the purposes of audience targeting, campaign measurement, advertiser insights and publisher monetization. The class also includes training on the legal policies and business considerations for the use of consumer data in advertising.

The Data 360 curriculum was architected by a core working group of data product experts from industry organizations such as Oath, Publicis, Epsilon, Lotame, Oracle, Pandora, Integral Ad Science and 33Across. The course content was developed in partnership with digital data consultancy Sparrow Digital Holdings.

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“Data is fundamental to any company’s successful strategy: in advertising, understanding all the different ways we can apply data is shaping to be a foundational building block for all roles from creative to operational. Depending where you sit in the digital advertising ecosystem, as well as what your role in your company is, data and it’s applications will vary greatly. Data 360 curriculum is designed to enable deeper understanding of data applications all around the digital advertising ecosystem, from publisher to advertiser and anywhere in between, as well as across roles.”

                                    — Maja Milicevic, Principal, Sparrow Digital Holdings

Data 360 training is available via webinar (as a series of four 90-minute live and recorded sessions) and as an in-person classroom experience.

Upcoming Webinars

Data 360 Live & Recorded Webinar 8/13 – 8/16,
August, 13 - August, 16, 2018, 12:00 pm EST - 1:30 pm EST

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Upcoming In-Person Classroom Training

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This class counts as 8 hours of credits toward IAB Certification or Recertification status.