IAB Launches MSPA Certified Parter Program (CPP)

IAB Launches MSPA Certified Parter Program (CPP)

Today, IAB Privacy is announcing its launch of the MSPA Certified Partner Program (CPP). IAB Privacy’s Multi-State Privacy Agreement (MSPA) is a contractual framework that assists publishers, advertisers, agencies, and ad tech intermediaries in complying with five state privacy laws that will become effective in 2023. The CPP is an expansion of the IAB’s Multi-State Privacy Agreement (MSPA) compliance framework that extends its reach by allowing MSPA Certified Partners who have not signed the MSPA to nonetheless process MSPA Covered Transactions.

Applicants to the CPP can become Certified Partners by demonstrating to IAB Privacy that they are responsible data partners who offer an equivalent level of data protection to what the MSPA requires. IAB Privacy will make that determination after a thorough review of an applicant’s existing compliance mechanisms, data processing modes, and contractual frameworks that facilitate their own state law compliance.

“Enabling MSPA Certified Partners to process MSPA Covered Transactions is an important step for industry compliance because it allows a larger portion of digital advertising transactions to be processed with privacy protections equivalent to those offered by the MSPA,” according to Michael Hahn, IAB’s Executive Vice President & General Counsel.  He further stated that “the CPP will enhance the value of the MSPA’s network effect by expanding the set of responsible companies that can process MSPA Covered Transactions.”

To learn more, please visit www.iabprivacy.com/cpp

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