Wiretapping Claims Litigation Preparation & Defense Toolkit

Wiretapping Claims: Litigation Preparation & Defense Toolkit

IAB’s Class Action Litigation Working Group has released two highly anticipated white papers, covering the spate of lawsuits brought against participants in the digital advertising industry under the Video Privacy Protection Act and state wiretapping laws. These white papers provide valuable key elements of claims, strategies for successful defenses, and guidance on technical implementations.

The last several years have brought in a wave of lawsuits alleging that the use of session cookies, certain tracking pixels, AI assisted call centers, and chatbots result in the interception of communications in violation of federal and state wiretapping laws.

IAB’s Wiretapping Claims Litigation Preparation & Defense Toolkit provides an overview of wiretapping claims, an outline of the key elements of each claim, a description of the successful and unsuccessful defenses, and proactive next steps to take to avoid a complaint.

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