IAB Releases the IAB CCPA Compliance Framework for Publishers & Technology Companies and the Limited Service Provider Agreement

IAB Releases the IAB CCPA Compliance Framework for Publishers & Technology Companies and its Limited Service Provider Agreement 1

Limited Service Provider Agreement Now Available for Signature

In an ongoing effort to promote the principles of transparency, accountability, and choice that are the basis of the California Consumer Privacy Act, today we are releasing version 1.0 of the IAB CCPA Compliance Framework for Publishers & Technology Companies, as well as the accompanying Limited Services Provider Agreement. The release of these two documents accompanies the IAB Tech Lab’s release of version 1 of the technical specifications of CCPA-related signals earlier this month.

With thousands of American companies working to get their data infrastructures ready for CCPA compliance, IAB and the IAB Tech Lab organized a multi-stakeholder effort to create a Framework that can be used by publishers and technology companies to support them in complying with the CCPA. We want California consumers to both experience minimal disruptions to the ad-supported online experience they enjoy today and protect their privacy in a manner compliant with CCPA. We feel our Framework achieves these goals.

Creating a new industry framework to support CCPA compliance amongst publishers and technology companies engaged in programmatic transactions requires careful consideration, implementations in a technologically complex and important ecosystem and balancing of different perspectives and business models. We believe that the Framework and Agreement accomplish this by providing ad tech companies with assurances that participating publishers provide California consumers with explicit notice and the opportunity to opt-out of the sale of their personal information. Participating publishers will also have assurances that ad tech companies and vendors use personal information pursuant to limited CCPA permitted “business purposes” when California consumers exercise the right to opt-out of the sale of their personal information.

The Framework and accompanying Agreement are intended to be used by those publishers who “sell” personal information and those technology companies that they sell it to. It also is intended to create “service provider” relationships between publishers and technology companies so that limitations on the use of data and mechanisms for accountability can be implemented. Additionally, those publishers that do not “sell” personal information in the delivery of a digital ad can still leverage the Framework due to the service provider relationships that are created and facilitated by it.

Even more important, the release of these documents represent a tremendous opportunity for the digital advertising industry to demonstrate that it recognizes the importance of privacy and data protection, and the clear message it is receiving from the market and consumers in particular. This is a chance for companies that are truly invested in privacy by design to forge greater trust with our most valuable and important business assets: our consumers. We hope that you will join us by adopting the Agreement.

CCPA Compliance Framework

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Michael Hahn
Executive Vice President, General Counsel
at IAB & IAB Tech Lab