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Tal Chalozin


Tal Chalozin is Co-Founder & CTO of Innovid, the industry leader in interactive video advertising. As CTO of Innovid, Mr. Chalozin is responsible for technology development and implementation, product creation and business development activities across the company.

Mr. Chalozin is a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur, in early 2006 he co-founded the GarageGeeks (, a non for profit organization for creative people to meet, innovate and build noncommercial projects that would otherwise not come to life. GarageGeeks has grown to be one of Israel’s biggest “underground” organizations and its community consists of more than 1,000 active members. Prior to the GarageGeeks, Chalozin served as an officer in an elite computer unit in the Israeli Air Force for eight years, where he led the development of several military products with high algorithmic complexity.

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