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Rik van der Kooi

Microsoft Advertising

Rik van der Kooi is Corporate Vice President of the Microsoft Advertising Business Group (MSA BG). In this capacity, van der Kooi has overall responsibility for building and scaling Microsoft’s advertising offerings globally. The MSA BG is the advertising engine that monetizes Microsoft’s consumer assets, generating in excess of US$4 billion annually. The MSA BG defines the advertising product strategy, marketing and sales motion for search, display and emerging solutions across all surface areas, including PC, mobile, tablets, and TV platforms. Offerings include marketer and agency solutions, paid search, data and targeting offerings, the Microsoft Media Network, the Microsoft Advertising Exchange, Atlas, social media, mobile, publisher offerings, and premium brand display solutions. Van der Kooi is also accountable for the success of the combined Microsoft + Yahoo Search Alliance, and has executive oversight over the company’s expanding digital ecosystem partnership strategy.

Prior to taking over as leader of MSA BG, van der Kooi served as CFO and corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Online Services Division (OSD), where he was responsible for all financial matters for the group. Before that, he had stints as chief financial officer of Windows; general manager of finance and administration for the Sales, Marketing and Services Group in EMEA, based in Paris; and finance director for the Benelux countries. He joined Microsoft in 1999.

Before he joined Microsoft, van der Kooi was chief financial officer of IBC Vehicles Ltd, a subsidiary of General Motors Corporation, in Luton, United Kingdom. He held several other finance and business positions within GM’s European operations in Spain and the United Kingdom.

Van der Kooi holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa (IESE) in Barcelona, Spain, and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Nyenrode University in The Netherlands. He is married and has three children. In his spare time, he enjoys running, soccer and music.

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