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New Trade Association To Promote Advertising on the Internet and Online Services

New York, NY – April 24, 1996 – Representatives from more than 35 top commercial Web sites and prominent online services met here on April 19 to identify goals, objectives and membership guidelines for the newly-formed Internet Advertising Council (IAC).

To facilitate the growth of this industry, the IAC will promote the use and effectiveness of online advertising by educating the marketplace, establishing industry guidelines and forming a unified industry voice for companies involved with Internet marketing.

A nine-member steering committee comprised of representatives from C|NET: The Computer Network, InfoSeek, Juno, Microsoft, Prodigy, Softbank Interactive, Starwave, Time Inc. and Turner Interactive (see list below), was named to take responsibility for defining the infrastructure and mission of the IAC.

“Advertising on the Internet has already come of age and is now poised to take its place alongside traditional media,” said Rich LeFurgy, vice president of advertising and marketing, Starwave Corp. “The IAC will bring organization and structure to an industry that until now had no collective voice or representative body.”

The online advertising community is among the most creative and increasingly-visible industries on the Web. With the exponential growth of the Internet and proliferation of online advertising, media companies are searching for the most effective way to maximize the value of this new advertising vehicle.

“By involving all sectors of the online advertising community, the IAC will clearly articulate the goals and address the concerns of online marketers,” said Kate Everett, online crusader, C|NET: The Computer Network. “We have all witnessed an explosion in advertising on the Internet and are excited that an association has been created which allows us to take full advantage of what online advertising has to offer.”

Interested companies can obtain information about the IAC and a membership registration form by contacting Barbara Sweetman at [email protected]

Representing the online advertising industry in the United States, the IAC is a trade association whose general member companies are actively engaged in the sales of advertising delivered over the Internet. Associate and Affiliate memberships are also available for technology and service providers as well as other organizations from related industries. The IAC focuses exclusively on promoting the use and effectiveness of online advertising and helping advertisers and their agencies maximize the value of their online marketing activities.

Company Representative
C|Net: The Computer Network Kate Everett
InfoSeek Corp. Molly Ford
Juno Online Services LP Jed Savage
Microsoft Corp. Steve Goldberg
Prodigy Scott Schiller
Softbank Interactive Marketing Leslie Laredo
Starwave Corp. Rich LeFurgy
Time Inc. Linda McCutcheon
Turner Interactive Marketing & Sales Dan Stone


Marla Nitke IAB

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