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Media and Devices Consumption among Mexican Internet users

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For the eighth consecutive year, IAB Mexico presents the Study of Media and Devices consumption among Mexican Internet users developed by Millward Brown and sponsored by This study aims to explore and learn the customs and habits of people who connect to the Internet in Mexico through various devices as well as understand the experience and perception of users towards online advertising.
Highlight insights are:

• Mexican Internet users are increasingly connected everyday and constantly moving, opening great opportunities for digital advertising.

• In 2015, 68 million Mexicans were online, that is 57% of the population.

• 36% of Mexican internet users can not leave home without their mobile devices without feeling disconnected.

• The internet is present in the daily life of Mexicans, it keeps them updated (89%), they enjoy use (87%) and it is part of their daily lives (84%).

Study of Media and Devices consumption among Mexican Internet users