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Nicholas Butterworth, Time Inc.

Nicholas Butterworth, Time Inc.
Nicholas Butterworth, Time Inc.
Nicholas Butterworth, Time Inc.


Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence Member Spotlight


Nicolas Butterworth, Senior Vice President, Platform Product & Engineering at Time Inc. clues us in on his digital video insights.Butterworth oversees digital product development and innovation for both and

He is focused on developing a premium video experience for both brands while making video core to the digital user experience. Major priorities include digital storytelling innovation and user engagement optimization across both brand sites.

Watch to learn more about IAB & DMoC Member, Time Inc., and their efforts to – in Nicolas’s own words – drive more dollars to the digital video space.

1. Why does mobile excite you as a publisher?

2. What is some key advice you’d give to anyone looking to succeed in mobile marketing?

3. What should IAB’s top priorities be to accelerate growth in mobile?

4. Why did Time decide to join IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence?

About IAB’s Mobile Center Member Spotlight
The Mobile Center would not be able to accomplish anything without the brilliant individuals at member companies who generously share their time, expertise, and insights with us every day. We launched this spotlight to help share these insights with a broader audience, and to thank these individuals for being leaders in IAB’s mobile community.

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