Industry Groups in Canada & Germany Adopt IAB Structure

NEW YORK – December 15, 1997 – The Internet Advertising Bureau, the leading Internet advertising industry association, today announced that industry groups in Canada and Germany have agreed to form local IAB member organizations operating under the IAB name. The new organizations are part of the IAB’s drive to create an international network of groups dedicated to growth of advertising on the Internet.

The IAB said its endorsement of The Internet Advertising Bureau of Canada and The Internet Advertising Bureau of Germany represented a major step in its efforts to expand the adoption of standards for Internet advertising and to enable multinational advertisers to take advantage of the Internet as a global medium. The IAB Canada and The IAB Germany both were recently formed by leading media companies, advertising agencies and advertisers in their respective markets.

Requirements for groups seeking Internet Advertising Bureau affiliation and use of the IAB name include adoption of the IAB’s mission statement and close adherence to its by-laws as well as contributing to support of IAB global research and marketing initiatives. Industry leaders in several other European and Asian countries are expected to also launch local IAB membership organizations.

In October, the IAB announced the formation of its European Advisory Committee, comprised of leaders in the Internet advertising industry in France, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia and the U.K. The group met in London in October to lay the groundwork for IAB international expansion.

“The creation of member organizations in Europe and North America is a strong endorsement of IAB and its accomplishments,” said Rich LeFurgy, IAB chairman and Senior Vice President of Advertising for ABC News/ESPN Internet Ventures. “We are extremely pleased that leaders throughout the world want to leverage the experience we’ve gained in the U.S. and work as a global organization to allow this medium to achieve its full potential.

“Each country is experiencing the same growing pains we’ve experienced in the U.S.,” LeFurgy added. “Our goal is that by working with the IAB member organizations can accelerate growth in their markets and shorten the lag in market development separating their countries from the U.S.”

The Internet Advertising Bureau is a U.S. based advocacy group formed in 1996 to promote online advertising. General membership includes companies that are actively engaged in the sales of Internet advertising, with associate membership including ad agencies, measurement companies, research suppliers, technology suppliers, traffic companies and other organizations from related industries.


Marla Nitke IAB