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Calls For Nominations To Fill Seven Board Of Directors Seats
Elections To Be Held At Annual New York Membership Meeting On November 3.

October 6, 1999 – The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has issued a call for submissions to fill the seats of seven General Directors and one Associate Director who’s terms expire this Fall. The new Board members will be elected at the IAB’s Annual Membership Meeting in New York on November 3, which is being held in conjunction with the @d:tech New York digital marketing conference and expo. All nominees for the Board of Directors must represent companies that are online media sellers and be members in good standing of the IAB. Associate nominees must be actively involved in the online advertising industry. The newly elected Board will meet a month after the elections to select officers for the coming year.

“This past year’s IAB Board of Directors has devoted a tremendous amount of time serving the IAB and the industry exceptionally well,” noted IAB chairman Rich LeFurgy. “Their individual and collective dedication to all facets of our activities, from the Professional Development series, to representing publishers’ interests on industry-wide organizations like FAST, and running the various IAB committees that are the lifeblood of the organization, has been instrumental in the growth of professionalism within the industry.”

Executives of online media sellers who wish to be considered for seats on the Board should submit their company affiliation, on letterhead, along with a one page statement which outlines their qualifications and explains why they believe that their election would be beneficial to the Board and the IAB membership.

Founded in 1996, the IAB is the leading online advertising association with over 300 active members. Its activities include evaluating and recommending standards and practices, fielding research to document the effectiveness of the online medium and educating the advertising industry about the use of online advertising. Current membership includes companies that are actively engaged in the sales of Internet advertising, with associate membership including companies that support advertising, — interactive advertising agencies, measurement companies, research suppliers, technology suppliers, traffic companies and other organizations from related industries. A global organization, the IAB’s member countries including Canada, France and Germany, and is expanding into Asia and Latin America, while adding new member countries in Europe. The IAB and the Internet Local Advertising & Commerce Association (ILAC) agreed to combine their organizations in July of 1998.


Marla Nitke IAB

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