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IAB Sponsors Florida Privacy Conference to Extend Advocacy in the State

IAB Sponsors Florida Privacy Conference to Extend Advocacy in the State

In February, the Florida House Speaker and the Governor held a press conference to announce their desire to push legislation that would restrict businesses’ use of consumers’ information and punish “Big Tech” by incentivizing unnecessary litigation against any business not in full compliance with a complicated new privacy regime. Through House passage of this legislation, IAB expressed concern for this approach’s impact on responsible advertising and collaborated with the Senate on passing alternative legislation that promotes consumer control over data without disproportionately harming small businesses. Considering these differences, no legislation reached the Governor’s desk this year, but he has since noted that next session he wants to “do a big data privacy bill… to give consumers recourse against Big Tech.”

What is IAB doing?  

IAB first engaged on this issue in Florida after the above-noted press conference, educating lawmakers with a series of letters illustrating the adverse consequences of an approach that would create ineffective and confusing privacy rights for Florida consumers, and we ensured that these concerns were raised in discussions with the Speaker and the Governor. IAB further advised leading state Senators on building an alternative approach that avoided needlessly onerous data restrictions, and with the legislature expected to resume debate on this issue soon, we intend to continue our education of key lawmakers. On August 25th, IAB will join a group of organizations, covering industries ranging from finance to retail operations to hotels and lodging, in hosting a discussion on the impact of privacy legislation on the Florida business community to guide policy leaders as they renew consideration of privacy measures in the months to come.