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Jane Schachtel, Facebook


Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence Member Spotlight



As Global Head of Technology & Mobile Strategy for Facebook, Jane Schachtel sets the course for how these verticals can best leverage Facebook’s apps and services to grow their businesses in today’s mobile-first environment. As a Tech and Marketing veteran, Jane believes the Telecom and Tech verticals, which have enabled the largest shift in communication and consumer behavior, should most quickly pivot to and adapt their business and marketing strategies to mobile to redefine how to create long-term customer value.

Before joining Facebook in 2012, Jane served as Director of Marketing for Bing and MSN where she developed the marketing and media strategies for the brands’ social channels. Prior to Microsoft, Jane was a Director of Marketing at Intuit and a VP of Marketing at a CRM start-up. Additionally, Jane started her own consulting firm where she helped start-up and enterprise clients with addressable market strategies, product positioning, corporate branding and digital marketing.

When Jane is not immersed in all things mobile and Facebook, she can be found hiking up or skiing down mountains, running, or eating and drinking good food and wine (hopefully in that order). As part of Jane’s ongoing commitment to her community, she is a Member of the Board for Legs for Lauren, a non-profit benefiting pediatric cancer at Seattle Children’s Hospital; volunteers at women’s homeless shelters, and mentors high school students at the Woodside HS Academy Program.

1. What makes the mobile world world exciting to you?

2. What two or three pieces of advice would you have for marketers looking to master mobile?

3. What would you prioritize for the IAB in order to maintain mobile’s growth trajectory?

4. Why did Facebook join the IAB Mobile Center?


IAB Mobile Center’s Member Spotlight

IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence would not be able to accomplish anything without the amazing and brilliant individuals at member companies who generously share their time, expertise, and insights with us every day.  We launched this spotlight to help share these insights with a broader audience, and to thank these individuals for being leaders in the IAB mobile community.

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