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Amy Vale, Spotify


Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence Member Spotlight


Amy Vale is the Head of Global B2B Marketing and Branded Experiences at Spotify where she focuses on educating agencies, brands and the broader advertising industry on the best ways to connect with consumers through immersive, engaging advertising campaigns and brand experiences that leverage Spotify’s audio and digital ad products and original content.

Amy Vale began her career in Australia as a marketing executive for XM2, a photographic and web design agency, located in Melbourne. While at XM2, she continued to run her own marketing and advertising agency focusing on small to medium-sized businesses.

Amy later worked at Whybin/TBWA as a copywriter developing campaigns for such brands as Mars, Pacific Brands, and Nissan.

From there, she moved to Capral, where she spent more than 2 years building brands and marketing initiatives for their industrial, commercial and domestic products. Amy has also held senior marketing or operations positions for, Infiniti Telecommunications, Zinc Group and

In June of 2010, Amy moved to New York and joined Mojiva Inc to lead the global marketing, branding, research and PR efforts as the VP of Research and Strategic Communications.

Amy graduated of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with specializing in Business and Advertising. She currently lives in Manhattan. To follow Amy on Spotify, click here.

1. Why did Spotify join the IAB’s Mobile Center?

2. How did you first get involved in mobile, and what makes this part of the digital world exciting to you?

3. What is the most important thing marketers need to do in order to see real results from mobile efforts?

4. What should the IAB prioritize to help mobile continue to grow in 2015?

IAB Mobile Center’s Member Spotlight

IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence would not be able to accomplish anything without the amazing and brilliant individuals at member companies who generously share their time, expertise, and insights with us every day.  We launched this spotlight to help share these insights with a broader audience, and to thank these individuals for being leaders in the IAB mobile community.

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