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First Half 2016 Digital Ad Revenue report for France

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The French market for digital advertising reached 1.651 billion in net revenues for the first half of 2016. This is up 6% compared to the first half of 2015.

This study, presented by the SRI and conducted since 2013 by PwC provides an essential perspective on the digital advertising market and its fluctuating ecosystem, by analyzing the changes in its net revenues by ad type, format, monetization models, and devices.

The search remains the main ad type invested in digital advertising (56%). It increased by 3% and accounts for 929 million. The other categories–affiliates, aggregators and emails—remain steady (+ 1.9%), reaching a total of 222 million in investments. Display shows a strong growth of 13.7%, accounting for 547 million. It now represents 33% of digital investments.

In terms of distribution formats:

  • The “classic” display still represents 55% of total display with growth of 6% ( 299 million). Meanwhile video grew by 26% ( 187 million) and 34% of the display.
  • Video IPTV differs significantly with an increase of 60%.
  • Special operations, rose 27% to a total of 61 million, or 11% of the display.
  • In terms of sales: Display is sold 50% in programmatic. Programmatic video shows a sustained trend of 45% to now represent 35% of total video sales.
  • The mobile is picking up and grew by 71%. Mobile investments represent 425 million, divided as follows:
  • Mobile search: 236 million
  • Mobile display: 189 million
  • Particularly on mobile, social networks are driving growth and account for 71% of the mobile display. However, with 22%, investment growth of mobile outside of social networks remains strong.

H1 2016 Digital Ad Revenue report for France

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