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Digital Audio Study (in Spanish)

Digital Audio Study (in Spanish)
Digital Audio Study (in Spanish)
Digital Audio Study (in Spanish)

IAB Mexico presents the Digital Audio Study in Mexico developed by Nielsen México and sponsored by Audio ad, Spotify, and Grupo Acir. This study aims to uncover the most influential uses and consumption habits of digital and traditional audio users, and identify user types and their perception of advertising. It also helps in understanding the coexistence and degree of complementarity between traditional and digital platforms.

Some findings from the study:

  • The integration of digital platforms with traditional media is natural with those who listen to audio formats
  • 46% of listeners considered trendsetters are always at the forefront of technology.
  •  The use of video platforms is also considered as an audio consumption alternative due to its availability and relevant content.
  • 34% of audio consumers define their relationship with advertising as positive.

Download the Infographic

You can request the extended version of the study from IAB Mexico at: [email protected]

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