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Coronavirus: IAB & Tech Lab offices are closed but we’re still open for business!

IAB’s Newest Standard: Better Video Ads. Better Reporting

As the world health community continues to monitor closely the emergence of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), we are taking proactive steps to protect the safety and health of our employees, members, and visitors.

From Monday, March 16 until further notice, the IAB offices will be closed and all IAB and IAB Tech Lab staff will be working remotely. Note that all IAB and Tech Lab business operations will continue, but during this time, we will be leading meetings via telephone and video conferencing instead of face-to-face, as much as possible. This is in line with the CDC recommendation for Social Distancing.

Note that some events or other in-person meetings may be postponed. Virtual/streaming options will be offered when they’re relevant, and we’ll reschedule meetings as necessary. In those cases, we will contact registered members/attendees as soon as possible with an update. We apologize for any inconvenience. However, we are taking all necessary steps to minimize disruption to our regular business, and our team will be available to answer our member questions and needs.

Our goal at IAB is to help you conduct business as usual, even during unusual times. We’re eager to hear from you about where and how we can help you better.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and look forward to getting back to normal as soon as possible. We wish you all and your families to stay safe!

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