Banner Beater: The Underrated Tool in Your Brand-Building Arsenal

Banner Beater: The Underrated Tool in Your Brand-Building Arsenal 1

Today we have arrived at a more holistic view of banner advertising and how it works. BBDO has fresh insight into how people are engaging with digital content, and this has fundamentally impacted how we think about the role of banner advertising in the communications mix. While banners have been traditionally viewed as direct response mechanisms, they also have the potential to act as a foundational brand-building element in ad campaigns.

People are not just spending more and more time on mobile devices, they’re also consuming content differently and more quickly – which means creative work must evolve to keep up. The good news: research shows that banners have strong potential to build brand equity in mobile as well as desktop.

As the digital ecosystem continues to mature, advertisers and their agencies need to reevaluate the role of banners in the purchase pathway: how these banners are built and measured, the budget allocation between brand building and direct response, and ultimately, how we think about banners.

  • Banners can be used to build brands
  • Banners work to build brands without the active attention of consumers
  • Attention spans are decreasing, but consumers process information faster
  • Mobile presents a treasure trove of opportunity for brand-building banners, but also new hurdles
  • Think of brand-building banners as billboards on the side of a highway
  • Go beyond the click to measure banners’ true impact

Anna Bager and Sherrill Mane Each Named to <em>Cynopsis Media’s</em> Top Women in Digital and <em>Folio</em> Top Women in Media Lists 1

“This report offers important insights to brands and agencies as they look to tap into the format on mobile screens and beyond—something that is timely given that mobile banner ads grew by
double-digits as per the 2016 IAB Advertising Revenue Half-Year Report”
–Anna Bager, SVP and General Manager, Mobile and Video, IAB

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Banner Beater: The Underrated Tool in Your Brand-Building Arsenal