Anna Bager Predicts Big Things for Digital Audio in 2017

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Do you hear what I hear?

If you’re anything like me and many brand marketers, you’re increasingly noticing the connection consumers are making with a medium we all love: digital audio.

anna-bager-thumb-newAudio is becoming more and more relevant to the digital media marketer. You don’t have to look further than the commuter with earbuds tucked into his ears to understand why. Chances are, they are listening to digital audio. According to Edison Research’s 2016 study of audio sources consumers listen to on their smartphones, nearly half of that listening is to digital audio. At IAB we’re very tuned in to the exciting play that digital audio can offer marketers. Our audio members are diverse platforms from all facets of the space.

Consumers and marketers are all ears for digital audio this year. Half of Americans listened to online radio in the past week, and 155 million in the past month. Compelled by the highly personalized and social aspects of streaming, listeners discover and listen to specific artists, build playlists and share their experience with their friends. These activities create exciting options for brand marketers and a surge in listening that earns mainstream status for streaming audio. Read more from Anna Bager in Adotas.

Adotas: IAB Predicts Big Things for Digital Audio in 2017