Is Virtual the New Reality?

Is Virtual the New Reality?

Everyone has their “first time experience with Virtual Reality” story. These first VR experiences are often profoundly transforming, providing breakthrough glimpses into artificial realities that were previously only present in our imaginations. We see these first experience stories play out again and again with friends and colleagues who pick up and try Google Cardboard at the office, or who attend events with demos of an ultra-highend
VR headset. For those in publishing, marketing, ad tech, and creative communities, VR opens the door to exciting new opportunities for developing immersive content and brand storytelling.

This report offers an overview of observations and opinions on VR from a distinguished panel of over two dozen industry-leading voices in publishing, advertising, VR software, and developer platforms that IAB conducted from June through August, 2016. The findings offer a market snapshot detailing key takeaways, lessons learned, and future plans in the emerging field of Virtual Reality.

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