VAST 4.x Benefits Overview

VAST 4.x Benefits Overview 5

Why you should include the latest version of VAST 4.x (Video Ad Serving Template) in your product roadmap 

VAST (i.e. Video Ad Serving Template) is a communication standard that allows ad servers and video players to talk to each other. As the video ecosystem has evolved (with the emergence of mobile and OTT – among other things), VAST has evolved with it. The latest version of VAST includes improvements that will help ensure smooth ad delivery and measurement and solve for the transparency issues that were prevalent with previous versions. The current version is VAST 4.2 (released June 2019). Read more on the evolution of the video ad serving standards in this post: Simplifying Video Ad Delivery.
VAST 4.x Benefits Overview 6

Benefits for Advertisers

Benefits for Publishers

Benefits for Consumers