Report: Global Mobile Advertising Revenue Hit $31.9 Billion (23.9 Billion) in 2014

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The IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB Europe, and IHS Technology revealed their global figures for mobile advertising revenue which surged 64.8 percent to $31.9bn (23.9bn) in 2014 from $19.3bn (14.6bn) in 2013, driven by continued shifts in consumer usage patterns and industry innovations.

The global figure of $31.9bn (23.9bn) for 2014 is made up of these regional shares:

North America: 44.9% ($14.318m / 10,781m)
Asia-Pacific: 36.5% ($11.627m / 8,754m)
Europe: 16.6% ($5.306m / 3,995m)
Middle East and Africa: 1.2% ($379m / 286m)
Latin America: 0.8% ($239m / 180m)

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