Multiscreen Video Best Practices: Understanding the Next Wave of Video Ad Receptivity

Multiscreen Video Best Practices: Understanding the next wave of video ad receptivity

What does it take to make a video ad succeed on a smartphone or a tablet? IAB partnered with Millward Brown Digital and Tremor Video on this “Multiscreen Video Best Practices” research to understand which qualities of mobile video advertising are most important in breaking through to audiences and how these vary across generation. This report features findings from a proprietary advertising study conducted to understand the differential impact of creative length and screen size variables in driving advertising effectiveness.  We examined two ad executions (a :30 and a :10) for three unique digital video campaigns across smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Selected key findings include:

  • Multiscreen videos need to be branded with smaller mobile screen sizes in mind, as brand logos, brand cues and product shots should be large enough to be easily seen on smaller mobile screens.
  • Tablet and Smartphone videos work differently: they are equally likely to impact Millennials but Smartphones can present an opportunity to maximize reach among younger consumers. However, tablets can be particularly impactful across lower funnel metrics if targeting consumers 35-54.
  • Ideal ad length can vary by generation and screen: while 10 second videos can help maximize impact among Millennials, among consumers 35-54, the communication potential of 30 second videos has an advantage when trying to impact lower funnel metrics.

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