The Interactive Ad Effect: CTAs in Mobile Video Shoppable Ads

The Interactive Ad Effect: CTAs in Mobile Video Shoppable Ads

Mobile shoppable video ads are interactive ads designed to connect consumers with products, services, or merchants within the ad itself. They can provide product learning and exploration, links to additional information and in some cases may enable click-to-buy capabilities within the ad.

In this IAB study, “The Interactive Ad Effect: CTAs in Mobile Video Shoppable Ads,” we explored shoppable mobile video ads and how consumers interact with them. We focused on video-based interactive ads in a mobile web environment with the goal of understanding what initial calls to action work best and addressing questions such as:

  • Do mobile shoppable video ads with call-to-actions (CTAs) get consumers’ attention?
  • Which CTAs work best in getting consumers’ attention?
  • Do consumers’ impressions of a brand improve after interacting with a shoppable mobile ad?

The study used several methods to measure consumer response to these mobile shoppable interactive video ads: Biometrics, Eyetracking and Survey. Neuro and Eyetracking were used to measure subconscious responses that might not surface otherwise. Survey metrics were used to get consumers’ conscious opinions on the ad formats.

Findings include:

  • Shoppable Ads with CTAs Get Attention
  • Interaction with Shoppable Ads Raises Attention and Improves Ad Impact
  • ‘Learn More’ CTA Works Best
  • ‘Learn More’ Ads Familiarize the Consumer with the Product
  • ‘Shop Now’ Ads Hold Potential
  •  ‘Learn More’ as Primer, ‘Shop Now’ as Closer
  •  Anatomy of a Shoppable Ad

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