Live Video Streaming: A Global Perspective

Live Video Streaming: A Global Perspective 1

As the adoption of live video streaming continues to increase, publishers and advertisers are finding new and creative ways to engage with a growing live audience. But what live streaming experiences do consumer prefer? How do streaming habits differ by country and region? And what untapped advertising opportunities exist in this dynamic format? The first ever Global Live Video Streaming Survey conducted by OnDevice, on behalf of IAB, provided an in-depth understanding of consumer streaming preferences and answers to these any many other important questions.

This IAB research was conducted with the additional support of IAB Australia, IAB Brazil, IAB Canada, IAB Chile, IAB China, IAB Colombia, IAB Germany, IAB Gulf Cooperation Council, IAB Hungary, IAB Ireland, IAB Italy, IAB Mexico, IAB Peru, IAB Russia, IAB South Africa, IAB Sweden, IAB Switzerland, IAB Turkey, and IAB UK.

Significant findings include:

  • More than two-thirds (67%) of consumers globally have streamed live video content and 52 percent of that group prefer free, ad-supported live streaming over subscription and à la carte services
  • Sixty-four percent of those that have streamed live video have engaged with an ad—such as pre-roll or sponsored ads—while live streaming
  • 47 percent of consumers globally say they have increased their live streaming since last year
  • Social platforms are the key source of live video content and TV is the most popular type of live video content accessed
  • 70% of consumers who live stream do so at least once a day
  • Nearly two-thirds of viewers plan to live stream the 2018 FIFA World Cup globally, while roughly half plan to watch a video recording of it online or on TV

“Live streaming is on the rise and this video phenomenon has the power to help build brands,” said Eric John, Deputy Director, IAB Digital Video Center of Excellence. “The World Cup is just one example of the kind of event that will spark massive live streaming around the world and will attract brands which recognize the potential for effectively reaching audiences in live video environments.”

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