Keeping Up On Cross-Platform Video Measurement

Keeping Up On Cross-Platform Video Measurement

The rapid shift in consumer behavior towards multiscreen viewing has opened up a plethora of platforms and access points for brands and marketers to reach, connect, and engage with their desired audiences. While multiscreen viewing presents new monetization opportunities to publishers and content creators, counting the unduplicated audience across screens and devices continues to be a major challenge and barrier to the growth of the video ecosystem.

As part of the efforts to address the cross-platform video measurement challenge and provide clarity, simplicity and transparency for both buyers and sellers, IAB Video Center of Excellence has worked with leading measurement companies to create a high-level summary of syndicated cross-platform video measurement methodology. The outcome is a simplified, easy-to-understand information grid.

To create this comparison grid, the Video Center went through an RFI process to seek information regarding current, in-market syndicated methodologies of cross-platform video advertising measurement. The companies that participated in the RFI process included, in an alphabetical order, comScore, Moat, and Nielsen. After receiving the RFI responses, IAB discussed the submissions with each company to clarify and verify the information provided. To maintain objectivity and transparency, IAB did not alter the final information provided by each company.

Going forward, IAB plans to use this comparison grid as an educational tool and will keep the information updated every six months as new technologies, solutions, as well as new players emerge in the constantly evolving cross-platform measurement realm.

Cross-Platform Video Measurement Grid

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