2019 Half-Year IAB Internet Ad Revenue Report

IAB internet advertising revenue report 86

Internet ad revenues in the United States totaled $57.9 billion for the half year (“HY”) of 2019, with Q2 2019 accounting for approximately $29.9 billion and Q1 2019 accounting for approximately $28.0 billion. Revenues for HY 2019 increased 16.9% over HY 2018 over HY 2018 with revenues of $49.5 billion.

Internet ad revenues in the United States totaled $29.9 billion in the second quarter of 2019, an increase of 6.7% from the 2019 first quarter total of $28.0 billion and an increase of 16.7% from the 2018 second quarter total of $25.6 billion. Advertising revenues delivered on mobile devices totaled $39.9 billion in HY 2019, a 29.1% increase from the prior HY 2018 revenues of $30.9 billion. Advertising delivered on a mobile device now makes up 69.0% of total internet ad revenues.

Commissioned by the IAB and conducted by PwC Advisory Services LLC (“PwC”) on an ongoing basis, with results released quarterly, the “IAB Internet Ad Revenue Report” was initiated by IAB in 1996. This report utilizes data and information reported directly to PwC from companies selling advertising on the internet as well as publicly available corporate data.

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