IAB Guide to Learning & Development Best Practices

The media and marketing industries are beset by technological shifts and evolving consumer trends that create an urgent need for on-going employee training. The field of Learning & Development is dedicated to improving team and individual performance by honing skills and knowledge required for businesses to stay productive and competitive.  Investing in a comprehensive learning and development strategy can make a significant difference to an organization’s success, impacting sales team revenue, operational efficiency, and the implementation of new business strategy.

The IAB Guide to Learning & Development Best Practices was developed by the IAB Learning & Development Best Practices 2017 Task Force, part of the IAB’s Learning & Development Council. Recognizing the uniquely important role that learning and development programs play in successful media and marketing organizations, the task force relied on their many years of shared experience and expertise to create a document that provides guidance on:

  • Developing a Learning & Development Strategy
  • Creating and Evaluating Successful Learning Programs
  • Investing in a Learning & Development Team

This document should provide senior leaders and the HR and Learning & Development professionals that support them with crucial insights into how to best:

  • Invest in L&D Resources
  • Align Learning Plans to Business Priorities
  • Establish Program KPIs
  • Build a Culture of Learning

By applying the tactics outlined in the IAB Guide to Learning & Development Best Practices, organizations can improve their existing training programs and better invest in new learning solutions to support future business growth.

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