IAB 2019 Digital Audio Buyer’s Guide 2.0

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Audio platforms had a great 2018 and are poised to take all the excitement around streaming, podcasting and voice into 2019 as well. There has never been a more exciting time for audio, with technologies like smartphones, connected cars and smart speakers driving online listening to bigger and bigger audience numbers. Today’s consumer is comfortable in an audio first environment which offers many opportunities to brand and agency marketers looking to connect in new and more engaging ways.

To help marketers develop their digital audio strategy, the IAB has released the 2019 Digital Audio Buyer’s Guide. “The newly released 2019 IAB Digital Audio Buyer’s Guide is an excellent resource for marketers looking to invest in Digital Audio.” says Priscilla Valls, Pandora, co-chair of the group of members that produced the guide. “From updated research to discussions of brand safety, programmatic and creative best practices, it’s a great resource on the digital audio marketplace.”

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