Digital Media Influence on Telecom Purchases Among Multicultural Consumers

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Nearly 1 in 3 Americans is planning to switch mobile providers or buy a new phone. What influences their choices of mobile phones and plans? Where does digital media fit in the consumer journey? This IAB study compared the purchase plans and influence of various media types on US Adults 18 and older with a focus on digital media’s role in influencing such purchases.

Pricing is the #1 driver for mobile plan change with nearly as many considering a monthly plan as a contract plan. Brand is of #1 importance for smartphone selection.

Given these drivers, savvy marketers need to know where to best reach these consumers. Most consumers (88%) research online before buying and most (81%) turn to online search after seeing an ad in any media, whether digital or traditional. Additionally, most (80%) both seek and give product info online. All of these factors reinforce the importance of advertising on digital media channels, which is where consumers go when they are interested in buying a new smartphone or mobile plan.

Digital is not only where consumers go when they shop for products. Digital is also a top influence in consumers’ purchases of electronics products like smartphones and telecom services like mobile plans, with the internet at #1. More consumers say that the internet influences these purchases than any other media type. Other digital media like email, social media, video and mobile are also among the top 10 in influencing consumers’ electronics and telecom purchases.

Marketers and advertisers need to include a variety of digital channels in their campaigns in order to effectively to reach and influence consumers shopping for mobile phones and plans. Since consumers are empowered to both seek out and give product advice online, it’s also important to reach them on social and native channels and to get the messaging right.

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