2020 IAB Data-Centric Organization Report

The Data-Centric Organization 2020

This third installation of The Data-Centric Organization explores how U.S. companies are evolving their business practices and functional priorities so as to better leverage data across their advertising, marketing and other audience engagement efforts.

This survey of business leaders across the industry reveals how organizations are evolving with respect to four key operational pillars that collectively reflect how those companies use data—and enable true “data-centricity”—in everyday practice.

Highlights include:

  • (Unmet) Great Expectations: Data centricity continues to represent a centerpiece goal for a broad array of consumer-facing and B2B organizations, but practitioners are struggling with a disconnect: they’re highly optimistic about the likely future benefits of their data-oriented initiatives, but report achieving only modest progress to date in optimizing their organizations’ use of data across advertising and marketing functions
  • Whose House? In-House: Organizations are increasingly leaning into the internal management of their data-oriented advertising and marketing efforts, reflecting a deepening understanding of the value that data can deliver in support of enterprise business objectives (but potentially marginalizing the impact of certain third-party partners)
  • It’s All About Trust: Data privacy, security and regulatory compliance are foremost on the minds of brand leaders—but so too is the need to deliver better promotional and commerce experiences, grounded in a richer understanding of customer wants, needs and preferences. What binds these aims together (and is increasingly unifying the efforts of practitioners across industries): the need to build and reinforce long-lasting consumer trust

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