Blockchain for Video Advertising: A Market Snapshot of Publisher and Buyer Use Cases

IAB Releases the IAB CCPA Compliance Framework for Publishers & Technology Companies and its Limited Service Provider Agreement

About Blockchain for Video Advertising

  • Blockchain technology has ramifications far beyond the financial sector.
  • As an immutable, distributed transparent ledger, blockchain is a natural fit for the digital advertising supply chain.
  • Potential benefits of blockchain for advertising include increased efficiency, transparency, cost reduction, and the elimination of fraud.
  • 2018 will be the year that a wide range of blockchain applications will be rolled out across digital and cross-screen video advertising including linear television, with 2019 likely being the year that these technologies begin to see broader adoption – provided certain risks can be mitigated.
  • Long-form, premium video and TV advertising, with their high CPMs and low volume, is a compelling use case for blockchain. In the coming year, we expect to see some significant beta tests from both traditional media and new entrants.

How Blockchain Works


Blockchain for Video Advertising 1

For those compelled by the vision of a more transparent, brand safe, and fraud-free media landscape made up of trusted, verified trading partners (and who isn’t?), we invite you to become part of the conversation. IAB members interested in joining business or technical working groups examining the future of blockchain, please send an email to [email protected].

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To learn more about our working group, please visit:

IAB Blockchain for Video Business Work Group

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